How Big Should An Ottoman Be In Front Of A Couch?

With more of us spending more time at home, our thoughts turn to make our homes more comfortable and stylish. After all, why shouldn't we all try and live like royalty? 

Many of us begin by improving our lounges. It's where we relax, unwind after long days, and it should be comfortable and cozy. We want to come in, have dinner, put our feet up, and relax. But what do we put our feet up on?

How Big Should An Ottoman Be In Front Of A Couch

Not everyone wants to invest in a reclining sofa or chair, so we settle on ottomans. Not only can we put our feet up and relax, but they often provide an additional storage space that many of us crave. After all, who doesn’t want more space for books, blankets, or games?

But finding the right size ottoman can be a challenge. We find ourselves wondering, just how big should the ottoman be? Well, save yourselves from wondering and stick with us! We have all the answers you need to create a perfect living space. 

Just keep reading to find out all there is to know about ottomans and the correct size for your space!

How big should an Ottoman be in front of a couch?

Ideally, your ottoman should be ⅔ of the length of your sofa. This size will provide you with ample space to rest your feet on the ottoman and still move about it.

We recommend not going more than ¾ of your couches length, as it could dominate the room and make it difficult for you to move around your ottoman and sofa. 

When selecting the size of your ottoman, though, it's best to ensure the size suits your needs as well as the space it fits in. Measure the space before beginning your search for an ottoman to ensure you select the right size without any disappointment! 

For the space you have, you might need an ottoman smaller than the sizes we have suggested. These specifications should be taken as suggestions only, and you should opt for the size that will not only work in your space but for your needs too.

There’s no point buying an ottoman too large or small if it's not going to be fit for purpose. 

Remember that it needs to suit your needs, not the standard on Instagram.

How much space should be between the ottoman and sofa?

Ideally, you want 30 inches of space between the ottoman and your sofa. This will provide you with ample space to move between your sofa and ottoman without needing to shimmy or sidestep out of the way. 

While these specifications can provide you with good insight and help measure your space, they won’t work for everyone. For some homes, 30 inches might be too big a gap for some people, especially those with little legs that want to put their feet up and veg out after a long day!

The same can be said for those whose legs are dangling off the other side of their ottoman!

In these cases, place the ottoman at a distance that suits you and your family. You might want it further away from your sofa to have more space to move around, or you might want it closer to the sofa, allowing you to relax and use the ottoman when needed fully. Find a location that suits you best.

It’s worth noting that placing the ottoman too close to the sofa means you might need to move it to get to and from the couch. In extreme cases, it could even prevent you from evacuating in an emergency, like a fire.

To avoid any tragedies, measure the space correctly and ensure that you can move around the ottoman at all times.

Should a footstool be the same height as the sofa?

Ideally, the footstool should be an inch or so lower than the sofa. This will provide you with a comfortable and relaxing stance. Having your footstool, the same height as your sofa is also a good idea.

Keeping it at the same height means you don’t feel like your feet are uphill or downhill, which will never be relaxing!

When selecting your footstool, be sure to measure the height of your sofa. It can be good to sit on the couch with your legs in the air and have someone else measure the gap between the floor and your feet.

This will help you find the right height footstool and keep your feet at the right height.

Alternatively, if you would rather the height be higher or lower, you can buy the footstool that suits your needs. Most people find their feet at the same height as their body most comfortable, which is why we recommend it. 

Should your ottoman match your sofa?

While it is nice to have your ottoman match your sofa, it is not necessary! You can purchase matching ottomans for most sofas for those that like to have all their furniture matching, but no hard and fast rule says you can only have matching furniture! 

For some of us, ensuring the ottoman is practical and fit for purpose in terms of height and size is our main priority. That is okay too! When it comes to your homes, it's finding the right ottoman for you, regardless of style.

Yes, it is lovely to have a matching ottoman, and you can do this if you wish. Alternatively, you can look for ottomans that come in similar colors to add a different tone to your living space.

For example, you might want an ottoman that matches the color of your cushions rather than your sofa. 

You also don’t need to have an ottoman that matches the style of your sofa. You could add a fabric ottoman to your room which would complement your leather sofa nicely.

The choice is yours; just make sure it's a choice that you are happy with. There is nothing worse than adding furniture that you hate to your room!