Best Inflatable Couch

A night spent sleeping on the ground tends to end with aches in muscles you didn’t even know existed. On particularly rough ground, even trying to lounge for an hour can be a struggle to find a comfortable spot. But as nature rarely provides a useful cushion, what else can you do?

What you need is something that can act as a camping essential, patio furniture, and a beach lounger. As a bonus, it can be useful in guest rooms, and even around the house. It’s also inexpensive, and takes up no space in storage. This isn’t a complicated construction, but a humble inflatable couch.

The right inflatable couch is comfortable and convenient. You can sleep on it for long hours, but it will take a fraction of the time to inflate. Once you own one, you might be surprised by just how useful it is. We’ve rounded up the best inflatable couches available, so you can add this surprisingly fantastic piece of furniture to your life. 

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Best for travelling

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The name might make the Chillbo Swaggins sound like a bit of a laugh, but when it comes to ease and comfort, the Chillbo is no joke. Once you’ve mastered the inflating technique, you’ll want to carry this lightweight couch everywhere you go.

Fans of color and pattern will be immediately drawn to the Chillbo Swaggins lounger. It comes in a variety of designs, from the psychedelic to the bowling alley carpet. As well as looking good, it makes your lounger easy to spot in a busy camping ground or beach.

And the material isn’t just pretty. It’s also super tough, designed to withstand the pressures of life on the road. But despite that, it isn’t heavy. When deflated, the lounger weighs as little as 3 pounds.

To inflate the Chillbo, it needs to be swept through the air. This will fill the pockets, and when the end is rolled under, the lounger goes taut. Once inflated, it can hold three people (or one person, spread out).

There’s a lot of fun to the Chillbo, but there’s also more than a few handy features. Each pack comes with a stake, allowing you to tether the lounger on breezy days. A large side pocket provides an easy place to store essentials. And the fold over end allows you to extend the inflation as the day goes on.

Funky and functional, the Chillbo Swaggins makes a useful addition to any camping trip.


  • Extra large side pockets - Easy storage, so you can lounge in style.
  • Wind stake - No risk of the lounger blowing away, thanks to an included wind stake.
  • No pump - Filled with a sweeping technique that traps air, no extra accessories are needed.


  • It can take some time to master the filling technique. Practice at home before you take your Chillbo out in public.

Best for moving day

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For the best inflatable sofa bed, don’t look any further than Intex. They’ve created some of the most comfortable inflatables around, able to quickly transform from couch to sleeping area. With a velvety surface and a large design, this is camping comfort taken to the next level.

Folded up, this design looks just like a couch for two. The charcoal gray material is soft to the touch, so you can sit directly on the surface. The textured surface also reduces slide, something which can be a frustrating side effect of the inflatable couch. With the Intex, you can sit comfortably for long periods.

When night comes, the Intex simply needs to be folded out, and the mattress is ready to go. With arms and a headrest, the shape of the Intex prevents too much movement. Able to fit two, this mattress is perfect for a long camping trip.

To speed up inflation and deflation, Intex has included 3 valves - including a 2-in-1 valve with an extra wide opening. Although it will need the occasional air top up, the Intex stays firm for a long time, so you can get a good night's sleep.

With the Intex, you have a couch for all occasions, From unexpected guests to weekends in the woods, this convertible inflatable has you covered.


  • Transforms - Not just a couch, but a bed when you need it to be.
  • Folds completely - Despite the larger size when inflated, it folds down small for convenience.
  • 2 cup holders - Useful storage in both bed and couch form.


  • Slight leakage - When used for a prolonged period of time, small refills are needed.

Best for camping trips

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The Wekapo may look like any lightweight lounger, but the tough Ripstop polyester outer layer gives this design an edge. Claiming to hold up to 500 pounds, this is one of the strongest loungers on the market.

This strength, however, doesn’t come with weight. In fact, when deflated, the Wekapo weighs only 2 pounds. Tucked inside the convenient carry case, this is easy to transport wherever you want to go.

