Can You Steam Clean A Couch?

It is entirely possible to steam clean a couch, however, you must first of all ensure that it says it can be steam cleaned. If it cannot be steam cleaned then the label on your couch will have an ‘X’ on it.

Furniture that has a label with ‘SW’ on it is solvent and water safe and can be steam cleaned without any risk of damage to the couch. An ‘X’ on the label means that the water will damage the fabric, so it should not be steamed and if it needs cleaning, will require a professional. 

Can You Steam clean A Couch

If you do decide to steam clean your couch, if it is steam cleaning able, then you should prepare the couch for cleaning, starting off with a thorough vacuuming.

You need to get all that dirt and debris out of it, any hair, crumbs or trash in the couch could create issues when your steam cleans it. 

You should also pre-treat the stains, this is something that you need to be sure you do with care and precision. Some stains are removable via steam cleaning, such as urine, feces, food and dirt.

But oil based stains will need a pre-treatment cleaner, be cautious of products and carefully follow instructions as you do not want to stain the couch further, or accidentally end up bleaching it in patches. It is best to test out these products on an unnoticeable area of your couch first. 

Can you steam clean a microfiber couch? 

Microfiber has become increasingly popular in upholstery items in recent years, it is often used in chairs, ottomans, sofas, and more. It is not a natural material, it is synthetic and is known for being easy to clean and maintain due to its durability.

While it is very popular due to how easy it is to clean, it really needs to be cleaned as soon as possible after any possible stain, if not it can be incredibly difficult to clean. 

You can steam clean a microfiber couch. If it has stained, or if it is just starting to look a little unappealing due to too much dirt, you can steam clean it to get rid of this problem.

You should, much like any other couch, clean it with a good vacuuming first. Lightly vacuum it to remove any dirt, pet hair, or loose debris. 

To clean this type of couch you should steam clean your couch on a medium-high setting on your cleaner, if you have all the attachments you should use a jet nozzle, clothes steamer and a cotton cover.

Before you dive in to clean it like a pro, give it a test on a hidden area, like the underside of a cushion, to double-check that you will not suffer any issues by cleaning it in this way.

Then you can proceed with the cleaning, using a clothes steamer with a cotton cover attached. Clean your microfiber couch slowly and gently. 

How do you clean a fabric couch with a steam cleaner? 

Some people who have fabric sofas have the joy of being able to take off the cover, pop them in the washing machine, however this can cause problems. It is not always ideal, while it can work fine for some it can also be problematic too.

It is better to simply steam clean  it, you won’t have to wait for your couch covers to go around in the washer or dryer, and you don’t even need to spend all that time fighting the couch to get the covers off. It is really simple, and it is even better with a good old, simple handheld steamer. 

On a fabric couch the steam will freshen it up, killing any germs of bacteria. It will also help to lift stains, although if you have any aggressive stains then you will need to go back over it with a stain removal product, but the steam cleaner will surely help to lift it a bit.

If you want to keep a fabric sofa in tip-top condition then you do not even need to steam clean it every week. Give your couch a simple once over each week with the vacuum, and then every other week go over it lightly with your steam cleaner to give it a reinvigorated freshness. 

How do you steam clean a couch with an iron? 

Handheld steamers are great, aren’t they. But not everyone has the bank balance to go out and buy the best, newest, hippest, handheld steam cleaner. So, can you do this any other way? Of course! You are forgetting our trusty old companion the iron!

Half the time we only bring out the iron when we have a special event during which that wrinkled attire just will not do. But irons are fully able to steam clean for us. When you use your iron on the steam setting it can do much more than just press wrinkles out of your fancy shirts. 

Irons are fantastic inventions that we simply haven’t explored the full skill sets of. If you want to give your couch a quick freshening up with some steam, then you can use your iron.

And you can easily use it very similarly to how you would use any other kind of steam cleaner, or even how you would steam your clothes with it. When using an iron you need to ensure that it is on the right setting for the couch. 

Get close to the couch but not so close that you risk pressing the iron on and burning the fabric, you simply want the steam to penetrate the fabric, killing any bacteria, or even dust mites if this is a problem you face. 

Make sure that you keep your hands away from the steam and hot steam like this does have the potential to burn you, so make sure that you take safety precautions when you do this. 

How do you steam clean a couch yourself?

It is not difficult to steam clean your couch yourself. Steam cleaning helps to eliminate all bacteria and keep your couch looking fresh and clean. It can help to lift stains and grime that can make your beautiful, and well-used couch look full and sad. 

Before you steam clean your couch you need to ensure that it is able to be steam cleaned, this means checking the label to ensure that it does not have an ‘X’ on the label and instead has ‘SW’.

You should also vacuum your couch first, to remove dust, dirt, debris and so on before you steam clean. Not vacuuming before you steam clean could create issues for when you do. It is also wise to do a test on the couch.

Find an unnoticeable part of the couch and apply some steam, wipe the area with a microfiber pad and leave it for 15 minutes. If there is no discoloration or damage then you can treat the whole couch. 

You should also pre-treat any stains on the couch, soft up these stains beforehand using a trustworthy cleaner. Then lift the remainder with the steam cleaner.

Do not forget to precondition the surface and prepare your couch before you steam clean as well. Soon, your couch will look as good as new.