Best Coffee Table

A coffee table plays an important role in your living room, without one you will not have anywhere to place your drinks, books, magazines, decorative pieces, and candles, etc.

Coffee tables are not only a practical piece of furniture, but they can also be aesthetically pleasing. 

Coffee tables come in a variety of different shapes, styles, and sizes. Many have additional features such as storage compartments, lift-up tabletops, and drawers.

It is important to choose a coffee table that is going to fit into your living area. 

Below, we have selected and reviewed our top 5 picks of the best coffee tables that the market has to offer.

We have also provided you with a handy buyer's guide full of our top tips for choosing the right coffee table for you. 


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The Yaheetech Lift Top Coffee Table is the perfect option for those seeking style and convenience.

Not only is this table aesthetically pleasing but it also doubles up as an effective storage solution thanks to its lift-top design. 

The high-quality metal mechanism will allow you to raise or lower the tabletop with ease and without making a lot of noise.

Beneath the tabletop storage compartment, there is an open shelf that you can use to store additional items such as blankets and books, etc.

The contemporary style of this table is going to complement lots of different living room, office, or reception room interiors. 

The functional concept of this table makes it super versatile.

Not only can you lift the tabletop to put things into the storage compartment, but you can keep it raised and position things such as your laptop so that you can view it from an elevated angle. 

You are provided with protective foam pads which you can stick to the tabletop. This means that you do not have to worry about the tabletop damaging the base as you lower it. 


  • Colors - this coffee table is available in five different colors so you can select the option that is going to suit the decor of the room that it is going to be put in. 
  • Size - as this coffee table comes in two sizes, you can select the one that you feel is going to be the best fit. 
  • Durability - the smooth coating is water-resistant and easy to clean so you needn’t worry about any spillages damaging it. 


  • Assembly - several customers have reported that this coffee table was quite difficult to put together. 


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With a unique appearance, the Mecor Rectangle Glass Coffee Table is going to be a modern addition to your living space.

Metallic legs support a glass top and it has been artfully designed to complement different aesthetics.

It also comes in three different colors so you can select your favorite option. The colors include white, brown, and black. 

The top of the table can be used to display things like ornaments and books. There is a second shelf which you can use to store a range of other items.

As this table has a smooth surface, it is easy to clean. Should you notice any marks and stains you simply need to wipe them away. 

Thanks to the compact structure of this table it is likely to fit into most rooms inside your home, whether this is your living room, office, reception room, or bedroom.

The glass tabletop is 8mm thick so it is strong enough to hold a considerable amount of weight without struggling or breaking. 


  • Construction - this table has been made from robust materials. The legs are made from MDF, the bars are made from stainless steel and the tabletop is made from glass. 
  • Size - adequately sized, this table is going to be perfect for most rooms as it is not too big or too small. 
  • Assembly - this coffee table is super easy to assemble and isn’t going to consume a lot of your time.


  • Quality - the quality of the legs could be approved as they are prone to wobbling when fitted to the table. 


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This solid wood coffee table from Emerald Home is going to add a rustic look to your living space due to the use of distressed wood and metal accent legs.

The natural knots and grains in the wood are going to look even better when the table ages.

Moreover, the legs go out at a slight angle rather than straight down and this makes the table look a little more unique. 

Durably constructed, you should expect this coffee table to deliver long-lasting use.

It also requires very little maintenance as you simply need to polish it occasionally or wipe it when you notice any spills. 

This table is easy to assemble as you are provided with all of the tools, equipment, and hardware that you need.

As a classically designed table, it has an open bottom shelf which provides a convenient storage solution. If preferred you can keep your favorite ornaments and decor pieces on the tabletop and use the lower shelf to store additional accessories. 


  • Colors - there are six natural colors to choose from, all of which are going to add a classic feel to the room. 
  • Warranty - as this table is covered with a 1 year manufacturer warranty, there is help available if needed. 
  • Size - there are two sizes available, one measuring 45” and another measuring 48”. As such, you can select the best size for the room that you are going to put it in.


  • Sturdiness - unfortunately, this table tends to wobble and many people are likely to find this annoying. 


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If you are looking for a coffee table that is more substantially built, it is worth checking out this offering from Signature Design by Ashley Wystfield.

A wooden tabletop is positioned on an all-wooden base. 

It is then finished with metal bracket hardware. The plank effect styling and heavy distressed elements add a rustic feel to this table. 

Conveniently, this table is designed with a generously sized storage compartment which you can access via the two-sided hinged top.

There are also stay arms which you can use to keep the top open whilst you look inside the storage compartment. 

The surface of this table measures 36” x 36” x 18” making it an excellent choice for small and large places alike.

It is also easy to assemble which is great for those who do not consider themselves to be experts in DIY. 

You are provided with easy to follow instructions that detail each step of the process along with all of the necessary tools and hardware. 


  • Quality - this is an aesthetically pleasing table that has been made from a combination of high-quality materials.  
  • Assembly - many customers have praised how easy this coffee table is to put together.
  • Colors - this coffee table comes in three different colors. Because of this, you can go for the table that you think is going to go well with the interiors of the room.


  • Color Inaccuracy - According to the reviews of some customers, this table was a different color from what they were expecting it to be. 


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Last but not least we have chosen the GreenForest Round Coffee Table. This two-tiered table has a wooden top that is 35.83” and a metal mesh second shelf.

