How Do I Keep My Cushions From Sagging?

If your sofa is well-loved and used, then it should be expected that, at some point or another, the cushions will begin to sag and appear flat in appearance. Sagging cushions can bring the overall appearance of the sofa down, not to mention being unable to offer the same levels of comfort that they once did! So, how can you fix them?

One of the first steps you can take to try and reinvigorate your cushions is by periodically filling them with new stuffing. Regardless of whether your cushions are attached to your sofas or unattached, they will often tend to feature a zip that will allow you to add new stuffing. The best stuffing to use is either polyester fiberfill or quilt batting that can almost always be found at your local hardware or craft store, and you also won’t have to replace any of your original stuffing. 

If you don’t want to do that or don’t have cushions with a zip feature, then the next thing you can do to prevent cushions from sagging is to add buttons. This will help to cinch the pillows and give them structure, which will help them to sit upright and now sag inwards. 

In addition to your couch pillows, if you’d like to learn how to prevent your couch cushions (that you sit on) from appearing flat, then the best thing that you can do is to purchase sofa savers that can be placed directly on the underside of your couch cushions. This will help to add support to your couch cushions and prevent them from getting flat by adding firmness.

How do you fix a flattened couch cushion?

Just like with many other types of sitting furniture, couch cushions can become flat the more that you sit or lean on them or if it has been made of lower quality material. If the inevitable has already happened, then don’t panic. Before you head out to your local homeware store and fork out a small fortune on new couch cushions, there are a number of ways that you can fix the ones that you already have.

The first potential solution to your flat cushion problem is to fluff the cushions up and flip them over. These two methods are extremely effective at helping to keep cushions in their original shape for longer, while also helping to reinvigorate cushions that have been sat on for quite some time.

However, if your cushions have already become completely flat, then the above quick-fix solutions will likely not work. Instead, we recommend that you add fresh stuffing to the inside of your couch cushions, as this will not only restore the cushions back to their original shape, but it will also mean that they’ll be comfortable and be able to provide you, your family and your guests with support whenever they are sat or leaned against. 

How often should you fluff couch cushions?

Regardless of whether you own an apartment or home, one of the most important parts of any housing space is the living room - and one of the easiest ways to bring its appearance down is by overlooking small details, including the shape and condition of your cushions.

Not only will the plump and full cushions help to ensure that the overall appearance of your living area is tidy and inviting, but fluffy cushions will also help to make sure that you, your family, and your guests are as comfortable as can be whenever sitting on them. 

Though pillows will ultimately wear down and become flatter the more that they are used, there are some steps that you can take to help extend the life of your cushion stuffings for as long as possible, and one of the easiest ways to do this is by regularly fluffing up your cushions. 

When it comes to periodically fluffing up your cushions, how often you decide to do it will ultimately depend on how much you use them. If your cushions are often sat or leaned on, then we recommend that you try and remember to fluff your cushions every other day. However, if you rarely use your couch cushions, then we recommend fluffing up your cushions around once every two weeks, as this will help to reinvigorate them and keep them in pristine condition. 

How often should you flip couch cushions?

One of the most surefire ways to get the very most out of your couch cushions is to flip them over. By remembering to flip and rotate your couch cushions you will help to make sure that the pillows will have a better chance of keeping their shape and appearance, while also helping to prevent them from becoming flat and uncomfortable. 

In general, it is recommended that you flip around your couch cushions at least once a week, though this time frame can change depending on how frequently the couch is used, as well as what type of cushions you have. Some cushions are specifically designed to be able to maintain their shape longer (such as the cushions that are pre-attached to the couch) which means that you won’t need to worry about fluffing them up constantly. In addition to that, you might find that your couch is located in a part of the house that simply isn’t visited or used very often, which will again mean that your couch cushions may not need to be rotated and flipped.