Best Leather Chair

Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect accent chair to compliment your space or a sturdy and comfortable high-back chair for your home office, then opting for one that’s made from leather (or vegan leather) is a great choice.

They can act as a stand-out statement piece or an understated and neutral addition to your space.

But with so many leather chairs on the market to choose from, it can be exhausting and time-consuming to figure out which is right for you.

You’ll also need to consider things like back support, depth of seat cushion, and whether you prefer an elevated seating position, which protects your posture, or a chair with a luxurious low sit that’s made for lounging.

Here’s the very best leather armchairs we could find, and a few reasons why we think they’re great.


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If you’re on the hunt for the perfect large leather chair for your living room, this one from Stone & Beam may just be what you’re looking for.

Not only is it perfect for use as an accent chair in the lounge, but it also works great in bedrooms, games rooms, and home theatres too.

It is the most popular leather chair on Amazon right now. But don’t just take our word for it, the thousands of 5-star reviews speak for themselves.

You’ll need to make sure you have enough room to house it, though.

The dimensions of this leather chair are 46.06 x 44.88 x 37.4 inches, which isn’t exactly small. The chair itself is extremely spacious, big enough to cross your legs on it as you sit.

It is made from a solid hardwood frame for added stability and durability, but this does mean that the chair cannot be taken apart for ease of transport and delivery.

However, this does mean that this chair takes no time at all to set up. In fact, there’s no assembly involved at all. Simply sit back, relax, and enjoy.

The style of this leather chair is contemporary, without appearing too garish and ultra-modern. It features leather-upholstered cushions which are generously stuffed with genuine down-feathers.

These cushions are fully removable and the covers can be taken off for easy cleaning.

The covers can also be wiped clean with a warm damp cloth, so you won’t have to worry about pets or children ruining your new chair. 

The squared-off arms help to add a touch of vintage charm to the chair, without compromising on comfort. Also, the fabric is soft enough to lounge around comfortably in shorts.

In terms of price point, this chair isn’t exactly the most affordable. It’s more expensive than some other leather chairs on Amazon, but it makes up for it in quality.

It is made from 100% genuine leather, rather than a cheap alternative fabric.


  • Very spacious chair, big enough to cross your legs comfortably
  • Made from 100% genuine leather which is more durable than PU leather
  • It’s stuffed with real down, which is more superior to regular foam filling
  • Choose from 7 different neutral shades
  • Perfect for the living room, bedroom, and games room
  • Made by an Amazon Brand so you know you can trust it


  • A little pricey compared to non-leather alternatives


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Next up is this set of 2 dining chairs from Roundhill Furniture. Although they’re marketed as dining chairs, we think they’re trendy enough to be incorporated into multiple elements of your home.

For example, these work great as small and understated bedroom accent chairs.

They can also be used as a chair for a dressing table or writing desk. Simply match it with a cushion that compliments it, or maybe drape a throw blanket over it strategically and you’re good to go.

Of course, they also work great as dining room chairs and can be bought in bulk to accommodate your table size.

It’s important to note that these chairs are not made from real leather. Instead, they’re constructed from PU leather.

Although faux leather such as PU isn’t as strong or durable as the real kind, it has seen a surge in popularity in recent years.

This is because it’s 100% cruelty-free and vegan, making it the more mindful and ethical choice.

There are three attractive colors to choose from; antique brown, gray, and white. The legs of the chair consist of an iron frame that is painted black.

In terms of affordability, these chairs are some of the cheapest of their kind.

You also need to take into account that the price advertised on Amazon is for two chairs, which makes the cost of each chair even cheaper, saving you money. 

According to the hundreds of positive customer reviews, these chairs are of great quality and perfect for achieving an industrial look.

They’re also easily wiped clean, so they’re suitable for those who have particularly messy children or pets.

If you do choose to buy these chairs, be sure to add felt pads to the bottom of the leg frame, as they tend to scratch wooden floors.


