Are Bean Bags Good For Your Back?

If you’ve been up on your feet and want to relax and unwind at the end of a long, busy day, sitting on a couch will usually do nothing to offer your back the proper support that it needs!

This is because, when you sit on a sofa, it’s very easy to begin slouching or move into an uncomfortable position that will only add to your back pain.

If you’re someone that suffers from neck and back pains, then a great solution for you is a bean bag.

Unlike other types of chairs and furniture, bean bag chairs can adjust to the natural shape and size of your body as you sit in them and contour to your body to provide tailored support that won’t feel uncomfortable or restrictive.

Additionally, bean bags can help to prevent and reduce back pain by encouraging you to maintain correct posture while you’re sat in one, all while ensuring that, no matter which position you decide to sit in, your muscles will be given the support needed to stay in proper alignment. 

What’s more, unlike sofas and chairs, bean bags are also able to adjust themselves to any body shape or size, which means that you’ll be able to enjoy maximum comfort while sitting in one, all while having the peace of mind that your back is getting all the support it needs. 

Are Bean Bags Good For Your Back

Are bean bags good for health?

Though everyone’s personal experience of a bean bag will be different, bean bags are considered to be good for health.

Poor posture is one of the biggest culprits of health issues such as tension headaches, rounded shoulders, and back pain, and it is more often than not caused by non-ergonomic seating that offers little to no support.

In contrast, bean bags will be able to contour to every part of your body while you’re sitting in one, all while relieving your joints of any pressure.

Thanks to this, every time that you sit in a bean bag, you will be ensuring that every part of your body is being supported, while also having the peace of mind that your spine is being encouraged to move into proper alignment, which will ultimately help you to improve your posture.

This makes them very ideal for people who suffer from back pain (such as pressure in the sciatic nerve) and cannot sit down in certain chairs, as the moldable nature of a bean bag will ensure that you are given customized support that will help to alleviate any strain while helping to improve your posture, which can bring about benefits such as reduced headaches, better breathing, and even improved moods.

Are bean bags good for back pain?

A good, high-quality bean bag may be beneficial for those that suffer from back pain.

Usually, a well-manufactured bean bag designed for indoor use will be filled with something that is known as an EPS polystyrene bean bag filling, although other materials can also be used such as memory foam. 

This can be very helpful to people who suffer from chronic back pain, as the shape of the bean bag and support of the material will be able to contour to the back to alleviate pain.

In addition to this, bean bags offer flexibility that other types of chairs/furniture can not. A bean bag will give you the ability to take total control of your sitting position and posture, all while ensuring that your shoulders and back are given contoured support at all times.

Not only that, but bean bags can also offer soothing and therapeutic comfort for back pain sufferers.

Regardless of whether you have bad posture or suffer from chronic back pain, a bean bag will be able to contour to every part of your body while sitting in one, which will ensure that strain, pain, and tension are alleviated so you can sit comfortably.

What are the advantages of bean bags?

1. They can reduce tension headaches

One of the biggest benefits of using a bean bag is that it can reduce the chances of developing tension headaches and the severity of them. Poor sitting posture can play a huge role in causing tension in the neck and shoulder area, which can cause headaches and migraines.

Most sofas and sitting chairs can cause us to slouch while we’re sitting in them, and this is what sets bean bags apart from other types of seating.

Sitting on a high-quality bean bag will ensure that you have the right support in all types of positions (including relaxed) and will ensure that you are supported by contouring to the unique shape and size of your body.

This will help to reduce any unwanted strains, aches, and tension headaches by allowing your muscles to relax.

2. Can aid in relaxation

There’s no denying that everyday life can be busy and stressful - which is why bean bags are so useful! Besides being able to help promote proper posture and ensure that our bodies are given the proper support it needs, bean bags can also aid in relaxation.

This is all thanks to the malleable nature of a bean bag, which will allow you to comfortably sit (or even lay) in different positions without feeling uncomfortable or causing any back pain.

They’ve become such popular relaxation tools that many workplaces keep them in “downtime” rooms, where employees can take a break and recharge throughout the busy workday! 

3. Can reduce joint and muscle pain

Another great benefit of bean bags is that they can help to ease both joint and muscle pain. This is because, when you sit in a bean bag, not only will it immediately begin to contour to your individual body, but it will also alleviate your joints and take the pressure off them.

This makes bean bags ideal for people who have recently suffered from an injury or had surgery, as bean bags are one of the only types of sitting furniture that is able to support posture while also helping to relieve aches and pains.