What Is A Pouf?

So, according to the Oxford Living Dictionaries definition, a pouf (or pouffe) is a cushioned footstool or low seat with no back, and the origin is French. Poufs can vary not only in proportion, but in firmness too.

What Is A Pouf

They can function as makeshift chairs in small spaces or when there are not many chairs available, and they can also function as footstools or side tables.

Don’t get us wrong, using these for extra seating or as side tables are more modern uses of a pouf, but they do the job pretty well. Generally, poufs do not tend to have storage space, so that is something to bear in mind before you make your purchase.

If you are looking for a multifunctional seat then a pouf might not be the best purchase for you, but if you are looking for a multi use stool then a pouf will be the perfect purchase for you.

Can You Sit On A Pouf?

The easy answer to this question is a resounding YES. A pouf is a pretty versatile piece of furniture, and it can be used as a footstool, or as a compact extra seating option for if there are not enough chairs available, or you can get away with piling magazines or fresh laundry on there.

If you love having family and friends around, but you are not such a fan of lots of chairs cramming your living room, then a pouf or two are perfect for accommodating visitors now and again. After all, staying in is the new going out!

So, you can use one through the day as a footstool and then in the evening when you have a few friends, or some family around then it can become an alternative seat. The perfect multifunctional furnishing that does not take up all that much space, especially in comparison to lots of chairs.

A pouf will definitely grab the attention of kids, as well as the grown ups who are still kids at heart.

And, a pouf is a great way to interact with children who might be playing with toys - it means you can chat with the grown ups as well as being on the kids’ level, and means you don’t have to be sat on the floor.

How Much Weight Can A Pouf Hold?

So, we do not have a straightforward answer to this question as lots of poufs are different styles, fabrics and sizes. As a general guideline, we would say a pouf is suitable for one individual to sit on, and if you are lucky one adult with one small child on their lap.

In case it wasn’t obvious, poufs are extremely versatile and can be used as small tables as well as footstool or chair alternatives. So, if you want something to balance your magazines on, along with your cup of coffee, then a pouf could definitely withstand this weight.

Additionally, depending on the material of the pouf, some might be more sturdy than others. And, also depending on the size of your pouf you might be able to use it as an alternative coffee table feature.

Of course, this would mean that if you want to use your pouf then you’ll have to offload the makeshift coffee table before you use the pouf, but that should not be too much of a difficulty.

Is A Pouf Comfortable?

Poufs are more like oversized pillows than anything else, and most poufs sit flat on the ground, so naturally they are notoriously comfortable. Poufs are great for using as a footstool, which of course is their main function, but are also great for chilling out on.

Naturally, the bigger the pouf the more comfortable this would be, but it depends on what size would be fit for purpose in your home.

There are so many options to choose from on the market, you will definitely find the perfect pouf for you.

Whether you want a pouf with legs and a velvet cushion, or whether you want a pouf that is flat to the floor and is basically like a giant cushion, there will be something on the market that is just right for you.

Be warned - you might find a pouf particularly comfortable, but, after a few hours of sitting down you might need someone to pull you up.

Yeah, poufs are quite low down so if you don’t often find yourself sitting on the floor then it would be good to have some handy help available to pull you up…

Is A Pouf A Footstool?

In case it isn’t obvious, you can pretty much use a pouf for whatever you want! So of course, a pouf’s original use is as a footstool. But it is a pretty adaptable piece of furniture and as we have shown you, it can basically be used for whatever you want.

Of course, on the market there are so many different variations of poufs that you can purchase - be it a neutral color, or a bright vibrant hue, or be it a quirky and funky pattern there will definitely be a pouf on the market to suit you.

But, the selection does not stop there because you can opt for so many different materials and fabrics - be it leather, velvet or cotton just to name a few, then you can customise your living room exactly how you want.

You can also decide on what shape would suit you for storage purposes, square or round, both would contribute to the ambience of your living room.

And, you could even decide if you want your pouf to be flat to the floor, or if you want yours to have legs which will give your pouf that extra stability and make it more of a sturdy living room accessory.

Legs on a pouf are perfect for if you want your pouf to be more of a makeshift coffee table option for you, as well as an occasional footstool and spare seating option.

Overall, if you are looking for a new accessory to add to your living room, but you do not want something that is just a decorative piece of furniture, then the pouf market would be the perfect place to look.

If you are having doubts about how useful it would be, we hope we have shown you that a pouf is an extremely versatile piece of furniture that you can use however you want.

There are a wide variety of options on the market for you, and you will definitely be able to find a pouf that will suit the style of the room that you want to put it in.

There are a range of colors and fabrics on the market that you can choose from. A pouf does not just have to be a footstool, you know. 

You should definitely consider utilising a pouf for spaces in your home that are in need of some color and also some extra seating. This compact furnishing used to have a boho vibe, but now you can find one to suit you and your taste.

A pouf fits perfectly in relaxed spaces - and it would definitely add a little something to your living room or your bedroom.