Best Chair Mat For Hardwood Floor

An office chair with wheels is super convenient as it allows you to move around your space without having to stand up. Unfortunately, if used on hardwood floors, caster wheels will cause it to become scratched and damaged and in some cases, this damage can be quite serious and hard to repair.

An office chair mat for hardwood floors is the perfect solution. They provide a layer of protection as the wheels do not come into direct contact with the floor.

Below, we have reviewed our top five picks of the best chair mats for hardwood floors. We have also provided you with a buyer’s guide that contains all of our top tips for finding the best product. 


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The AiBOB Office Chair mat has been designed to protect your hardwood floors from the wheels of your office chair. As a versatile mat, it can be used on tiles, laminate, concrete, and vinyl.

It is made from pure polyethylene which is free of BPAs and phthalates meaning that it is safe and suitable for an indoor environment.

This mat is 0.06” thick and measures 36” x 48”. It boasts a double-duty design with a sturdy, smooth, non-slip surface that is going to stick to the floor and a textured upper surface that is going to stop your chair from moving unexpectedly.

The wheels of your office chair will also glide along the surface of this mat with ease and without leaving any scratches behind.

The lip along the edge of the mat is going to protect the floor beneath your desk when the chair is pushed the whole way in. As this is a tough mat, it is going to resist damage well and will also refrain from curling. Because of this, it should deliver long-lasting use.


  • Ease to clean - should you happen to spill any liquid on the surface of this mat, you can easily wipe it away using a cloth. 
  • Return’s warranty - if you are dissatisfied with the quality of the product that you receive, you can return it within 60 days to receive a refund. 
  • Sizes - this mat is available in two different sizes so you can select the best option for your office chair and setup.


  • Odor - many customers have reported that this mat emits a strong, chemical-like scent which some may find off-putting.


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This office chair mat for hardwood floors by SHAREWIN is intended for light use. It is suitable for a range of floor hard floor types from vinyl to laminate, stone, and tile. It claims to be effective in protecting your floors from the damage that can be caused by the caster wheels of your office chair.

Measuring 47” x 36” this is a generously sized mat that will accommodate bigger office chairs whilst giving you room to move around. It is also 0.07” thick.

The underside of this mat has an anti-skid texture that will cling to the surface of your hardwood floor. It is also designed with a textured non-slip upperside that is going to stop your chair from moving around unexpectedly as you work.

This is also going to delay the onset of leg fatigue as you aren’t going to have to exert as much effort to try and keep the chair in position.

As for construction, this chair mat has been made from top-grade PE material which is more environmentally friendly when compared to other materials.

Moreover, it is free of BPAs and doesn’t contain any volatile toxins or polyvinyl chloride. If you have children or pets that may occasionally sit on this mat you can be assured that it is safe.


  • Color selection - this mat is available in six different colors so you can choose the one that is going to complement your office decor. 
  • Size Availability - there are five sizes available so you can choose the mat that is going to be the best size for your office chair. 
  • Quality - this mat lays out flat and the corners are not prone to curling.


  • Movement - when this mat is placed on laminate flooring, it tends to move around and some people may find this annoying.


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Next up we have a heavy-duty chair mat that will protect laminate, hardwood, vinyl, concrete, and tile floors from the scratches and damage that the wheels of your office chair may cause.

As a double-duty floor mat, it has a smooth underside and a non-slip grip that will stop it from moving. It is also designed with a textured side that should be placed upwards as this will stop the wheels of your chair from sliding.

In regards to durability, this chair mat is 0.06” thick and resistant to scratches and abrasion. Because of this, you don’t have to worry about it breaking or starting to bend when it is subject to frequent use. Furthermore, this mat is also resistant to high temperatures and will also stop the chill from the ground reaching your legs.

It has been made from PVC material which is free of BPAs, polyvinyl chloride, and other harmful toxins.

As such, it is going to be a safe addition to your office environment. This is a lightweight mat that weighs a minimal 4.4ibs. Because of this, it is going to be easy to move and position onto your office floor.


  • Size - this mat comes in three different sizes ranging from small to large. This gives you more flexibility when it comes to choosing the right one for your needs.
  • Odor - Unlike many other mats, this one does not have an unpleasant, chemical-like scent. 
  • Color - as this is a clear mat, it isn’t going to look noticeable when placed on your floor.


  • Effectiveness - according to the reviews of several customers, this chair mat is occasionally prone to moving. 


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The SALLOUS Chair Mat for hardwood floors is available in an assortment of colors and sizes.

This means that you can choose a mat in a color that caters to your preferences and also complements the aesthetic of your office. It comes in three different sizes with the smallest measuring 47” x 35” and the largest measuring 63” x 51”.

Thanks to the upgraded design, it will refrain from creasing, fading, and curling. By investing in this chair mat you will be protecting the floors in your office against scratches and wear.

It is also suitable for use on a variety of surfaces from laminate to linoleum and hardwood. As such, you can be sure that it is going to work with the type of flooring that is fitted in your office.

If you don’t want this mat to remain on your office floor in between uses, you can roll it up and store it away until you are ready to use it again.

It also is not going to affect the quality of your floors by leaving a residue behind. As this chair mat has a non-slip underside it is going to remain securely in place once you position it on your floor.


