How Do You Style A Round Coffee Table?

Your coffee table often sits centrally in your living room, so it can quickly become the focal point of the room. If this is the case for your coffee table, then you may want to consider styling it.

How Do You Style A Round Coffee Table

Styling a coffee table involves adding objects of attraction to create depth, dimension and interest in the room.  You may want to add houseplants, candles, coffee table books, a cute tray or anything else to make an aesthetically pleasing and interesting coffee table. 

However, what can throw some people off is the shape. The majority of coffee tables are square or rectangular, but more and more people are opting for round coffee tables.

Round coffee tables can look so stylish, and are perfect if you are short on space! The only issue is how do you style a round coffee table? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered with this easy guide. 

How Do You Style A Round Coffee Table?

Styling a round coffee table is a little more complex than a normal coffee table, as you have a lot of shapes, symmetry and other factors to take into consideration. Have fun with it, and play around with different items, styles and objects to see what works best in the room.  

Provide Some Shape

When it comes to a round coffee table, you’ll want to avoid rounded objects as it can look a little too much. Instead, break up the roundness with books, square or other differently shaped decorative objects.

Try to add interest instead by placing artifacts, ornaments or other interesting items on the coffee table. 

Add A Tray

The best tip we can give you is to add a tray to your round coffee table. The tray should be rectangular, square, or any other shape you can find, but not round!

This will create dimension and shape, but is also super functional. You can use the tray to decorate your coffee table, and place everything on top. 

Then, if you need to clear the space for whatever reason, you can simply pick up the tray, and get everything out of the way at once, instead of moving all of your books and decorative items. 

There are so many beautiful trays to choose from these days from wooden trays, metal or golden trays, stylized trays, mirrored ones, you name it! Just make sure that you choose one large enough to display all of the items you want on your coffee table. 

Place Some Coffee Table Books

Every coffee table needs some books to show off your interests, hobbies and passions. They also look great on the table, as most of these books have beautiful hardback covers that can attract the eye and the attention of your guests. 

You can choose coffee table books that match your decor, or ones that look great in the room, but we recommend that you choose ones that mean something and are personal to you. 

We recommend adding 1-3 coffee table books depending on their size and how much space you have on the tray. Stack them on top of each other, and either place them centrally in the tray or to one side, leaving space for your focal point piece. 

Liven It Up 

Breathe some life and freshness into the space by adding a houseplant or a vase with flowers as the focal point of your coffee table.

Keep it small so it doesn’t overwhelm the space, so try having some fresh flowers in a little glass jug, or add a false succulent if you’re not great at keeping plants alive like us! 

You can always buy a small ceramic vase with a cute pattern or texture and place some dried flowers in there such as pampas grass. This is perfect for cool, serene and minimalist spaces. 

Place Some Coasters

You cannot forget the coasters! Stack them up on the side of the tray or on top of your coffee table books. There are so many cute coasters to choose from, you can find ones that match the color scheme and decor of your home, or opt for personalized ones with your initials on! 

Secret Storage

You may want to add a little storage box, or decorative trinket box to keep little things safe. Alternatively, try a large box to keep remote controls or reading glasses stored neatly away.

Keep It Simple

When styling your coffee table, try not to get carried away with adding more and more things. Keep it simple, and keep it functional.

Yes, a few books for display is fine, but you don’t want to overload your coffee table and make it appear cluttered. Instead, ensure all of it looks balanced, clear and creates a zen environment for you to unwind in after work or on a weekend.

What To Do

You’ll want to keep a focal point, and try to create a triangle shape with whatever is on the table.

So, for example, if your focal point is a cute pot with a houseplant in, then you can balance this out with a smaller candle to the right side of it, and one or two stacked books to the left, so there is texture, balance and symmetry to the table. 

You can also anchor your coffee table if there is a shelf underneath, and make sure that you dress this too, adding magazines, books or storage underneath. 

What Not To Do

As mentioned before, you want to create a sense of balance. If you have a round coffee table, you don’t want to have a round tray on the top, or lots of circular objects as it can look a little overwhelming. Create dimension by playing around with different shapes.