Can You Use A Pouf For A Coffee Table?

Are you redecorating your home, or looking for new furniture to brighten up the place? You’re in the right place. Sprucing up your home, whether it’s with a lick of paint or with new couches, soft furnishings and home decor can really make the space seem more inviting. 

But, if you’re trying to create an open, cozy and stylish living room space to kick back and relax in, but you’ve not got much room, then you may be wondering how you can squeeze in a coffee table to rest your morning cup of espresso on. We’ve got the solution for you...use a pouf as a coffee table!

Can You Use A Pouf For A Coffee Table

If you’ve never heard of this trend, then it may seem outlandish to try and use a pouf or ottoman as a coffee table instead of a traditional wooden or metal one. So, can you even use a pouf as a coffee table? Let’s find out!

What Is A Pouf?

A pouf is kind of like a very large, more sturdy cushion that is found in the living room on the floor. A pouf can substitute as an extra chair or as a footstool to accompany your sofas and chairs. 

You will most often find a pouf on the floor of a living room or sitting room as a means of adding to the room’s decor or filling up space, however, they are most often used as footstools or as additional seating. 

A pouf is a very versatile type of furniture as it can really add to the space and tie the room together quite nicely.

You may choose a pouf that matches your decor and is the same color as your chairs or sofas, but you can also choose one that has a different texture, or one that adds a pop of color to the space. 

The beauty of the pouf is that they come in all different shapes and sizes, and can be made of different materials and fabrics to suit a range of tastes, uses and homes. Whilst most people add a pouf to the room to spice things up a little, can you substitute one for a coffee table? 

Can You Use A Pouf For A Coffee Table?

Most people will use a pouf as a place to rest their feet or as extra seating for the room for when friends and family visit, but did you know that you can actually use a pouf as a coffee table? 

Poufs make great coffee tables as they are kid and pet friendly, with big soft edges that pose no risk. You can also find poufs with flat tops to rest your books, magazines, TV remotes and coffee cups on. 

It is for these reasons that you can use a pouf as a small end table or as a coffee table, which is a great space saver if you do not have a whole lot of room in your home for a large coffee table.

How To Use A Pouf As A Coffee Table?

You may be wondering how on earth you can utilize a pouf as a coffee table and pretty much kill two birds with one stone, by having a pouf to sit on, and occasionally use to have coffee and your favorite brunch on in the morning. 

It depends on what your pouf looks like, as some can be more rounded than others. If you have a very round, small pouf, then it can be hard to use this as a coffee table, but if you choose one with a large flat surface on the top, then it is easy to use as a coffee table. 

The best way to do this is to use a tray. Trays can come in many styles, shapes and sizes, and can be great for placing decorative books on top, a vase, or even a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

Not only will this add a touch of class to the room, but it will also give you that extra stability for placing things on top of your pouf-come-coffee table.

Our favorites are this beautiful art deco inspired pouf or ottoman coffee table tray finished with gold handles:

or this rustic, wooden yet chic coffee table tray:

For something simple yet effective, try this wooden herringbone style coffee table tray:


With a tray as your flat surface on top of the pouf, you can use it as a coffee table, but you don’t have to give up your extra seating. Simply lift up the tray and move it to one side and you can still use your pouf as a footstool or seat! 

Where To Place A Pouf As A Coffee Table?

The best place for a pouf style coffee table is close to where you’ll be sitting. If you have a favorite couch or armchair, then it’s best if you place the pouf near those so you can reach forwards to the pouf to grab your books, remotes, candles and coffee cups!

This could either be central in the living space, where the seating area is, or to one side or at the end of the sofa, tucked in a corner out of the way. 

Best Poufs For Coffee Tables

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Natural Woven Square Pouf

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Small Square Woven Cotton Pouf

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To summarize, a pouf can serve as not only a comfy seat or a footrest, but also a stylish, soft coffee table to rest your books and coffee cups on! This can really warm up a room and make it feel that little bit more comfortable and cozy.