  • Comes in a set of 2, perfect for bulk buying
  • Made from 100% vegan PU leather
  • Easily wiped clean and suitable for pets
  • Multiple possible uses; dining chairs, accent chair, desk chair, etc
  • Choice of three neutral colors


  • The metal leg frame can scratch wooden floors, so you’ll need to stick on some felt pads yourself.


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We can’t make a list of the best leather chairs without including the Boulevard Cafe Lounge Chair from Sauder.

It is one of the most wanted chairs on Amazon at the moment and has been featured in multiple interior design articles and blogs.

It’s easy to see why. This chair offers a luxury industrial feel for an extremely affordable price.

It is part of Sauder’s Boulevard Cafe range which is all the rage among “industrial loft” and “mid-century vintage” lovers.

We adore its sleek, low profile and how it complements the rest of their range brilliantly.

The chair itself measures 26.77 x 28.35 x 26.77 inches and can withstand weights of up to 300 pounds.

The padded seat cushion is covered in a leather-like wrap that cannot be removed. While this isn’t great for cleaning, it is still easily wiped down with a damp cloth.

Their faux leather is responsibly sourced and manufactured here in the U.S. The chair stands on a durable, powder-coated metal frame that really brings out the vibrancy of the faux leather.

This chair works great as an accent chair, bedroom chair, hallway chair, dining chair, or even in an office or classroom.

The cushioned armrests make it super-comfortable and perfect for sitting and relaxing for hours on end without getting painful arm straining and back problems.

The caps on the Sauder Boulevard Café Lounge Chair are made from real wood and feature a warm brown, almost mahogany finish.

It’s important to note that it has only been tested for indoor use and shouldn’t be kept outdoors.

They offer a handful of colors to choose from; camel, charcoal gray, gray, and ivory. This makes it adaptable to any space and suitable for all tastes.

In terms of price, this chair looks a lot more expensive than it actually is.

Almost identical chairs can be found on high-end furniture websites for 1000$+, making this one an absolute steal! It’s also super easy to assemble and can be done so in just a few minutes by one person.


  • Iconic mid-century style chair which is very fashionable right now
  • Strong and durable, capable of withstanding up to 300lbs
  • Can be wiped clean easily, making it suitable for children and pets
  • Real-wood caps with an attractive mahogany finish
  • Very affordable in comparison to similar chairs in high-end furniture stores


  • The faux leather cover cannot be removed, making it more difficult to clean
  • Limited color options


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Next up is this gorgeous tufted leather club chair from Christopher Knight Home. Any Chesterfield lovers and fans of vintage button-back will adore this accent chair. 

It’s perfect for bringing a sense of style and flair into your home without having to fork out thousands on a high-end leather accent chair.

It features bonded leather upholstery that is sure to complement a variety of home decor and furniture sets.

It also comes in a fun range of colors from neutral tones to vibrant blue and pink.

The dimensions of this chair are 33.5 x 35 x 34.5 inches and it's fairly lightweight so it's easy to move. It still feels pretty sturdy even though it's not heavy.

According to customer reviews, the seat cushion itself is a little on the firm side, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Due to its short stature, this chair isn’t suitable for use as an office chair or dining chair. Instead, it works great as an accent chair in a living room or bedroom with a couple of soft cushions placed on it.

Although the chair is short, it’s still roomy enough for an adult to sit comfortably, and maybe even a furry friend too.


  • Gorgeous contemporary style, perfect as a statement piece
  • The tufted button-back design adds sophistication and flair
  • The padded cushion is firm yet soft for ultimate comfort
  • Much cheaper than almost identical chairs found in high-end stores


  • Due to its short height, this chair isn’t suitable for use as a dining or office chair
  • Some of the colors can differ slightly from the images o


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Last but certainly not least is this mid-century faux leather swivel accent chair from Volans. features a circular seat that’s wrapped in soft leather fabric for a textured and elegant tufted diamond inviting look.

The cushion and back of this chair are stuffed with high-density memory foam, which provides added comfort.

This cushion is wrapped in a delicate texture leather fabric that’s soft enough to lounge around on while wearing just shorts.

