What Are The Benefits Of A Futon?

What Are The Benefits Of A Futon

If you’re looking for an alternative to your old creaky bed, or the slats on your bed frame have totally collapsed after years of use and abuse, it may be a good time to consider what to replace your bed with!

Most people sleep on a standard bed frame or a divan, using a mattress of either springs or memory foam on top for comfort and support.

However, while it isn’t particularly well known or popular, there are alternatives to a bed and mattress combo!

A futon is a great alternative that can offer a ton of benefits over a traditional mattress and bed, and this is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a replacement!

What’s a futon you may be wondering?

A futon is the traditional form of bedding used in Japan and has become more and more popular around the world for its various advantages over standard bed arrangements.

Typically, a futon consists of a mattress and a duvet, that are typically laid directly on the floor or on a small, low frame.

Western furniture and bedding designers have seized on these ideas and stolen some of them for their own version of futons, and are essentially low, wooden, sometimes foldable sofa beds that actually share very little with their Japanese counterparts.

In this guide we’re going to look at the benefits that sleeping on a more traditional style futon can offer, to help you get the absolute best night’s sleep possible and maximize the space and orientation of your bedroom space.

Portable/Easy To Transport

Portable/ Easy To Transport

The first benefit of the futon system is that it’s incredibly portable and easy to move around or transport compared to the fixed or traditional bed frame and mattress setups.

Futons are usually foldable and flexible, and can easily be rolled or fitted into various spaces, even small cars, and transported easily if you’re moving house or apartment, or if you’re staying over somewhere and want to be extra comfortable.

In a world where people do move between apartments a lot, this is a huge advantage and can’t be overstated in terms of its convenience.

Good For Back Health

Good For Back Health

Another huge advantage of using a futon is that it’s better for your posture and back health.

It’s becoming more and more apparent the western bedding hasn’t been very well designed, providing little support and a real comfort for the joints and spine, and actually creating areas of stress and strain that can lead to all sorts of serious health conditions and significant pain and discomfort.

It’s now very well known that firmer beds are better for your back health and posture, and futons are generally very firm due to their spartan nature and traditional design while offering enough comfort to allow you to get the essential rest you need.


Futons are also great value for money! Solid beds can be extremely expensive, particularly beds made of expensive materials and using a lot of craftsmanship and design.

However, for all of this aesthetic benefit, they don’t actually provide any more comfort, meaning this is quite poor value for money.

Futons are as cheap or even cheaper than standard spring mattresses and considering the benefits they offer, this makes them an absolute bargain. Futons also typically last far longer than standard mattresses, meaning your investment goes even further and is even better value for money.


Futons also take up very little space in your bedroom and are incredibly flexible and maneuverable so you can easily move them aside or change them around to allow yourself to take full advantage of your bedroom as you need to.

They are also easy to stow away if you need to, allowing your room to feel lighter, more spacious and allowing greater flexibility in how you use it.


The beauty of futons is that they can turn any space or spare room into a guest bedroom very quickly and easily.

You simply roll out a spare futon wherever you have space and you’re able to host anyone comfortably and easily, without needing to surrender valuable interior space to accommodate a bed or sofa bed which can dominate a room and provide very poor value, particularly if they don’t get used by guests very often.

This is arguably one of the most compelling uses for a futon, even if you aren’t convinced into using one as your main bedding arrangement.


One of the big benefits of a futon is that it’s hygienic, and while this may seem uncertain due to its proximity or contact with the floor it’s actually true!

Futons are far easier to wash than bed and mattresses, and all you need to do is remove the liner, store the main futon body somewhere safe and wash the liner well. This removes all sorts of dust and dirt which you simply can’t do with even small standard mattresses.

Additionally, futons can easily be stored away from dust and dirt if they need to be, meaning they are less prone to picking up mess day to day anyway.


Futons are very flexible and can be used as everything from a bed and place of rest, to a daybed with a raised backrest or even a couch.

Most beds don’t offer anywhere near this much flexibility and this makes the futon super versatile and ideal for young people in apartments or without much space who need a piece of furniture that can do it all.


The maneuverability and flexibility of futons are nearly unparalleled, making them super convenient for almost anyone to have, even as a spare for guests who may visit unexpectedly.

They are more comfortable and stable than air beds and other temporary beds too!

Quiet And Disturbance Free

Finally, and for some people most importantly, futons are insanely quiet.

They don’t use any moving parts or springs, so a restless partner or… other activities won’t keep you or anyone else up making this perfect for both privacy and undisturbed rest!