What Store Sells Television Stands?

Television stands, we all need them. Perfect extra bit of storage, perfect for DVDs, games consoles and cable box and well anything you require it to be. TV Stands are perfect for minimizing the clutter from wires and others.

What Store Sells Television Stands

The two most important considerations are the size and type of the stand. But where to start? There are TV stands, fireplace TV stands, entertainment centers or audio and media towers. Also, what size is the TV? Sizing can be 40”, 50”, 60” or over 70”? Also, what style?

Corner TV stand, TV stands with mount, floating TV stands, low TV stands. Does it need to be open shelf? Or Console? Hutch? Cabinet? Nowadays, a television is often the focal point for your living room. So the stand, is arguable the center of the room, the right TV stand can really make or a break a room. A pleasing aesthetic starts with a TV stand.



The first store I would suggest is the famous Walmart. On the cheaper end of furniture stores. Walmart sells everything, food, furniture, guns, so without a doubt there is a wide selection of TV stands to choose from.

Walmart offers Every Day Low Prices, if you shop with a Walmart card you can get three percent off your purchase when you shop online.  You can also get one percent in store, as statement credit. They also of a Pick Up today service, so you don't have to wait for your furniture to arrive.

You are able to order online and pickup the same day! Granted, the item is in stock and ready for same-day collection. They offer a Product Care Plan that covers unexpected repairs with $0 deductible, you can take out at anytime up to thirty days after your purchase.

With multiply offers such as rollbacks, clearance, new and only at Walmart. You are without a doubt finding a TV stand here.


The second store I would suggest, BestBuy. BestBuy is another store that is on the cheaper side, and it is awesome if you ask me! With a massive range of features, for example, does it need to have an integrated mount?

Cord storage, cabinet? You know, all the important questions? The range of types of woods, what type of stand do you require? A freestanding or a table-top.

On their website, you are to highlight exactly what you need, even down to the finish color. BestBuy also supplies twenty-three different brands of TV stands. This selection is outstanding, you can even pick out what type of wood you want.

BestBuy also offers different types of deals, on sale items, free shipping eligible and clearance items. They also same day pick up and same-day delivery for a price. 


Target, another budget friendly superstore. From cat food to shelving, Target has it all. In terms of TV stands, Target even offers a 5 steps guide to purchasing a stand. Step one, measure your TV. Measure your TV  diagonally with a tape measure and note the dimensions to compare.

Step two, select a place for your TV. find the perfect spot for your TV, leave enough space between TV and seating area. Step three, choose the right TV stand. That fits the dimensions you have gathered and that fit your place. Then you browse, the hundreds of styles, colors, and the brands Target supplies.

They also arrange the stands in price order. Target also offers a range of additional perks. They offer an assembly powered by Handy. For an additional price, they will add an installation service. They will also offer a ‘Pay with Affirm’ which a way to stretch out payments over three, six or twelve months.

They offer free two-day shipping, which is free if you spend over $35. You can also 5% with a Target’s RedCard every day, in store and online.


How could I forget the whole grail of Amazon.com, from baby carriers to urns, Amazon will stock it. So TV stands, without a doubt.

With ten different TV stands, established sellers on Amazon right now. Glass, metal, wood? Amazon will stock it. With the ability to modify, color, material, price, and even style.

In terms of high levels of modification, Amazon will accommodate to that. Alongside the Amazon guarantee and free delivery for orders over $25. Using Amazon as your TV stand provider will be both quick and easier to order.

However, Amazon isn’t going to give you much instruction on how to build it. 


The universal go-to furniture store. Our Swedish queens, (not ABBA), will also supply TV Stands. Naturally, IKEA has the largest amount of different TV Stands.

With the ability to delegate to match your needs, from storage and size to color, IKEA got it! They also offer media style stands, or, mainly storage solutions with a stand and ones that you can put at the end of a bed. IKEA will also find your closest IKEA store and see if it is in stock for you.

They also offer a delivery service but honestly, between you and me, it is super pricey. Always see if you can get it in store first, to save yourself some buck.   


Last but certainly not least, another well known furniture store, Wayfair. Without a doubt a more middle priced store as it is only centered around selling the highest quality furniture.

With the expected range of the other contestants, Wayfair also offers a ‘which TV stand is for you’ guide. Step one, measure your television, diagonally. Step two, find the perfect place for your TV. Step three, measure your sitting height, and place the TV accordingly.

Wayfair also offers nine different types of TVs Stands, box standard TV stand, media chest, corner TV stand, entertainment stand, hunch entertainment center, barn-door entertainment center, TV armories and finally, floating and flat panel mounts.  

Hopefully this little rundown of some of the best known stores that sell television stands will help you on your quest, happy shopping!