  • Warranty - this mat is covered by a 6 month warranty so there is support available should you be unhappy with your purchase.
  • Customizable - A great thing about this mat is that it can be cut so you can customize the size according to your office space and chair. 
  • Noise reduction - when this mat is placed on your floor it will effectively reduce the noise that your chair produces as it moves.


  • Quality - unfortunately the material running along the edges of this mat is prone to fraying following daily use. 


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Finally, we have selected this vinyl chair mat protector for hard floors from the Amazon Basics range. It measures 47” x 35” although it does come in two other slightly larger sizes.

There are also two styles available, one of which is rectangular shaped and another which is designed with a lip. As such, you can select the best option for your needs. The lip style is ideal for those who want to protect their floors when their chair is pushed under their desk.

As this is a heavy-duty mat, it is going to be effective at protecting your floors from damage.

It’s also transparent so you will still be able to see the natural color of your floor as this mat isn’t going to be visually prominent. Made from a combination of vinyl and plastic, this mat is free of BPA’s and other toxins.

This mat has a smooth but slightly textured surface that you will be able to glide along with ease and you will not need to worry about the wheels becoming stuck. As it is generously sized, there will be plenty of room for you to move around freely on your office chair.


  • Lays flat - as this mat is delivered rolled up when you unroll it, it is going to lay flat on your office floor.
  • Thickness - this is a thick chair mat and is therefore going to be effective in protecting your floors.
  • Durability - this is a great quality mat that is going to deliver long-lasting use without breaking.


  • Movement - some customers have suggested that this mat is prone to sliding around during the first few uses so this is something to bear in mind when you start using it. 

Best Chair Mat For Hardwood Floor Buying Guide

There are lots of different office chair mats available, many of which are intended to be used on hardwood floors. Below, we have provided you with a handy buyer’s guide that lists all of the features and characteristics that you should look for before making your purchase.

Compatibility With Different Floor Surfaces

It is important to make sure that the mat you choose is compatible with hardwood floor surfaces. The majority will not only be suitable for hardwood but also laminate, concrete, vinyl, and tiles.

The Size Of The Mat And The Size Of Your Workspace

Most office mats come in a few different sizes so you can select the best fit for the room that it is going to be used in. Before choosing your mat, it is worth measuring the size of your workspace as this will allow you to see which one is going to be the most compatible.

You should also consider how much you are likely to move around in your chair. If you are likely to remain fairly still you are not going to require a very large mat but if you move around a lot, you will need to choose one that is larger.

Avoid choosing a big mat if you are working with a small space because this is only going to make the area look overcrowded.

The Design

An office chair mat will usually be rectangular shaped or designed with a lip. Those that are rectangular-shaped give you plenty of space to move around, but those that have a lip will even protect your floors when the chair is pushed right under the desk.

The shape that you choose is going to depend on the setup of your office because some are going to fit in better than others.

The Thickness

Office chair mats can vary in thickness. Ideally, the thicker the mat the better because the more effective it is going to be in protecting your floor against damage caused by the wheels of your chairs. Whilst thinner mats can still work, they are not going to offer the same level of protection.


The quality of the mat is going to determine how long it lasts. If the mat is poorly made it is not going to deliver as many uses as you might expect. It is important to remember that the wheels are likely to scratch the surface of your might over time so it needs to be able to endure regular use without showing visible signs of wear.


When browsing through the selection of mats, you will find that some customers have commented on how a few of them have an unpleasant, chemical scent, however, this doesn’t apply to all mats. The scent will usually be the most noticeable when you first unroll the mat. Ideally, you will want to choose a mat that is chemical scent-free.

Selection Of Colors

Whilst some mats are translucent, others will be colored. If you don’t want the mat to be noticeable you may prefer to invest in one that is clear as you will not be able to see it once it is rolled out on your floor.

Alternatively, you will find other mats that are available in an array of different colors. This gives you the flexibility to choose a mat that goes with the aesthetic of the room that it is going to be used in.

Cleaning The Mat

If you eat and drink when sat on your office chair there is a risk of food crumbs or liquids spilling onto the mat. Ideally, the mat should be easy to clean so that it doesn’t stain or start to look grubby. Mats that are made from plastic can usually be wiped away but those that are made from a fabric material will likely need to be vacuumed. 

It is worth paying attention to the product specifications as the manufacturer is likely to provide you with guidance regarding how the mat should be cleaned.

The Cost

On the whole, office chair mats tend to be a pretty affordable purchase. Whilst you will find some that are more expensive than others, most will retail well below the $50 price range.

The price is often a reflection of the quality, but this does not mean that you have to break the bank to access a good product. In fact, there are lots of great quality mats that are affordably priced.


You will find some office chair mats that are covered with a warranty or a returns policy. The length of the warranty is essentially a reflection of the manufacturer’s confidence in their product. If the product is not covered by a warranty, should you encounter any problems, the manufacturer will be responsible for rectifying them. 

A returns policy will allow you to return the product to the manufacturer within a given period if you are not satisfied with it. You will then receive your money back in return. It is worth noting that there are only a few products that are covered with a warranty. Some will not be covered by one at all so you must determine whether this is going to influence the product that you choose. 

Best Chair Mat for Hardwood Floor - FAQ's

Do Office Chairs Damage Hardwood Floors?

The caster wheels on office chairs can damage hardwood floors by scratching them as you move around. It is possible to order replacement caster wheels that are suitable for hardwood floors. They are going to be safer and less likely to cause your floor to become damaged.