Are Coffee Table Books Still Popular?

Coffee tables often have a very prominent, central place within a living room, and are highly functional. It’s where you place your coffee in the morning, rest the TV remote, or light a candle while you watch some television. 

Are Coffee Table Books Still Popular

The coffee table is often a focal point in the living room too, which is why you will want to style your coffee table. Yes, you heard us right, even the coffee table has to be styled if you want that perfectly decorated home! 

You can add a tray, place a candle on the coffee table, add ornaments, or a houseplant to create a sense of interest in your living room. One of the most popular ways that you can style a coffee table is with a coffee table book. So, what is a coffee table book and why do we need them? 

What Is The Point Of A Coffee Table Book?

A coffee table book is a specific kind of book that is only intended to sit on your coffee table. It’s not the kind of intense read, or dramatic fantasy novel.

These books are often called cocktail table books, as they are usually intended for display only, or as short, interesting reads for guests visiting your home.

As a result, they tend to be very attractive books, and often large, hardcover books that draw in the reader and grab your attention. Some are mainly there to serve as inspiration, but nowadays, most people pick coffee table books pretty much because they look good in the room. 

They say you should never judge a book by its cover, but how can we not have some gorgeous hardbacks sitting so beautifully in our homes? 

Are Coffee Table Books Still Popular?

People have had coffee table books for years, and the trend does not seem to be going anywhere! Coffee table books are more popular now than ever!

Not only do coffee table books serve as interesting conversation starters, or entertainment for guests in your home, they can also show off your personality, interests and style by what coffee table books you have lying around. 

You can therefore use coffee table books to express yourself and inspire conversations with your friends, colleagues, family and love interests.

Think about it...your crush comes over and sees your impressive collection of coffee table books, stacked neatly on the edge of your coffee table. It becomes a conversation starter, and you really hit it off. What’s not to love? 

Why Is A Coffee Table Book Important?

Coffee table books are there to create interest. They’re a great way to get you, or your guests off your phones, to flick through the pages and learn something new, or read about something you’ve never read before! 

These books are typically informational and informative. They are often there for entertainment, with lots of images and diagrams to keep you interested for an easy, quick read. 

These books can often be inspiring, and offer you images and information to keep you focused, or give you new ideas and thoughts. They’re also a form of self expression for you to surround yourself with the things you love and what interests you.

Visitors can pick them up to pass the time, or learn something new about you, and what makes you tick! 

But sometimes, the coffee table book is not about your guests. Sometimes, you just might want to have the book there as a reminder of your favorite things, interests and because it looks nice in the room. 

Our Favorite Coffee Table Books:

You can use coffee table books to express your interests, and personalize your home. For instance, most people opt for eye-catching hardcover books about art, culture, history, fashion, photography, nature and other interesting topics. 

Some of the most popular coffee table books are fashion books, as they look great in minimalist homes on the coffee table.

These hardback books tend to be the likes of Louis Vuitton , Tom Ford, Vanity Fair 100 Years, Vogue: An Illustrated History or books like Fifty Years Of New York Magazine

Coffee table books are often lifestyle books intended for light reading such as Live Beautiful or Zen: The Art Of Simple Living.

You may want to place a short book of poetry on your coffee table for guests to flick through such as the iconic Milk and Honey or perhaps a book that asks all of the right questions like Women Don’t Owe You Pretty

These coffee table books are intended for a quick read, as entertainment and to spur thought or conversation, so make sure you pick ones that can pique your interest, and your guest’s interests.