How Do You Keep A Futon In Place?

How Do You Keep A Futon In Place

A futon is a traditional style of Japanese bedding and whilst they are practical and make great alternative beds, they can be an absolute nightmare to keep in place from sliding around continuously.

However, the elements of a futon bed including the divet, and mattress, are pliable enough to be folded and stored effectively because of their purpose. So, these beds have wonderful advantages overall and are a worthy investment in your home.

Whether you are in need of extra rest or sleeping aid for guests in your home and you don’t have a guest bedroom, or your partner snores loudly when they’ve had a drink and you refuse to share a bed with them sometimes.

Futons are practical, easy, and save a lot of arguments! It’s always handy having an extra bed for the inlaws around when they suddenly decide to visit you during the holidays without any warning.

Do you see where we’re going with this? There just doesn’t seem to be a negative reason for getting yourself a handy futon.

You may find that you’ve been watching your favorite TV show and have been falling asleep during the commercials.

But, what you haven’t noticed until it’s too late is that because the futon mattress and frame aren’t securely attached, you’ve been slowly inching your way to the floor with the futon as the culprit to the problem, slowly and deceivingly sliding down taking you with it.

No need to question your sanity as yes, it’s the futon’s fault and we’ve got all the solutions to this problem for you.

In this article you will find the answers to the following questions:

  • How do I stop my futon from sliding?
  • How do you keep a futon from sliding on a metal frame?
  • What is a futon gripper?

How do I Stop My Futon From Sliding?

Futons make for great alternatives to traditional mattresses, that have your comfort and style in mind. They’re compact, lightweight, and very easy to maintain, there’s just one minor problem.

Or major to be honest, they have a tendency to slide around! One reason for this happening is an obvious one.

Because they have a smaller weight overall, they’re incredibly sensitive to movements, so if you’re a toss and turn type of person who cannot keep still whilst asleep, this may be a problem.

Or it may be a good way to discipline yourself into keeping still, depending on how you look at it. Anyway, there are ways to stop a futon from sliding!

One of the easiest ways to keep a futon from sliding around all the time is by using fitted bed sheets for the mattress. Not only does this help keep the futon in place, but this helps avoid spills and serves as extra protection for future use and therefore prolongs the lifespan of your futon.

You can also invest in a removable couch cover and wrap it around your futon mattress which would also work.

Another method is trying grips or velcro strips. Particularly if your bed frame has wooden slats, purchasing grips from hardware stores could be the most effective solution to the problem.

Usually, they’re made of polyfoam and have one sticky, adhesive side to secure your futon with just one strip.

You’re going to want to remove the futon from the bed frame, measure the length of each wooden slat so you can cut an accurately sized piece of grip strip, and then finally remove the paper from the sticky side and stick one piece of each slat, applying a suitable amount of pressure to adhere the sticky side to the wooden frame.

These strips actually have shock-absorbing pads that can help make your futon quieter.

Simply placing a rubber mat under the futon can provide the support needed to eliminate the sliding problem. If you’ve got a yoga mat handy that’ll do the trick!

Do make sure to do a bit of deep cleaning around and under the mattress areas first though to make sure the grip from the mat can work effectively without any extra dust or debris in the way.

How Do You Keep A Futon From Sliding On A Metal Frame?

How Do You Keep A Futon From Sliding On A Metal Frame

DIY corner straps are probably going to be your best bet when it comes to issues with sliding on metal frames. All you’re going to need to do this DIY method is a piece of narrow strip fabric and a needle and thread.

The advantage to using this solution is that the corner straps perfectly secure the futon mattress down. You can start by measuring the bed frame’s height and using this measurement to cut the strip of fabric.

This length should be double the height of the bed frame and you’re going to require 8 pieces to get the job done.

Grab two pieces of the fabric or cord, and stitch on each corner of the futon mattress.

Once this is done you can put the futon back onto the bed frame and it should reduce the sliding around the issue.

Be sure to wrap those fabric pieces on each corner near the wooden slats of the bed frame and then tie them together to be sure it’s secure.

What Is A Futon Gripper?

The standard futon grippers are used to keep your futon mattress from slipping and sliding off the bed frame. They work fantastically on most types of futons and they’re used mostly on foam futons as these are the culprits of the problem at hand.

They reduce the number of times you need to adjust the mattress too. To be honest any method out there is worth trialing out when it comes to futon mattresses as the problem is such a nuisance!

Trying grippers in place for adhesive straps or yoga mats may be the method that works for you so don’t be afraid to try multiple methods.