What’s Trending In Coffee Tables?

It’s hard to keep up with the trends, but we’ve been tracking the coffee table trend for a while now, and we have a pretty good hold on what the chicest styles are. 

There are tons of varieties of coffee tables, and right now, we’ve got a couple of good options. Since 2019, there’s been an increasing trend for retro decor, and that is definitely prominent within the furniture world.

What's trending in coffee tables

You can expect to see bold colors such as orange, yellow, copper, and green becoming star features, but that’s not all. 

If you prefer a more neutral approach to your decor, don’t fret. It’s not just the pop of color that seems to appear. Materials are also a biggie right now, and we’ll be looking at everything from glass, metal, wooden, and terrazzo.

Remember, like with all furniture, when it comes to coffee tables, the shape matters. Quirky angles and designs are very popular right now, but they aren’t suitable for every household, so if you prefer classic designs, your house will still be looking chic. 

Glass Coffee Tables 

Glass coffee tables are becoming increasingly popular, we expect to see this increase in value and aesthetic pleasure. The good news is that if you opt for a glass coffee table, you perfectly strike a balance between modern, and classic. The key to which way you sway towards is in how you decorate. 

If you want to go for a more modern piece, then try positing a plant, or an ornament on the table. Ideally, do this in a tray, and place a smaller ornament next to it.

That’ll give it a sleek, minimalist look, without seeming too absent. Books and magazines also look great here, if you have a shelf underneath, they’ll fill the space really well. If you want the classic look, then you will be opting for some books, and a vase of flower.

You want to really bring forth that cozy, but elegant feeling. 

Glass gives the appearance of spaciousness, so it’s a very effective piece of furniture in a room. 

The only issue is that glass is very tricky to maintenance. If you’re not careful, you’ll end up with a collection of finger marks, and you’ll notice dust a lot quicker. Be sure to use coasters to avoid stains, and try to dust the table daily.


If you love the retro vibe, then you’ve probably seen nesting tables before. Interestingly, some designers have really transformed the classic model, so you can get certain nestling tables which look totally modern, but you can appreciate the influence of the past.

In other cases, you’ll be looking at good old fashion nestling tables. In this case, you’ll find one large table, with smaller tables underneath.

It’s ideal if you’re short on space, because when needed, you can pull out the underneath tables for extra surface area. Typically, you’ll see nesting tables that are primarily made out of glass, but we have seen some excellent tables that feature metal and wood, which look incredibly beautiful. If you’re looking for a quirkier design, try a pop of bold color.

Or, you could opt for a gorgeous marble design. 


If nesting tables are not your thing, then you should consider two-tiered tables. 

Two-tiered tables never really went out of fashion, because not only do they look incredible, they’re incredibly efficient. By offering additional storage, they offer small rooms additional space, that would otherwise overwhelm the room.

By having an extra shelf, you have more decorating options. Buy some chic storage boxes, and pop them underneath the second shelf, you place the items which aren’t so cute underneath. This could be great for any video game controllers and TV remotes that get on your nerves. 

When it comes to decorating, books are pretty much always vital. They give a sophisticated, but homely look. A plant will always look chic, too. 


Tray coffee tables are going to be coming up in a big way. It’s an ingenious combination, as it creates the perfect statement piece. What’s great about these, is there isn’t one particular style. You can get some great art studio styles, which offer a very relaxed look.

We see metal tray tables, or a combination of rustic wood and metal tables, becoming very popular. It’ll create a modern look which a unique twist. If you have a coffee table that speaks volumes by itself, then when you decorate it, you can go with simpler pieces.

That’s because, in that scenario, you’re looking to complement, not to overstep. 


The ottoman is coming back into fashion, and you’re going to see it being utilized more and more like a coffee table. If you don’t know, ottomans are multipurpose by nature, but they’re more generally used as a leg rest or a place to sit. 

If you want to turn your ottoman into a coffee table, then we suggest using a tray. Rustic wood always looks good, but a marble design or a pop of bright color can also look great. Here, you can place plants, books, and any little decorative items.

To make it chicer, place a cozy blanket underneath. By placing a tray here, the ottoman directly speaks for itself. It no longer looks like a place to rest, but rather, it gets transformed into a very stylish coffee table, that perfectly matches the room.

What we love about ottomans used as coffee tables is that you really create that relaxed, shabby-chic look, without having to use the typical rustic wood table. Instead, if you pair it with a rustic wooden tray, you’ll get that look, but it’ll be much softer. 

Our only issue with the ottoman coffee table is that it’s not the smartest choice if you have dogs or children. It’ll likely get ruined easily, and won’t be the most efficient use of space.

In that case, we would recommend choosing a different type of table from our list, that way your furry friends and small children are less likely to (accidentally) ruin it. 


So, we predict that glass coffee tables will be coming back in a big way, but like the ottoman, it’s not really advised to purchase these coffee tables, if you have young children or dogs. It requires a lot of maintenance and can be damaged easily if you are not careful.

Two-tiered tables will be coming back, and you’ll see a lot more art-house designs in this arena. 

Nesting coffee tables will be incredibly big for those interested in retro design, and you might even see some nesting tables, which feature a dinner table, with chairs tucked underneath.

If you already have a dining table, then stick with the nesting coffee table, and opt for retro designs around the house.

Tray coffee tables will also be becoming more popular, and don’t expect them to be only for the shabby chic — we’ll be seeing a lot of modern tray designs, that will be stealing the show next year.