How Do You Dress Up A Futon?

The futon has a bit of an underserved reputation for being dorm room furniture. It’s true, the simple and convertible futon is great for students on a budget. However, the elegant and sleek frame can also be dressed up, and become a lovely focal point in a room.

How Do You Dress Up A Futon

Because the shape of the futon is streamlined, it’s easy to dress up without looking overwhelmed. With a few quick changes, you can have a futon that won’t look out of place in any home:

Invest In A Thicker Mattress

The mattress of a futon is typically thin, lightweight to match the frame. While this does have advantages, it can be less comfortable to sit on. It also makes the futon appear less plush, and can sometimes look cheap.

The quickest fix is to invest in a thicker mattress, which adds to both the design and the feel. Otherwise, look for a padded mattress cover.

Futon mattresses aren’t always secured to the frame. If your mattress is loose, use straps to keep it in place.

Use A Cover Or Blanket

A futon cover can transform a plain mattress into a fun design. The standard futon mattress is often dull - after all, they’re designed to be slept on. The right cover can really dress up a futon, helping it to blend into the room. If you can’t find a cover, use a large blanket instead.

Patterned covers are great for injecting some fun, but a block color is best if you want to distract from the futon. Use a strong color that matches your interiors, with accent cushions to draw the eye. The bold decorations will act as a contrast to the basic futon shape.

Add Cushions

Every good couch needs cushions, and so does every futon. This is the quickest way to dress up a futon, and they can add extra comfort as well.

Place large cushions strategically across the futon, with bold designs that stand out. They add color and interest, bringing life to an otherwise standard futon.

Think About Lighting

If you don’t like the look of your futon, it can be tempting to leave it in the dark. However, this will have the opposite effect. The futon will seem even more dull, and it will end up looking like an afterthought. Instead, use side tables and reading lamps to add a soft glow. 

Consider What’s Around The Futon

If you want to use your futon regularly as a bed, too much decoration just becomes a hindrance. Instead, use the surroundings to bring interest to the futon.

Colorful pictures, side tables, and lights can be placed strategically around the futon to draw the eye. Cover the mattress with a soft blanket, and it will become a minimal design that balances out the excess.

The simplicity of the futon isn't a bad thing - it’s actually an asset. Dress up your futon by focusing the eye elsewhere, considering materials and colors, and letting the sleek frame speak for itself.

How Do You Make A Futon Look Like A Couch?

A futon is a fantastic item of furniture to have when guests are over, and it provides a convenient and comfortable sleeping space. However, during the day it can look a little understated. In a cozy living room, a simple futon stands out in a bad way.

Some simple changes can transform your futon from dorm room bed to cushioned couch. 

Upgrade The Mattress (And Hold It In Place)

The standard futon mattress tends to be on the thinner side. This is because in traditional Japanese households, the futon would be folded up at the start of the day.

Useful, but not particularly comfortable. If you want to regularly use your futon for sitting, consider investing in a plusher mattress.

Futon mattresses aren’t always secured to the frame, so they might slip with movement. Gripping pads and straps can be used to keep the mattress in place, giving you a more comfortable experience.

Change The Placement

If you’re thinking of your futon like a bed, then it’s probably tucked away in the corner. This is nice for privacy, but it isn’t how we treat our couches. Poor placement could be what's making a lovely futon look forgotten and cheap.

Move the futon further into the room, and position it as you would any other seating. Instead of treating it like an afterthought, help the futon blend in with the rest of the decor.

Use A Futon Cover

The futon mattress is for sleeping on, so it might be lacking in design. If your futon is looking a little plain, a cover can be used to spruce it up. Fitted covers are best, but any fabric that catches your eye can work.

If you can’t find a cover, use a blanket instead. Tuck in the ends for a neat effect, or let it hang loose for a Bohemian vibe.

Add End Tables

Adding end tables helps the futon to be drawn into the room, and bulks up the appearance of the frame.

They also make the simple futon a more functional piece of furniture, so you want to sit on it during the day. Look for lightweight end tables that can be moved easily when the futon is opened out.

Decorate With Cushions

Don’t just stick a pillow at one end - use cushions all across the futon. Two larger cushions at either end can be used as arms.

Smaller cushions will increase the comfort levels, and brighten up a traditionally sparse design. If you’re worried your futon is a plain, funky cushions can make all the difference.

Treat It Like A Couch

When you start thinking of your futon as a couch, you’ll start to treat it as a couch as well. Don’t get caught up thinking of what to do with a futon. Instead, consider what you’d do with a couch.

With just a few simple changes, a simple futon can become a welcoming couch. By adding some warm touches, you bring the futon into the room, and create a comfortable sitting place.