It features solid beech wood legs that not only look great but help to provide a sturdy support structure.

We also love the 360-degree swivel function on this chair, as it makes it perfect for home offices and dressing tables alike.

Many happy reviewers have commented on how this chair has improved their lower back problems and helped to relieve pain, even after sitting for many hours at a time.

We love the huge selection of funky colors they have too, including; cognac, orange, pink, blue, yellow, green, and off-white.

In terms of price point, this chair is much cheaper than similar products you’ll find elsewhere.


  • The 360-degree swivel design makes working from home a breeze
  • Solid wood legs make it stable and durable
  • Affordable in comparison to similar chairs sold elsewhere
  • Ergonomic design with padded cushion for extra comfort
  • Easy to put together and all tools needed are provided in the pack


  • Some reviewers found certain colors arrived much darker than the image advertised

Best Leather Chair Buying Guide

Before diving straight in and buying a leather chair, there are a few things you’ll need to consider- such as the material, the style, and the price. Use our handy breakdown to help you know what to look for when purchasing a leather chair.


The lifespan of your chair will depend largely on the quality of its construction as well as the materials used. A hardwood frame is always a good sign, as is quality upholstery, stitching, and cushion foam that will not soon flatten and harden.

  • Real leather - this is considered the most desirable option as it’s usually a lot softer and more durable. However, it can be difficult to clean and it isn’t suitable for vegans. 
  • PU leather - This is the cheapest option and is easily wiped clean. It’s also suitable for vegans and is considered a more ethical option than real leather. However, it’s not as durable.
  • Tufted faux leather fabric - This is ultra-soft to the touch but resembles leather. These are difficult to clean if the covers aren’t removable and machine washable.


You’re going to want your leather chair to be comfortable, so you’ll need to consider the softness of the cushions.

Some can be much firmer than others. Depending on your personal preference, you can get ultra-firm cushions as well as super-soft memory foam cushions.

The shape of a chair’s back and depth of seat are other contributing factors to a chair’s comfort.

Most leather armchairs are straighter backs and more rigid shapes than chairs made from plusher fabrics.

A great way to find the best chair is by looking at this list of ergonomic benefits and see if the chair you’re looking at matches up:

  • Adjustable height
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Tilt mechanism
  • Lumbar support
  • Rolling wheels


Unlike some chairs, leather office chairs come in a range of styles and designs.

You have your classic executive look, but there are also more modern styles that will appeal to those working in contemporary offices, or at least prefer a more streamlined design.

Above all other features, the design is entirely down to what you prefer and what will match with the rest of your home or regular office.

Flash Furniture is something that can appeal to some people, but it might not fit right, and no matter how comfortable it is, it doesn’t mean it will blend in properly.

However, the design could affect how comfortable the chair is.

Much like the flash furniture style, just because a chair looks fantastic doesn’t mean that it won’t cause back pain or other issues, so you should make sure you can sit in it all day before confirming that this is the best office chair for you.


There is a type of leather chair suitable for every budget (see above!), but the price does usually reflect quality.

Chairs that are made with real leather are usually more expensive, but you’re paying for the durability of the material.

If you’re on a low budget, you can opt for a PU leather chair with a simplistic design- such as an accent chair. 

Best Leather Chair - FAQ's

Are leather chairs durable?

Yes, real leather chairs are considered some of the most durable around, and with the right care and maintenance, they can last for generations.

Leather has inherent water resistance, which makes it much easier to clean than fabric if you were to accidentally spill something.

They also don’t accumulate much dust, so you won’t have to go to the effort of hoovering or dusting them as much as you would with other types of sofa upholstery.

What’s a good price for a leather chair?

While you can find a good-quality leather chair within the $150 to $400 range, many chairs with more customizable ergonomic features can cost between $200 and $1,000.

Depending on your budget, you may want to opt for a less expensive leather chair.

What is an accent chair?

You’ll be forgiven for having no idea what an accent chair is. They’re just regular chairs, but they’re used specifically to add visual interest to a specific room or space. 

This can include a living room, bedroom corner, or even an open hallway.