How Do You Clean A Vacuumed Couch?

With more and more of us spending time at home, our love affairs with our couches have developed into more than friends. In this time we notice that our sofas aren’t as clean as we thought they were. 

Horrified, we turn to Google, desperately scouring the internet for answers and the one method we need to transform our couches into clean creatures that Mrs. Hinch herself would be jealous of! 

But how do we achieve these couches? Many of us have heard the rumors, seen the Tik Tok hacks that you can vacuum your couch. We know, sounds like next-level wizardry, doesn’t it? But we have all the answers you need to bring this wizardry into your life. 

Keep reading as we answer all your couch cleaning questions to turn your home into a sparkling paradise!

How Do You Clean A Vacuumed Couch

How do you clean a vacuumed couch?

To clean your couch with your vacuum, you will first need to check if you can use a cleaner on your couch. The manufacturer’s label on your sofa will provide you with this information. You will also need to check if your vacuum cleaner is wet and dry or not.

If your cleaner is not suitable for wet surfaces, do not use products as it could damage the sofa and your cleaner.

For dry vacuuming, begin by placing an upholstery nozzle on your vacuum cleaner. Often your cleaner will come with these smaller attachments, or you can purchase compatible ones if needed.

Run your vacuum over the cushions on your sofa and the back to suction dirt or debris lurking between the fibers. 

Next, run the smallest attachment in the gaps between the cushions to remove any crumbs that have fallen. You can also lift the cushions and vacuum underneath to remove more dirt, debris, and pet hair. 

For those with wet and dry vacuums, you can use cleaning products to further clean and vacuum the water. Alternatively, you can follow cleaning products and a cloth to finish cleaning your sofa. Ensure that any products used are suitable for the materials on your couch.

Can I use a vacuum to clean my sofa?

Yes! You can indeed use a vacuum cleaner to clean your sofa. It’s a cleaning method recommended the world over, and it’s no wonder why.

Before whipping out the vacuum, be sure to check the manufacturer’s label to ensure it’s safe to use a  vacuum on the sofa. More often than not, it is, but it’s always best to be safe, isn’t it?

Once you have checked the label, you can go ahead and use a vacuum to clean your sofa. We recommend using the attachments your cleaner comes with to ensure you can reach all the difficult areas of your sofa and give it the clean it deserves! 

As each vacuum comes with different attachments and nozzles, it can take some time to find the right one for you and your sofa. Ideally, you want one small enough to get in between the cushions and in all the tight corners to ensure no dirt and debris is left!

You can also run the vacuum over the cushions on your sofa to pull out any dirt that might be lurking between the fibers. The results, we bet, will shock you!

Once you have vacuumed your couch, you can follow any cleaning products or scented sprays to transform it into a clean and pleasant haven in your lounge!

How do you clean a wet and dry vacuum couch?

To clean your couch with a wet and dry vacuum, start by dry vacuuming your couch using the upholstery and crevice nozzles. These tend to be the smaller attachments your vacuum comes with. If you don’t have thee, you can usually purchase universal attachments online or in-store. 

Dry hoover the cushions, the gaps between them, and underneath to remove any dirt and debris. You can then follow with cleaning products to break up the remaining debris and offer a deep clean. Apply these products lightly to avoid overloading your wet and dry cleaner.

Run the vacuum over to provide a wet clean for your sofa. You can then follow by rinsing the fabric lightly. Use a spray bottle to spritz your couch with some warm water before using your wet and dry vacuum to suction any remaining moisture away. 

Be sure only to use this method if you have a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. Other cleaners cannot suction the water properly and leave you with a soggy sofa and a potentially damaged vacuum!

Check the instructions on your cleaner and any products used to ensure that you are using them correctly and not damaging your sofa in the process!

Is it OK to vacuum a couch?

Yes, it is okay to vacuum your couch! We recommend it! It’s always worth checking first that you can vacuum your couch to avoid causing damage, but generally, most people are safe to vacuum their couches!

If you are unsure, you can check the manufacturer’s label on the sofa. The label is usually on the back of the couch, underneath, or under one of the cushions. It's worth checking this first, so you don’t cause any damage to your sofa or void any warranty periods!

Vacuuming your couch is an excellent idea and way to clean the harder-to-reach areas of your couch. Especially, if like us, you love settling down on your couch with your dinner or a snack!

Dirt and debris can lodge in between your couch cushions or fall underneath, becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and leaving your couch looking dirty.

We recommend vacuuming your couch weekly, especially if you eat on it. Use the different attachments of your vacuum cleaner to work between the cushions or remove them entirely if you can to hoover up any debris.

It's best to do this before you go in with any cleaning products to clean your couch.

You might be shocked when you lift your couch cushions, but the results after vacuuming will blow you away!