Can I Use A Carpet Cleaner On My Couch?

Carpet cleaners are rather versatile objects. Despite the fact that they are called ‘carpet’ cleaners, they can actually clean a lot of different kinds of things.

Ultimately it does depend on the carpet cleaner that you buy, but it’s certainly in your benefit to have one of these devices around - especially if you want to keep your couch clean.

Can I Use A Carpet Cleaner On My Couch

The problem with a couch is that it’s subject to getting messy. Perhaps your pet’s fur is all over the couch, or perhaps your children have spilled some nasty substances on the sofa during play time. All you need in order to solve your problem is to get a carpet cleaner.

Carpet cleaners can be used on a range of different furniture items, including upholstery. You will first need to ensure that you find the proper cleaning solution though.

You can find these online by doing a little bit of research. You will also need to make sure that you let it dry for the right amount of time, since you don’t want mold and mildew to build up on your couch.

This isn’t even the only thing that your carpet cleaner can clean, either. For instance, it can also clean curtains. You just need to get your portable carpet cleaner, and acquire a hand tool in order to reach the higher places on the curtains.

Carpet cleaners can make your mattress look sparkling clean, too. Unfortunately, accidents can happen through the night and it can be hard to clean them up. Your carpet cleaner can get rid of things like dust mites, human skin cells and mold from your mattress.

You will need to attach it to a hand attachment then give it a thorough cleaning. It’s important to avoid over saturating it though, since the last thing that you want to do is have a mattress full of mold spores. Clean both sides of the mattress thoroughly.

Using a carpet cleaner on a couch is a really simple way to clean your furniture. It won’t take you nearly half as long as it would take to clean the sofa manually.

Of course, it’s always best to check whether a carpet cleaner will actually be okay to use on your sofa, since it may not be appropriate for your particular sofa. Otherwise, it’s worth investing in a carpet cleaner since it can be used to clean so many things around your home!

How do you clean a couch with a carpet cleaner?

Cleaning your couch with a carpet cleaner is actually a fairly simple thing to do!

Before you even try to clean the couch, the first thing to do is check the label on the couch to ensure that you can use the cleaning products with your couch.

You may even find that the couch in question has a recommended cleaner that you should be using. Check the cleaning codes, since these will tell you what you can or can’t use

  • W - Water can be used
  • S or P - Can only apply solvent based cleaner (only dry cleaning)
  • SW - Can use water or solvent cleaners, or steam
  • X - can only use a vacuum. Requires professional cleaning.

Then you need to work on prepping the sofa. You need to get a few items to clean it, including a vacuum, baking soda, a damp cloth and a carpet cleaner.

The first thing to do is get rid of any cushions or throws then peel the sides back - remove any debris such as credit cards and loose change. Once it’s been cleared off you can then put the brush attachment onto your vacuum and start cleaning the sofa.

Sweep across the sofa, being careful to pick up any dirt or crumbs. If there are any small nooks and crannies then you can use the crevice attachment, then just clean the sides of the sofa.

You will then need to grab some baking soda. Test it on a small section of the sofa first though in order to ensure that there’s not a negative reaction on the sofa. If it all works okay, you can then proceed to put the baking soda across the rest of the sofa.

You shouldn’t need more than around 1 to 2 tablespoons for each seat. Allow it to stay there for around 20 minutes - this will help to get rid of any unpleasant smells. 

You can then clean the sofa. Usually, you can just mix the baking soda with a bit of carpet cleaner then put it over the sofa. You can then use the carpet cleaner to remove the baking soda mix off the sofa. Alternatively you can use a damp cloth to get rid of it instead.

It’s very important to not use colored towels or sponges on a fabric sofa if possible. This is because the dye could potentially change the entire color of the sofa, ruining it completely. 

When you have finished this, you can then spot clean the sofa if there are any spots that need any extra attention. You’ll usually only need a wet cloth to clean the stains if your sofa is made of leather.

You will need to be more careful if it’s a fabric sofa though, and they don’t clean as easily either. You may also have some stubborn stains on your upholstery. In this case you may need to clean a little more rigorously, or get some professionals in to help you out.

There you have it! Cleaning a sofa with a carpet cleaner is incredibly easy, and you will manage to get the job done in no time. Just make sure that you’re careful not to damage the material on the sofa while you are doing it.