At 7 feet long when inflated, this super strong lounger has ample room for you and a few friends. But with a pillow shaped headrest giving cushioned comfort, the best way to enjoy the Wekapo is to stretch out alone.

The long length makes the Wekapo a little more versatile than other loungers, particularly when combined with the strength.

Wekapo has included a couple of extra features that are sure to be appreciated. A carry case makes transportation easier, and the stake means the lounger won’t fly away with the wind.

On warm days, the side pocket gives the perfect place to store a beer - which you’ve cracked open with the added bottle opener. Wekapo is all about convenience, and that includes everything that comes in the box.

Once you’ve mastered the swooping motion to inflate, the Wekapo becomes so handy you’ll want to carry it everywhere. Keep it in the car, and you might be surprised how often a situation calls for an inflatable couch.


  • Pillow shaped headrest - Supportive, and comfortable.
  • Included extras - Comes with a wind stake, side pockets, and a bottle opener. 
  • 2 pound deflated weight - Lightweight and folds down small, convenient to take on hikes and days out.


  • Noisy material - That tough Ripstop polyester can crinkle and squeak as you move about.

Best for beach days

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The patented shape of the Segoal inflatable couch is what sets this lounger apart.

The curves are ergonomic, designed to accommodate the natural shape of the body and provide extra support where needed. If you’ve ever found it difficult to get comfortable on the traditional lounger shape, the Segoal could be for you.

Designed to provide extra support to the legs, the Segoal is easy to get in and out of.

The sinking sensation that's often present in air loungers is reduced, making this a great couch for those with mobility issues. A molded headrest gives a cushioned support, reducing fatigue across the body.

The mesh panel in the center keeps the nylon couch breathable. When the sun heats up, your back won't be dripping with sweat.

If you want to pass the hours lounging on the Segoal, carrying and inflating couldn’t be easier. Weighing just two pounds, the lounger rolls up tight and fits into a convenient carry bag.

To inflate, simply pass the Segoal through the air. With a light breeze, it fills up incredibly quickly. Even on a still day, inflation doesn’t take long. The additional air pocket design helps to speed up filling.

The Segoal isn’t like your standard inflatable couch. The unusual shape makes it harder to sit several people, but the lounging experience is really improved. For single person use, they don’t come much more comfortable than this.


  • Nylon fabric - This soft, durable, and odor free material is both strong and lightweight.
  • Mesh center - A breathable center reduces that sweaty feeling that’s all too common on loungers.
  • Ergonomic shape - Designed to work with the body.


  • Shaping hampers sitting - This couch is better for a single person lying back, rather than several people seated.

Best for guest bedrooms

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It’s very rare to find an inflatable couch that wouldn’t look out of place in a living room, but this Intex corner sofa is nice enough that you might consider moving it into the house.

With deep seats and a classic shape, this is an inflatable couch for those who like convenience without sacrificing design.

Because of the larger frame, the Intex has some obvious limitations. Although it does fold down small, the overall bulk can be difficult to transport. With more cushions to fill, inflation can take a while - and deflation can be a long process.

Also, because of the size, there are fewer places the Intex can fit. While it’s perfect for camping, trying to inflate this on the beach is likely to cause some problems.

However, the corner sofa is great if you want an inflatable couch that can accommodate guests, be used around the house, and also be useful outdoors.

The deep seats are incredibly comfortable, and the flocked material is soft to touch. Wide armrests help this couch feel stable, and make resting easier.

The Intex won’t become a permanent addition to the household, but it’s ideal for guestrooms or moving days. And it looks so good, you’ll want to keep it up for as long as possible.


  • Large 2-in-1 valve - Quicker to inflate and deflate than you might expect for a sofa of this size.
  • 880 pound weight capacity - Can sit several people, and be used as a bed.
  • Waterproof top surface - Can be used in the house, and for camping.


  • Not designed to last - If you’re hoping to use an inflatable couch permanently in the home, the regular wear and tear will soon cause issues.

