Are Eiffel Chairs Comfortable?

When it comes to furniture, the only things that really matter are the look and the comfort level. Style is all down to personal taste, but even a clutter bug can tell when a room clashes with itself, so you want to buy a chair that flows with your aesthetic.

When it comes to comfort, there is less individuality involved. If a chair is uncomfortable, it will be uncomfortable for most people. No amount of taste can hide that fact from you or your guests.

And unless you live in a home where none but you can sit down, you want your guests as well as yourself to be comfortable. 

Are Eiffel Chairs Comfortable

Are Plastic Chairs Comfy?

Plastic chairs have a reputation for being uncomfortable. We all remember being in school, having our butt hurt from the unforgiving material.

And when the summer comes, and your skin starts to stick to the plastic. Peeling your skin, gently off of the plastic chair was a delicate process that anyone who wore shorts or skirts or a dress can relate to. 

You may have also noticed your back beginning to hurt, as the straight back of the chair didn’t support you or keep you in an aligned position. But for me, the problem was always the lack of friction. I was never a fan of getting my legs out, so you would always find me in pants.

So for me, the experience wasn’t of the glued-like attraction to my skin, but the random slip and slide lack of friction. I’d be putting all my energy into keeping myself on the seat! A new game of “the floor is lava”, where I had to dance my way back to my chair!

That was many of our experiences, but school or cheap plastic chairs shouldn’t be seen as just plastic. They should be seen as cheap too.

If we look at the more high-end brands out there, you’ll find that the plastic chair isn’t the hazard we remember them to be.

Are Eiffel Chairs Comfy?

If you were to google “Comfortable Plastic Chairs” the top 5 pieces will all be chairs with the Eiffel Leg design created by the company Eames. The design was released in 1951 and has been considered a break through for plastic chairs ever since! 

The frame is a crisscross pattern with a square in the middle. The shape itself might remind you of Paris’ iconic Eiffel tower, hence the name! Because of the frame's design, the chair holds you but also moves with you to make itself comfortable to your body.  

When it comes to the plastic material which often causes the sticking or sliding problems I just mentioned, Eames uses a matt finish on the plastic seats. This stops them from being so adhesive to your skin and gives the chairs more of a grip.

It would be more accurate to compare the matt finished to a wooden chair rather than to a plastic one. No more slip and slide, and no more stick and rip from plastic chairs of the past!

What Is The Most Comfortable Eiffel Chair?

There are lots of comfortable Eiffel chairs on the market, but the most comfortable plastic Eiffel chair is the Mid Century Modern Dining Arm Chair.

It has a sturdy and heavy duty molded seat, so it won’t buckle under your weight, nor will it fade or change shape if left out in the sun. It also has a wonderful matte finish to give the chair a polished and elegant look.

Because of the wooden legs, the chair is stable and has a little give so you don’t feel like you are sitting on a school chair, and it comes with floor protectors to keep your floor safe from any scratches or scrapes.

Because the legs are solid wood, and not hollow wood like a lot of Eames’ competitors like to make, it means that the legs are more solid and stable. This makes it feel like you are sitting on a completely wooden chair, but with the pliability of a plastic chair. 

Because the Mid Century Modern Dining Arm Chair is an armchair, even your arms will feel comfortable as they rest on the matte plastic materials. 

Do Eiffel Chairs Look Good?

This is a question you can answer yourself just by scrolling through Amazon or even Eames’ own webpage, but if you are someone who struggles with interior design, let me help you out. 

The Eiffel Chair comes in many designs. If you want your house to look chic, then you’ll find a suitable chair with curved sides and sleek wire base of the Eiffel. It comes in many colors including white, so if you live in a minimalistic home, it will suit you just fine. 

If you are hoping for a pop of color, the Eiffel comes in bright colors as well as subtle, so you can add a bit of sophistication to a young teen’s room. 

Maybe you want your chairs to be comfortable but not the center of attention, well the Eiffel can come in a clear acrylic style, making them see-through. Perfect for keeping the guests’ attention on your artistic table or dramatic painting. 

Whatever you taste, there is a chair for you in the Eiffel range, there are even ones for kids! So shop around and look for your favorite whilst kept in the knowledge that whatever you pick will be comfortable.