What Can I Use Instead Of A Sofa Table?

You have a few options if you don’t want to use a sofa table behind your sofa! You could opt for a narrow unit instead of a table which would offer more storage should you need it.

What Can I Use Instead Of A Sofa Table

Be sure to check the dimensions first, but a closed or open unit would look lovely against the back of your sofa. If you are looking to maximize the space, it's the perfect solution and one we think looks fantastic in most spaces!

We would still follow the same rules as you would with a sofa table, ensuring that the unit isn’t taller than the back of the sofa and between half to the entire length of the sofa.

Be sure to double-check your measurements before purchasing your unit to ensure that it will fit the space; there’s nothing worse than too small or large furniture arriving! 

Be sure to check the unit’s depth, too, as most will be deeper than a sofa table. Depending on the space you have available, opt for a narrow unit that will give you plenty of storage options. 

You could also use a bookcase instead of a sofa table. Low bookcases can be placed behind the sofa (either open or sealed with doors) and run along the back of the sofa instead of a table.

It's a fantastic and unique way to store your books and provide you with somewhere to place a lamp and other items if needed. 

Again, you will want to check the measurements and ensure that the depth of the bookcase does not interfere too much with the walkway behind the sofa.

You can store your bookcases and have them in an easy-to-reach area, perfect for easy access when you want to curl up and read on the sofa!

Essentially, any unit or table could be used instead of a sofa table, providing the sofa’s dimensions. Be sure to select a table that fits the design of your living room and is one you like! 

What’s The Difference Between A Coffee Table And A Sofa Table?

The main difference between a coffee table and a sofa table is that a sofa table sits behind the sofa, whereas a coffee table is placed in front of the sofa. Both tables have different uses that can help you differentiate them and pick the correct table for your needs! 

A sofa table is placed behind your sofa, usually when the sofa is not placed along a wall. A sofa table helps to fill the dead space behind a sofa and is handy for placing a lamp, photos, or other decorative items that don’t have a place in the room. 

Sofa tables tend to be the same height as the back of the sofa or a little smaller. It's advised that you don’t place a table taller than the back of the sofa as it can make the room feel disjointed. It can also be difficult to grab items from the table while you are sitting on the sofa. 

Sofa tables are fantastic ways to fill the space and are commonly used in open-plan living spaces to help define the living area. These tables tend to be narrow and between half the length to the entire length of the sofa. 

Coffee tables, on the other hand, come in a range of shapes and sizes. A coffee table is usually a low table that sits in front of the sofa.

The purpose of a coffee table is to provide you with a space for books, drinks, or snacks in front of your sofa. They are easy to reach and a popular addition in most homes. 

Coffee tables are a fantastic way to break up any space in front of your sofa and provide the much-needed space to rest your morning coffee on!

You get far more choices with shapes and sizes of coffee tables and a huge selection of funky designs that will complement any living room. 

Some people will have both a coffee table and sofa table depending on their rooms. But it's important to know the difference to avoid having a low coffee table tucked behind your sofa! 

Can A Sofa Table Go Against A Wall?

You can indeed place your sofa table against a wall! Usually, sofa tables run along the back of a sofa when placed in the center of a room, away from a wall.

A sofa table will help fill any dead space in this setting and provide a useful storage solution for lamps and other decorative items. But if your sofa is placed against a wall, you can still use a sofa table!

Sofa tables are extremely narrow, meaning they can be placed between a sofa and a wall, even in rooms where space is limited! We recommend measuring the room and the potential table before purchasing it to ensure there is room!

You can pop the table behind the sofa, resting against the wall to place a lamp or other items on. Having a lamp placed behind the sofa can provide you with the perfect low lighting or enough light to read your book in the evening. 

Just be sure that the height of the sofa table is not more than the sofa, and it can look disjointed if the table is taller and you run the risk of hitting your head on the table when you lean back on the sofa. 

You also don’t need to have a sofa in front of the table to use a sofa table. Sofa tables are the perfect solution for those after a narrow table. Although its name suggests it should be used with a sofa, there are no hard and fast rules!

If you want to use a sofa table to hold your phone or lamp and place it against a wall, you are more than able to do so! Just check that the dimensions are correct for the space you intend to use the sofa table in.