Best Couch Covers For Dogs

As a dog owner, you may be familiar with the time when you swore you wouldn’t let your precious pup up onto the couch but low and behold, they found their way cuddled up to you soon enough.

Whilst it’s very heartwarming to have the company of your dog right beside you as you relax on the couch, it doesn’t prevent the fact that the quality and cleanliness of your couch quickly deteriorates.

We know you shouldn’t have to choose between having a clean and quality couch or cuddles with your pampered pooch, so that’s why we’re recommending our favorite couch covers for dogs.

A quality couch cover will protect your couch from any bathroom accidents, scratches from your dog’s claws and will also minimize the maintenance and cleaning schedule of your couch entirely.

So if you’re looking for minimal upkeep of your sofa whilst still enjoying plenty of snuggle time with your dog, then keep on reading to find out the best couch covers for dogs. 


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Our best overall pick for the best couch cover for dogs is this slipcover from Sofa Shield that has a stylish quilted design.

It’s made from a durable and tear-resistant microfiber material that will be able to withstand even the sharpest claws and last for many years to come. Despite being so durable, the Sofa Shield patented cover is ultra-soft and will ensure maximum comfort for your dog when they’re relaxing.

The cover is a 2-in-1 reversible design, so if there are any stains or dirt on one side then you won’t have to wash it straight away as you can flip it over and reuse it for longer.

The Sofa Shield cover comes in 4 sizes that will be suitable for 2-seater to 4-seater couches so make sure to measure up your couch beforehand to see which one would be best suited for your

It’s implemented with slip-resistant straps to keep the cover in place for maximum protection but they can also be easily removed for when guests are coming over.

The cover is easy to clean and can be done on a cold wash and dried on low heat in the dryer for additional convenience.

Unfortunately, the Sofa Shield cover is not waterproof so any accidents that occur on the material may seep through to the couch underneath, so it may be better suited for well-trained dogs who don’t make mistakes indoors.


  • Washer and dryer safe - Makes it more convenient to clean
  • Tear-resistant material - Won’t rip even when your dog is playing or digging
  • Slip-resistant straps on design - Holds the cover in place


  • Not waterproof - Bathroom accidents may leak through to the couch


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Dogs can be extremely expensive to look after, especially when you first bring them home when they’re a puppy, so splashing out lots of cash on a sofa cover doesn’t seem like a feasible solution at that moment.

Luckily, this budget-friendly cover by PureFit will do a great job at protecting your sofa whilst also providing a comfortable place for your pooch to relax.

The couch cover is designed with anti-slip elastic back straps and anti-slip foam anchors to keep your cover firmly in place to protect your couch at all times.

As it’s easy to install and remove, you’ll be able to pop the cover on and off as you wish without too much fuss, which is especially great if you have guests around.

The cover is also water-resistant so you’ll be able to wipe any accidents off instead of having to wash the entire cover. The design is also reversible so if stains or accidents do occur then you’ll be able to switch it over to get more use out of the cover before it goes in the wash.

The PureFit cover is also machine washable on a cold wash but you should not use bleach or an iron on the material as it’ll ruin it.

It comes available in many stylish colors that will suit any living space, so you’ll be able to pick one that suits your couch or living room best.


  • Lots of stylish colors available - Will suit any living space
  • Reversible design - Prolong the period between washing
  • Anti-slip design - Maximizes protection for your couch


  • Straps may slip on a leather couch - Better suited for non-leather couches


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If you don’t like the idea of having a more permanent couch cover which you’ll have to install on your couch, then why not try this 100% Waterproof furniture blanket from Mambe that will be easy to throw over when your pooch wants to sit down.

The blanket is versatile as it works great as a cover for your sofa, but can also be used in the car, on your bed, and in other areas in your home where you’ll want to protect the material underneath from your pet’s fur, accidents, and claws.

The material of the cover is soft and silent and isn’t your typical pet couch cover that sounds crinkly or plastic-like when you or your dog sits on it. Despite being soft, the microfleece on both sides of the blanket is waterproof which will be great for spillages or doggy accidents.

The Mambe cover is easy to clean by sticking on a cold wash and then on low heat on a dryer.

There aren’t as many colors or designs available as the rest of our recommendations, but what colors are available are mainly neutral and should suit many living spaces.

Mambe also offers a discount if you buy more than one of their covers, which means you could save yourself some money if you buy a couple for around your home.


  • Discount available if buy more than one - Convenient for owners with more than one dog
  • Waterproof material - Won’t allow urine or other bodily fluids to soak through to the couch
  • Soft and silent material - Not annoying and crinkly like other dog covers


  • No anti-slip attachments - Not the most secure on the couch


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This cover from Furhaven is great if you want to protect your sofa but don’t want an entire cover wrapping over your entire sofa.

The design is made up of a two-toned cover sheet and is implemented with side cushion bolsters that will keep your dog comfortable when they’re snoozing.

The quilted fabric has a water-repellent coating that maximizes protection against spills and accidents to keep your couch in the best condition possible.

It’s designed with cushion anchors that fasten the cover to the couch to prevent it from shifting and sliding as your dog moves around on it and improves protection for your couch.

The cover is available in sizes small to extra large which you will choose from depending on the size of your dog and also how much protection you’d like for your couch.

The Furhaven cover is easy to clean on a cold wash in the washer but followed up by air drying outside instead of putting it in the dryer.