Best Inflatable Couch Buying Guide

If you just intend to buy the first inflatable couch you find, you’re likely to end up with something that goes flat as soon as it holds any weight. Inflatable couches are still a growing market, which means there’s a lot of bad ones out there. Use this buyer’s guide to be sure you make the right choice.

Air Lounger Or Inflatable Couch

The first thing you need to decide is if you want an air lounger or an inflatable couch.

An air lounger is compact, can typically hold two to three people sitting, or one person lying down. They’re designed to be used for days out, and can often be inflated without a pump. Lightweight and easy to carry, this is a portable option.

Inflatable couches are larger, stronger, and more often used around the home. Many of them double up as beds, so are often covered in a soft material. An air pump is needed to fill an inflatable couch, and they stay inflated for longer.


How your couch inflates, and how long it takes to fill, are both important considerations. An air pump is often needed, and will generally be purchased separately. A mechanical air pump is easy to use and low effort.

Inflating an air lounger requires no extra equipment, but it does involve more physical labor. These loungers have to be swept through the air, and then quickly sealed. In a breeze, these can fill very quickly. However, on a calm day, inflation times can be long.

Size And Weight

There are two sizes you have to consider here - size when inflated, and size when deflated. The size when inflated will tell you how many people can sit on it, and whether it’s suitable for lying down.

The size and weight when deflated shows how portable the couch is. A good option can fold up small, allowing you to carry the couch when travelling.


Are you after something to sit on when you go camping, or do you need an inflatable couch for use around the home? Will it be used for long hours, or is it simply a quick place to rest? How much you intend to use your inflatable couch will affect exactly what style of couch you get.

Air loungers are ideal if you want something quick to inflate that can be used for short periods. Inflatable couches are better if you want a more permanent seating solution - in a guest room, for example.


The material of an inflatable couch needs to be two things - durable, and easy to clean.

A durable material allows the couch to be used outside the house, without risking puncture. It should also hold up well to sitting and movement, and won’t tear easily.

Inflatable couches are often used outdoors or in guest rooms. Being easy to clean means being able to wipe away dirt and mess.

A soft touch material is best, especially if you intend to sleep on the couch.

Weight Allowance

Be sure to check the weight allowance before buying any inflatable couch. It shows how many people can use the couch, and varies hugely from design to design.

Some small air loungers may only hold just over 200 pounds, while larger couches might accommodate for up to 900 pounds. A larger weight allowance often means a heavier couch.


Some inflatable couches will try to stand out by adding some extras. These might be pockets, cup holders, pillows, wind stakes, pumps, or anything else designed to add comfort. Although these features may not be the main reason for buying from a certain brand, they can definitely sweeten the deal.

Best Inflatable Couch - FAQ's

How Do You Inflate An Inflatable Couch?

There are two types of inflatable couch, and two different inflation methods. A traditional inflatable couch looks very much like a standard seat, and will need to be inflated with an air pump. This is a hands-off method, and inflation can be quick and simple.

Air loungers inflate using a “swooping” method. In a light breeze, this is easy. On still days, inflation can be difficult. The lounger has to be “swooped” through the air in one direction, and then the end is quickly closed. This captures the air inside. The end is then folded over, creating a tight seal.

How Comfortable Are Inflatable Couches?

With the right level of inflation and a soft material, inflatable couches can be very comfortable. The most comfortable options are those made with a flocked material. This is soft to touch, and prevents excess slipping. Comfortable couches are also shaped to provide better support.

Do You Need An Air Pump For An Inflatable Couch?

Possibly, it depends on the type of inflatable couch you own. In some cases, an air pump will need to be attached to a valve, and dispense air into the inflatable. Some couches may come with their own pump.

Inflatable air loungers don’t need a pump. These are filled by hand, capturing air from the surroundings.

Be sure to read the instruction manual of whichever inflatable couch you purchase, to find the best way to inflate.