Best Reclining Sofa

So, it’s been a long hard day at work. For the last few hours, you’ve just been dreaming about collapsing onto your sofa and relaxing for the entire evening.

This is something all of us understand all too well. But not all sofas are comfortable enough to let you stretch out and laze in for hours on end.

This is where reclining sofas step in. These are the gods of comfort!

Reclining sofas can support your head, legs, arms, and torso to provide you with the most supreme comfort. The only problem is, you may never want to leave!

Having a sofa to suit you and your family is key. It may be the most used piece of furniture in your home.

(There’s a reason we call it the living room!) This is why it is crucial you find one that offers you comfort and support for years to come.

Reclining sofas come in all shapes, sizes, and colors so choosing one can take some time. To save you from the long hours of researching online, we have done the hard work for you.

We have searched through hundreds of reclining sofas on the web and come up with the top 5 for you to choose from. 

So, snuggle up, sit back, and find out which reclining sofa takes your fancy in our list below.


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The Delange Reclining Power Sofa is one of the best on the market. From the renowned Coaster Home Furnishings company, this popular couch is designed for supreme comfort and offers top-quality.

We love the features on show with the Delange reclining sofa.

Sporting a power headrest to support your head and neck, you won’t have to deal with a bad back from sitting down too long again. 

Also included are hidden LED lights and cup holders for maximum convenience.

The design of this sofa is extremely eye-catching. It is upholstered with stylish black faux leather which is wonderfully smooth.

It also supports an additional USB socket to charge your phone and other devices as well as storage options to keep your room nice and tidy.

With complete neck support, this smooth reclining sofa is ideal for lounging in and enjoying a splash of technology.


  • Offers neck support - Features a power headrest that is very comfortable and supports your neck so you don’t strain yourself when sitting
  • Features a USB port - Allows you to plug in different electronic devices such as your phone so you never have to run out of battery
  • Stylish - Upholstered with back faux leather, this is a slick-looking sofa that would make any room look smart


  • Wires can become pinched - When fully reclined, an assembly defect on some sees the wires get damaged


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Sporting a classic soft brown faux leather design, the Divano Roma Furniture recliner sofa is ideal for couples who want to snuggle up on the sofa after a hard day’s work.

Made from smooth bonded leather fabric with a matte finish, this sofa is built to last.

Its material helps control sweat so that it doesn’t stick to the skin as you lie back. 

This sofa is overstuffed but for a very good reason.

This extra stuffing is there for added comfort and with its mechanism designed for sleeping as well as comfortable positions, you may never have felt this comfy!

The padded cushion of the Divano Roma Furniture reclining sofa will ensure you can relax and destress after your daily chores. With just minor assembly required, you could soon be sitting back and enjoying your stylish new recliner.


  • Provides very good back support - Designed to support your posture so you don’t become slouched when sitting down
  • Compact size - Measuring 56" L X 29" W x 39" H with a seat height of 19", a seat depth of 21", and a seat width of 38", this is suitable for any space
  • Ergonomically designed - Provides extreme comfort over long periods


  • Cushion padding can become ripped - After a few uses, the cushion padding is prone to ripping so it may need to get replaced 


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You deserve relaxation and comfort. Thankfully, this is exactly what the Flash Furniture Harmony Series Brown Leather Soft Sofa offers.

Ease away the stress of your day with this stylish reclining sofa.

This two-seater sofa has a very classic design. It is made from soft leather upholstery that is extremely comfortable on your skin.

It boasts a wider armrest with a cushioned back which gives you added comfort and support. As you sink into this sofa, you will feel the stress fizzle away from your body.

All sofas are met with the odd spillage at some point but this soft leather model is easy to clean and wipe leaving no stains at all.

This sofa is fire retardant and has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. Its contemporary styling will suit all living rooms as well as dens, bedrooms, and even man caves.

For sheer comfort and lumbar support, this Flash Furniture Harmony Series Brown Leather sofa has just about everything you need for a relaxing need in front of the tv.


  • Easy to assemble - Very uncomplicated design so you can set this sofa up in a short amount of time with little effort 
  • Provides excellent neck and lumbar support - Its lever mechanism adjusts the sofa to suit your posture and body so you don’t put any strain on certain body parts
  • Very sturdy - A solidly built sofa that should last many years in even the busiest of households


  • Hard to close recliner mechanism - When trying to close with your legs, you have to use quite a lot of force which may not be suitable for some individuals


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If you are looking for a durable sofa that will see you and your family through many comfortable years, then this reclining sofa from AC Pacific is certainly one to consider.

This contemporary sofa has been designed on a reinforced corner block with a solid-sided wood frame for maximum durability and strength.

Once you recline on this sofa, you may not want to get back up. It has a sinuous springs system that has been installed above a foam encased seat that has 1.8 density foam inside.

Your body will thank you for giving it this chance to relax in such comfort!

Included is a manual reclining chaise footrest to stretch out on. This position has been proven to relieve stress and pressure from your lower back and legs.

With a triple lumbar and back cushion, you are guaranteed back support as you sit back and relax after a long week.


  • Contemporary design - Very stylish sofa that would look great in any given space
  • Includes a massage feature - Can control different levels of vibration to massage you into a state of bliss
  • Quick and easy setup - Takes less than 10 minutes to set up before you can sit back and enjoy your new couch


  • A little short on leg room - Measuring 39" H x 81" W x 38" D, the sofa maybe a little too short to recline in for taller individuals 


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With enough room for three people (and a few pets), the Homelegance Resonance Bonded Leather Double Reclining Sofa will make your life the most comfortable it has ever been!

