How Do You Style A Sofa?

Redecorating can be so much fun. You can create a cozy, warming and beautiful space in your home to chill out or entertain guests in. One of the most exciting rooms to decorate is the living room. 

How Do You Style A Sofa

For most of us, the living room is where we spend the majority of our time, catching up on TV shows, watching sports games, or hanging out with family and friends.

This is why you’ll want to decorate the living room as nicely as you can, because you’re going to be spending a lot of time in there! 

The focal point of many living rooms are the sofas. These are what the eye will be attracted to most when you enter the room, and it’s where you’ll cuddle up to watch your favorite movies.

So, how do you style a sofa, and where do you even start with pillows and cushions? We can help you! 

How Do You Style A Sofa?

You can style a sofa any way you like. Most rooms are decorated to reflect the decorator’s personality and personal style.

Some people love bold colors and prints, which is reflected in their choice of sofa cushions and throws, with multiple cushions, all in different, clashing prints, whereas others prefer just two or three cushions in simple styles.

You can style a sofa by adding cushions, pillows and throw blankets to the sofa. The aim is to create interest, and an inviting place to sit or cuddle up in. You can do this by creating a little bit of texture, with different cushion patterns or designs, different shapes and fabrics. 

Choose cushions of various shapes, sizes and patterns to really make the couch pop, and try adding a blanket to the back of the sofa, or drape it along the side of the arm.

Not only does this look great, but you’ve got a blanket handy for cold winter nights, or to protect the sofa from your furry friends. 

In addition to the cushions, you have to think about what is going next to your sofa. Placing a light or lamp can really soften the area around the sofa, and provides perfect illumination for reading upon an evening.

You will also want a side table at the arm of the sofa for warm drinks, books, TV remotes or for a small houseplant to brighten up the place!

Should Cushions On A Sofa Match?

You’ll want to keep an overall color scheme in the room, so you need to choose cushions that align with this color scheme, or ones that pick out colors and patterns that are already in the room.

You won’t however want to have cushions in the same color as the sofa, as they will just blend in and not catch the eye at all. 

Instead, choose contrasting, but complementary colors for the cushions to add interest in the room. For example, if you have a dark colored couch such as navy, black, or dark grey, then choose light cushions like white, creamy beige, or lightly colored cushions to match.

Alternatively, if you have a bright, creamy or beige couch, then try having black cushions or patterned ones for a smart, chic and dramatic look.  

Should Pillows On The Sofa And Loveseat Match?

This kind of depends on your overall style and tastes. If you prefer a wacky, bold look that has lots of interest and patterns, then your pillows don’t have to match perfectly.

However, if you want something more minimalist, then you may want to keep a simple, clean-cut look and keep the cushions and pillows the same.

What we would recommend is that the pillows on the sofa and loveseat do not have to match, but they should all be within an arranged color scheme.

For instance, if you have a cream sofa, then you can add interest with black pillows, creamy, beige and white patterned pillows to draw in the eye.

If you like boho style sofas, and have a colored sofa like an emerald green velvet sofa, then you might want to stick with pillows that are soft pink, or gold, or even just balance out the green with some black and white patterned pillows.

It’s up to you, just keep the theme across all sofas and couches in the room.

Where Do You Put Pillows On A Couch?

For the best looks, we recommend that you group two or three pillows together, but this depends on the size of the couch. If you have a 3 person or 2 person couch, then you’re better off with three pillows.

These should be arranged symmetrically, so you’ll place two of the same cushions on the outside, and one accent cushion in the middle.

In this case, you’ll want to go for an anchor color for the 2 pillows, and place the third pillow in the middle. The third pillow can have a pattern or an accent color to make the sofa really pop! 

If you have a smaller couch chair, a loveseat or snuggle seat, then you can have 2 pillows or just one pillow. We prefer to place 2 pillows because again, one can have a block color, and another pillow can be an accent pillow. 

How Do You Make A Sofa Look Nice? 

One of the more popular sofa stylings today is the throw blanket. More and more people are using folded throw blankets to drape along the sofa to make it look softer, warmer and more inviting.

You can use a simple, minimalist knitted blanket to cuddle up with, or add something with a bold, eye-catching pattern to throw some color into the room.

Once you’ve picked your throw blanket, you’ll need to fold it in half vertically, then in half vertically again.

Then, drape it over the arm of the couch, and tuck the top end between the arm and seat to keep it in place. It should fall beautifully over the side of the couch for an aesthetically pleasing look.