  • Bolster side cushion design - Extra comfort for your dog
  • Cushion anchors - Secures cover to the couch to maximize protection
  • Various sizes available - Suitable for all dog sizes


  • Needs to be air-dried - Will be inconvenient during winter


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We all know that dogs get the case of the zoomies all the time, which ends up in your dog before here, there, and everywhere around your living space, including upon the arms and back of your couch.

The only way to protect the entirety of your couch from your dog’s claws and possible accidents is by installing a stretch slipcover. Whilst they may not be the most stylish and you won't be able to see the true color or design of your couch underneath, they will be the most convenient at protecting all of the material on the couch.

The cover is made from 100% waterproof material which will prevent leaks through to the couch and also make it easier for you to wipe away accidents so they won’t stain the cover altogether.

The cover is easy to install and can fit a variety of couches as you can tuck any excess cover material into the seams of the sofa for a more secure and comfortable fit.

It comes with anti-slip strips to help the couch cover stay in place regardless of how much your dog jumps up and moves around on it.

It’s machine washable with cold water and should never be used with heat as this can ruin the waterproof coating on the material, so it’s advisable to dry naturally or put on a very low heat in the dryer.


  • Covers entire couch - Maximum protection wherever your dog is
  • Waterproof material - Prevents leaks and easy to wipe away accidents 
  • Can fit a variety of sized couches - No need to worry about measuring


  • It may not be the most stylish - Doesn’t allow you to see the true color or design of your couch

Best Couch Covers For Dogs Buying Guide

Quality Materials

Ensure you look for couch covers that are made from quality materials that will be able to withstand the sharp claws of your pets so the material of your couch won’t get scratched either.

You don’t want to be spending money on a couch cover for it only to deteriorate within the first month of you owning it, so finding that good quality is key.

However, even though durability is important, you’ll need to pick out the couch cover that’s comfortable enough that your dog will want to sit on it, otherwise it may end up being a waste of money if your dog will just sit or sleep on the floor instead. 

Correct Size

Another key thing to look out for when buying a couch cover is that it’s the correct size for your particular sofa. Get a measuring tape out and measure your sofa so you’ll know what size to get when picking out your couch cover.

If you choose one too small then it won’t protect your sofa and if one is way too big then it may slip off your sofa or look too much.

Functional Design

Some dog couch covers will just have a simplistic design where you lay it over the sofa and hope it doesn’t slip down or fall off when your dog jumps up and down from it, so try to avoid these as they can get annoying.

Look out for couch covers that will have straps that wrap around the back or underneath your couch cushions so they stay in place even with lots of movement.

Some couch covers will wrap and cover your sofa entirely giving it a new color and possibly texture, these are convenient for dogs or other pets that don’t sit in one place and climb over other areas of the couch.

Water Resistance

As a dog owner, you’ll know despite the weeks and maybe even months it took you to train your pup to do their business outside, there may still be accidents that happen inside your home.

To reduce the inconvenience of accidents happening on your couch, find a cover that’s water-resistant so it won’t leak through to the couch and possibly ruin the material.

Easy To Clean

Find a couch cover that’s machine washable as it will make your life a whole lot easier when it does come round to washing it. If your dog is prone to accidents, then it may be useful to find a darker couch cover that won’t show stains as much if they cannot be removed.

Good Style

This will be completely up to you, but you’ll also need to consider what style and design you’d like for your couch cover. You may want the cover to match with the aesthetic of the rest of your room, on the other hand, the couch that your dog sits on may be in a room that no guest sees so it’ll only need to be functional rather than stylish.

It’s a good idea to also choose a cover that’s the same or similar color as your dog’s fur as it just makes it easier to hide your dog’s fur when they shed.

Best Couch Covers For Dogs - FAQ's

How Often Should I Change My Couch Cover?

How often you should change your couch cover should depend on how quickly it gets dirty. If your couch cover is reversible then this will be able to extend how long you go between washing as you’ll just be able to flip it over and have it look clean again.

If your dog is well behaved and fairly clean then you may be able to go around 2-3 months without changing/washing it (depending on if it smells or not) however if you have more than one pet, or maybe they shed a lot of fur or have regular accidents, then you may need to wash every other week.

How To Wash A Pet Couch Cover?

Couch covers for sofas will all come with different instructions on how to clean and maintain them depending on what material they’re made out of.

If you’re still unsure of how to wash your couch cover, or maybe the washing instructions have worn off on the label of your current one, then washing it on a delicate cycle or a cold wash is always a safe bet as it shouldn’t ruin or shrink the material.

Some couch covers may not be ok to put in the dryer though, so you may need to air dry them outside so they dry as quickly as possible.

Try to use dye-free and fragrance-free detergent when putting your couch cover in the wash so it won’t irritate the skin of your pet and possibly cause allergic reactions.

How Do You Keep Furniture From Smelling Like A Dog?

A couch cover is an easy and effective way to prevent your furniture like a couch from smelling like a dog, as you’ll be able to wash it as much as you like to prevent odors from building up.

However, if you don’t have a couch cover or the dog smell has transferred through to your couch material, then dusting baking soda over the couch, leaving it overnight, and vacuuming up in the morning will help absorb odors.

However, a fabric freshener is always a trusty companion who has smelly pets in their homes.