Designed with a microfiber cover, this sofa provides maximum comfort for days of relaxation.

There are three footrests attached to this sofa which you can easily unfold and stretch back in for uber comfort.

This is an oversized sofa so you must make sure you have the room to set it up. On either side of the sofa are two reclining tabs.

This means that only two of the seats are recliners. The overstuffed arms are extremely comfortable for you to rest on all day long.

Thanks to a thorough instruction manual, the Homelegance reclining sofa is easy to assemble.

And you can choose from three different options so you can make a choice based on your personal preference.


  • Thick padded cushions - Excellent lumbar and neck support while you sit back and relax
  • Very easy to assemble and disassemble - Instruction manual is very straightforward so you can set the sofa up in a matter of minutes
  • Easy to recline in - Very easy to push back to recline and push forward to get off the sofa


  • No USB - Unlike many contemporary recliners, this has no USB to charge certain devices
  • No cup holders - Nowhere to put your cup of coffee when watching TV

Best Reclining Sofa Buying Guide

We want you to find the best possible reclining sofa for your needs.

Now you have seen our top 5 models above, we want you to consider some of the most important factors and features that make up the best reclining sofas.

Best Reclining Sofa

Continue reading to discover what your sofa should have so you can go ahead and buy a new model in confidence.


Leather reclining sofas are generally expensive. Because of this, you should buy one that lasts. Invest in a sofa that is durable and lasts for at least five to ten years.

If you have kids or pets at home, you should opt for a sofa with hard leather because these tend to be easier to clean.

Weight Capacity

You need to consider the weight capacity of a reclining sofa to determine if it can withstand your weight as well as others.

The good news is that most reclining sofas have very good weight capacities for two or more people.

But you should still check the weight capacity of the sofa before buying, just to be on the safe side. 


This is important, especially if you have a smaller room. If this is the case, you need to buy a sofa that fits inside your room easily. Some reclining sofas are gigantic and need a massive room to fit into. 

To find out the ideal reclining sofa for your space, the best way is to measure the available room you have. This will give you an idea of how big a sofa you can buy and easily assemble in your home.


Most recliner sofas are made from leather or other synthetic materials. You should make your choice based on the quality of the material and whether it is spill-proof or not.

Always check if the material is easy to clean in case of any accidents. If you have pets or kids, it’s not a matter of if something is spilled on the sofa, it’s a matter of when!

Seating area

If you want to enjoy a recliner with your partner and the kids, you will probably need one with a bigger seating area.

Check the dimensions of the seats to ensure it fits you and your family.

Back support height

Being comfortable means having proper support for your neck, back, and legs. The height of the back support is critical in deciding your comfort.

If you are very tall, you will probably need a reclining sofa with a bigger back. Always check the measurements beforehand.

Your budget

Most of us have a budget when it comes to buying a new sofa. This is why you should keep this in mind and stick to it when looking for a new couch.

Fortunately, reclining sofas are available in a range of prices so you should be able to find one that suits your budget. 

Additional features

There are some additional features which you can look for in reclining sofas but these can cost more money.

These features include cup holders, storage pockets, and retractable footrests. 

Some also have a remote to control the different features in the sofa such as massage options.

Some other additional features you could consider are:

  • A waterproof cover - This is best if you have pets that love to jump on the sofa, especially when they’re wet. These covers can usually go over any type of sofa to keep it clean and protected against the sharp claws of your pets.
  • Handheld vacuum cleaner - Sofas can pick up dust just as easily as any other type of furniture. Most of us like to have food on the sofa too so, over time, crumbs will begin to build up. This is why regular maintenance is important. Small handheld vacuum cleaners are ideal for cleaning sofas in a matter of minutes and can be used on all types of materials.
  • Cup holder - If your sofa comes without a cup holder, you can purchase cup holders that easily attach to the arms of the couch. 
  • USB port - USB ports are becoming ever more popular in reclining sofas. They allow you to keep your devices charged while relaxing on the sofa or power different electrical devices. If you like convenience, then this is the way to go. However, some reclining sofas with electronics lean back fully when you recline making it less comfortable to watch tv. This is to not damage the electronic wires underneath. Make sure your reclining sofa moves into a comfortable position every time for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of reclining sofas? 

You can choose from two types of reclining sofas: the manual and the power models.

A manual reclining sofa reclines when you pull a lever that is located in the armrests. These are great as you can usually decide what angle you want to recline to for optimum comfort.

A power reclining sofa uses a motor for reclining. It utilizes power buttons or panels to adjust the reclining position to your preferred state.

Are reclining sofas good for your spine?

Depending on the design, most reclining sofas are constructed to provide lumbar support.

If you are looking for a sofa that provides this support, then you should make sure it is advertised as such. Ask the manufacturer beforehand to see if it is good for your back and neck. 

Many reclining sofas also elevate your feet above your heart level. However, some sofas without lumbar support can negatively affect your lower backbone.

We recommend finding one that supports your back and neck at all times.

Which type of leather is best for a reclining sofa?

You can choose between a few different types of leather with reclining sofas and chairs. The most natural models are the pigmented types but these tend to be less resilient to soiling.

Another type is the slightly less pigmented semi-aniline leather. Some other common materials include faux leather and full-grain leather.

It can be difficult to choose a type of leather for your reclining couch as some may offer great resistance to stains but are not always the most stylish.

Shop around until you find one that offers style and convenience. There is certainly a sofa out there to suit everyone, whether it's a manual or a powered couch!