Which Brand Of Futon is Best?

Are you looking for a piece of furniture that can be used for both sitting and sleeping at a reasonable price?

A futon could be the best piece of furniture for you. Futons have back cushions that can be pushed down to make a temporary bed, unlike sleepers, which include a pull-out mechanism that converts the sofa into a bed. This couch-sleeper combo is great for folks who have limited space in their home or want a convenient guest bed that can also be used as a couch. 

Which brand of futon is best

Futons come in a wide range of sizes, colors, fabric options, configurations, and designs. From convertible sofas to sectionals, Japanese syles, and split-backs, you're likely to find something that suits your needs and tastes.

With that in mind, here are the best futon brands and the best product that each sell. Read on to find the perfect futon for you and your home.


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CosmoLiving's Liberty Sleeper combines a couch, chaise lounge, storage box, and bed in one. The upholstery is available in a variety of colors in either fashionable velvet or chenille, and the legs and frame are solid wood.

For optimal convenience, the chaise can be relocated to either side of the couch, and its 7-foot length makes it excellent for tall people.


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This brand of futon is a favorite among customers because of its affordable price, ease of assembly, and sturdy yet comfortable cushions. Every model comes well packed to prevent damage and is very easy to assemble once it arrives. The futons are reasonably lightweight and are both comfortable and elegant. 

The Emily futon is perfect for a medium-sized living room or guest bedroom. Sleeping on this futon is a dream thanks to the comfy velvet material that makes this futon feel more like a bed. The velvet also adds to the general beauty of the furniture. 

While some users complain that the cushions are excessively firm for those who prefer soft beds, others claim that a simple mattress topper will remedy the problem.


Greta Recycled Leather XL Sleeper Sofa

Seeing Urban Outfitters on a list of the best futon brans may seem a little strange, after all, they are more well-known for their clothes over furniture. And a futon just does not seem like Urban Outfitters style.

But if you are looking for a leather choice, you've come to the right place. Constructed from real recycled leather upholstery, a deep foam fill, and pintuck stitching, the Greta is as sumptuous as it appears.

The cushioning hides a strong metal construction, giving the chair a unique legless look that will appeal to minimalists. It can function as a fully flat mattress, a large upright couch, or a half-reclining lounger.


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This lounger frame earns five stars from 75 percent of reviewers for its basic construction and compact and attractive tri-fold design. This futon is perfect for people who have a smaller guest bedroom, or for those who use the room as an office and don’t want to always have a bed out.

When folded away this model can be stored in a large cupboard or behind the door, and when you have a guest over it can be folded out to form a full-sized bed with a 6-foot foam mattress. 

The frame of this futon is very lightweight and has rounded edges, so you won’t have to worry about getting any harsh scratches if you accidentally bump into it at night.


Hashtag Home - Earle Full 77.5'' Wide Velvet Split-Back Convertible Sofa

The Earle coil futon is the epitome of modern style. It boasts silky velvet upholstery and graceful track arms with slanted wood legs that add flair to any decor. The seat cushions are made with individually contained coils for added comfort, and the frame is made of solid wood for added durability and stability. 

The Earle Coil Futon is ideal for smaller homes or rooms because of its adjustable design. The split backrest may be freely lowered to a lounge or sleeping position, doubling as an extra bed for overnight visitors.

This compact sofa is straightforward to assemble and comes in a single easy-to-handle package. It is available in a range of colors to suit any interior. 


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This futon is perfect if you are living in a small apartment, studio, or doom. It's great for sitting and watching movies, reclining, and reading. For added comfort, the arms of the futon can be adjusted to a variety of positions.

It can easily be transformed into a bed when not in use as a chair and is a very comfortable guest bed option. It can accommodate up to 2 people at a time. Due to the long length of the bed when unfolded, this chair will be a perfect choice for taller people. 


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Do you have a limited budget? Then you can't go wrong with the Serta Rane. This sleek convertible sofa has clean lines and a modern design, and it comes in four neutral colors.

Thanks to high-density foam cushions and a backrest that folds flat, it can easily be used as both a couch and a bed when needed. Serta's Click-Clack technology makes it quick to set up and even easier to convert into a sleeper. Just keep in mind the weight restriction and the fact that it only folds one way.


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While a Japanese-style futon may seem a bit unusual at first glance, this is one of the comfiest and convenient futons you can buy. It can be folded very easily to make a sofa and then unfolded whenever you need a guest bed.

This model is both firm and soft, so your body will feel supported all night and you will wake up refreshed and relaxed. 


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This is another futon in the popular Japanese style. MaxYoyo's Floor Mattress is one of the best options available for this style of futon.

If you already have a non-sleeper sofa and don't like the feel (or effort) of an air mattress, this futon with ultra-plush and supportive memory foam is excellent. It comes in four sizes and a variety of colors, and it folds and stores easily when not in use.