Can You Put A Floor Lamp Behind A Couch?

Have you purchased a floor lamp and are wondering where to place it? Perhaps you want to pop it behind your couch but aren’t sure how that will work or if it will look good?

Can You Put A Floor Lamp Behind A Couch

Maybe you are looking for inspiration for your upcoming redecorating? Whatever your reason might be, we have the answer for you!

We know how challenging it can be to decide where is best to place new lighting. You want to ensure that no corner of your room is left in darkness, especially your sofa.

The last thing you want to do is plunge your couch into darkness or leave it poorly lit; how will you see your biscuits then? 

Thankfully, you don’t need to worry a second longer! Today we are here to see if you can put a floor lamp behind a couch and provide you with all the information you need to do so! Keep reading to find out more! 

Can You Put A Floor Lamp Behind A Couch?

Let’s get straight into it! Yes, you can use a floor lamp behind a couch! Placing a floor lamp behind your couch allows you to brighten up the room without the need to use your main ceiling light fittings.

Depending on the bulb you choose for your floor lamp, too, you can create warm or low-light settings that are perfect for cuddling under with a good book or enjoying some television in the evening. 

We recommend opting for warm yellow lights to create a cozy and relaxing vibe (energy-efficient, of course). These lights aren’t too bright but will provide enough brightness to read a book, enjoy your meal or a drink without your eyes feeling strained.

You can opt for brighter light bulbs or floor lamps with multiple lights to add more brightness to the room. Consider the kind of lighting your room needs to ensure that you purchase the best lamp and bulbs that suit the space.

Everyone is different, so if you prefer brighter bulbs or more atmospheric lighting, get the lamp and bulbs that suit you best! 

Now that we have established that you can use a floor lamp behind a couch let’s take a quick look at why and what couches best suit floor lamps!

Why Put A Floor Lamp Behind A Couch?

As we mentioned earlier, floor lamps are an excellent way to provide some brightness over your couch. If you have a small couch in a darker corner of your room, a floor lamp is an excellent way to ensure that whoever sits there has another light besides their phone! 

Depending on the floor lamp you choose, you can purchase one with moveable components. This allows you to angle the light where you need it most, offering more versatility than you get with wall-hanging lights.

If you enjoy snuggling on the sofa reading a book, these lights will allow you to do so with ease; you can get the light right on the page you are reading! 

They are also extremely portable and easy to install, so if you have a plug socket behind your sofa, you can install the lamp easily and not need to worry about running wires across the room or along the walls.

Floor lamps take up very little space, too, making them fine choices for anyone with limited space. Popping it behind your couch, too, hides the wires and the bulk of the lamp.

If you don’t like the look of the lamp pole or it doesn’t suit your decor, you can hide the bulk of it out of sight and make the most of the light! 

Floor lamps are also handy for anyone short on space! You can maximize the dead space behind a couch by adding a floor lamp. Now the space has a purpose, and you get to brighten the room too, a fantastic use!

No matter how small the space might be, we bet you can get a floor lamp to fit the dimensions and add brightness to your room! 

What Couches Are Best For Floor Lamps?

Generally speaking, most couches will be suited to floor lamps. Providing there is space behind them, you can fit a floor lamp in there and enjoy the targeted lighting for your sofa. But for those wondering, a few types of couches work well with floor lamps behind them. 

Sectional couches are wonderful to place a floor lamp behind. Thanks to how easy to install they are, their versatility, and portability, it's never been easier to add some brightness to your couch area!

Depending on the height of the back, too, the sofa should cover most of the floor lamp’s pole, meaning you can disguise wires or poles that don’t fit your style. 

Corner sofas are also excellent choices for floor lamps. As they can squeeze into awkward places, you can pop them behind the corner of your sofa, providing plenty of light without requiring much space.

Doing so can turn your corner sofa into a cozy reading nook; just pop a thick throw and pillows in there too! Look for floor lamps with adjustable heights and angled heads too.

These features make the lamp more versatile, allowing you to create the lighting that you want. No more will you need to struggle to get the light on your book. 

L-shaped couches work well with floor lamps too. Often, we place a coffee table in the middle of these couches, and that's not the best location for a lamp. Not only will you have to battle the wires, but you will have the light in your face, which isn’t the most flattering.

Placing a floor lamp behind the L-shaped sofa will provide you with the brightness you need, and as it can fit in tight spaces, you don’t need to worry about any difficulties! 

Final Word

And there you have it; you can put a floor lamp behind a couch! Doing so can save you space and transform your couches into well-lit paradises perfect for an evening curled up under a blanket.