Whilst you can use the tabletop for decorative purposes, you can use the bottom shelf to store your living room supplies. 

As this is a circular table it isn’t going to take up a lot of space and it also makes a great accent piece that is likely to contrast against the shape of your other furnishings.

Thanks to the sturdy structure of this table, it can support a maximum weight of 300ibs so you can add a few items to it without worrying about them being too heavy. 

This coffee table has been constructed from P2 particle board which is waterproof and heat resistant so hot drinks are going to damage it.

The application of special paint technology means that the color is going to refrain from fading.

The net design of the bottom shelf also adds a unique touch to this table.


  • Assembly - you aren’t going to experience many difficulties when putting this coffee table together. You will receive all of the necessary instructions and tools. 
  • Color - this coffee table comes in walnut, oak, and brown. Thanks to the varied color selection you can choose your favorite option. 
  • Durability - this is a very sturdy table that has been made from good quality materials.


  • Weight - this coffee table is quite heavy so you may experience difficulties if you try to move it to different areas in your living room. 

Best Coffee Table Buying Guide

There are a few factors that you will need to consider before investing in a coffee table. They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors so you want to make sure that you choose the best type for your needs and your living space.

Our buyer’s guide below will help you through the process. 

The Shape

Coffee tables come in an assortment of shapes. Rectangular coffee tables tend to be the most popular and they go particularly well with long couches. Round coffee tables are also commonly sought after.

We would recommend opting for a round coffee table if you are working with a smaller space because large rooms and longer sofas tend to overwhelm this type of table.

There is also the option of a square coffee table, just like round tables they are a favorable option for smaller rooms. 

The Material

The quality of the materials that have been used to make the table are going to influence its durability.

Wood is a material that is used to construct many coffee tables and there are several reasons for this. Not only is wood extremely durable, but some types look unique and rustic. 

You can also get different grains and colors of wood which are going to complement different interiors and decorative styles. Glass is another material that is often used in the construction of coffee tables.

Glass tends to have a more classy and superior look when compared to the appearance of other materials.

Moreover, glass can also open up a smaller room to make it look much more spacious. As you will notice from our list above, many tables have metal legs or hardware. 

The material that is used to make your coffee table should be strong, robust, and resistant to damage.

If you have children or pets it may be best to avoid glass tables as they are going to be more susceptible to potential damage. 

Also, avoid tables that are made from materials with sharp edges as this presents the risk of a possible injury.

The Size

Before you go ahead and purchase your coffee table, you must make sure that it is the right size for the room that you are going to be putting it in.

Generally, it is recommended that you choose a coffee table which is the same height as your sofa although if desired you can go for one that is slightly shorter or taller.

Furthermore, it is advised that you measure the length of your couch. Ideally, your coffee table should be no longer than two thirds of the length of your couch.

Of course, this is solely a guide, when browsing through the selection of different tables, it is important to remember that your preferences matter too. 


A great thing about many coffee tables is that they are designed with convenient storage compartments. In many cases, they can be accessed by lifting the tabletop.

Most will have a mechanism that will secure this tabletop in place once it has been elevated. Essentially, the tabletop then becomes a raised platform that you can use as a convenient workspace.

Many other tables are designed with shelves. You can then use the top shelf to display your ornaments and the second shelf to store any additional accessories and supplies. 


The majority of coffee tables are available in an array of colors. This means that you have more choice when it comes to choosing a table that complements the aesthetic of your living area.

Remember that your coffee table is going to be quite a focal point and something that attracts people's attention when they enter the room.

The majority are available in neutral or dark colors although you can get some that are a little more adventurous which is ideal for those who want to experiment with the theme of their decor. 


Do you plan on moving your coffee table around your living room or office room? If so, you should opt for one that is versatile.

You will likely experience difficulties when trying to move quite a weighty table so you should choose one that is more lightweight. 


A coffee table that is made from poor-quality materials isn’t going to be very durable. Ideally, you should choose a table that is easy to clean and maintain.

Many are heat resistant and water-resistant so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged by these elements.

Assembling the Coffee Table

There are many coffee tables that are easy to assemble, some will even come pre-assembled which means that you only have to put a few pieces together once it arrives.

It is unlikely that those who are not DIY enthusiasts will want to spend a few hours trying to put together a coffee table with a complex design.

In most cases, you will be provided with instructions that detail each stage of the assembling process along with all of the tools and resources that you are going to need. 

The Cost

Coffee tables can retail at various prices and you will find some that are considerably more expensive than others.

It is worth setting yourself a budget that you can cater your search towards. Although the quality is often reflected in the price, there are still many great coffee tables that are affordably priced. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most durable coffee tabletop?

Solid wood tends to be the toughest and most durable option for a coffee table top, however, the durability is often reflected in a higher price tag.

It is also quite weighty so you may experience difficulties when trying to move it to different parts of your living room.

If a solid wood table top doesn’t appeal to you, you may prefer to invest in one that is made from metal.

Whilst some may prefer the look of a solid wood table top, metal table tops tend to be more affordable. 

Is a round or square coffee table better?

Coffee tables can be square, round or rectangular. Some may find a round table to be more visually appealing as they make a bit of a statement.

However, if you would prefer a coffee table with a larger surface area, a square or rectangular table is going to be the best option for you.