What Is the Most Popular TV Stand?

TV stands are a necessary, and useful, piece of furniture for any room. Aside from the fact that a TV stand provides extra storage/display space, they also help to reduce conditions like eye and neck strain by putting your TV unit at the perfect angle for you! However it can be difficult to find the best stand for you. 

There are so many different factors to consider, including the material, the size and whether it has additional features. For this reason, it is often the best plan to go for the most popular TV stand - you know it will be brilliant! So, read on to find out which is the most popular stands, designs and material.


Simpli Home - Acadian 53 inch Wide Tall TV Media Stand

This beautiful cabinet-style TV stand is a very popular choice on the market. Able to hold TVs up to 55 inches, it is also a media stand with lots of storage space. This means it can hold a very large amount of electronics, including DVD players, gaming consoles and speakers. 

Because it also has adjustable shelves, almost anything can be kept in it! It is made from durable, good quality wood with a protective lacquer over the top to highlight the grain, making it more attractive, and to prevent any damage. It has cord management cutouts at the back of the stand, so any wires can be tucked away neatly. 

To further add to its look, it has a molded crown edged table top, beautiful Brushed Nickel knobs and tapered legs. Ultimately, it is a very classy-looking media stand that will work in almost every room - as a TV stand, storage place, and decorative piece.


Wayfair - Beachcrest Home Sunbury TV

As one of the highest reviewed TV stands on the Wayfair website, and on the internet in general, this Sunbury TV stand is a must have for any home. It is made from engineered wood (and it comes in a variety of colors), which means it will look good in pretty much every home, as well as being extremely durable - its weight limit is 250lb. 

On top of this, it has adjustable shelves so it can be adapted for different consoles, electronics and decorative elements as well. It would make for a great DVD rack! It has organized cable management for each shelf, which will make the TV area look much tidier, and there won’t have to be any stress about tangled cords. 

Because of all of these great features, the Sunbury TV stand is one of the most popular TV stands out there. 


This popular stand is made out of tempered glass and steel, giving it a very modern look. It is capable of holding a large range of TVs (from 32” to 65”), making it accessible to a lot of customers.

The stand is made up of three layers of tempered glass with a mounting bracket design supported by a solid aluminum tube at the back. These layers are able to withstand a large amount of weight, so you can use them for multiple gaming systems, DVRs etc.

It is extremely easy to assemble, and the swivel feature for the mounting bracket is perfect for when you want to watch TV from different angles in a room. As it is a corner floor TV stand, with a mount bracket built-in, it really fulfils all of the criteria needed from a TV stand, making it an extremely popular choice on the market! 

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Designs of Popular TV Stands

TV Stands with Built-in TV Mounts 

These types of TV stands are rapidly gaining popularity in the market, because as TVs are getting thinner (flat-screen) but wider, TV mounts are becoming more necessary to make sure nothing falls over.

They do this without forcing you to drill any holes in your wall, which is much easier for those who are renting a home. As well as this, they often come with methods of hiding any wires connecting the TV to wall sockets and consoles, which make a room look tidier. This is why these stands are so popular! 

What is the most popular TV stand

Traditional Cabinet TV Stands 

This is probably the easiest type of TV stand to find. There are plenty of them in circulation, and because they are so easy to build, they are one of the most sought-after. 

They often come with shelving to store other objects/consoles, and the sometime have doors too so you can hide electric equipment. However, because they are so straightforward, they are often overlooked for ‘fancier’ TV stands with newer features, such as TV mounts. 

Corner TV Stands 

Corner stands are most popular for those with smaller homes/apartments, who also own smaller TVs. This is because the stands are meant to fit into the corner of a room to reduce the amount of space they take up which saves space for other furniture. But this means that the width of the TV can only be as big as the corner of the room.

The biggest TV that seems able to fit on a corner TV stand is 42 inches. These are popular with students and those who are renting, but they are less popular with homeowners. 

Most Popular TV Stand Material

With the variety of TV stands out there, there is also a huge variety of materials used to create them. On the rise in popularity are metal and glass units - they are modern, sleek and easy to keep clean. However, the most popular TV stand material to date is still wood!

This is because wood is sturdier than the other materials, it fits in with an ‘elegant’ look in a home, and it is often cheaper too (unless you get a high-quality hardwood stand, such as oak, walnut or maple). 

What you can get if you are looking for a wood-like TV stand that isn’t too expensive, is an MDF (medium-density fiberboard) stand, or a particle board stand. This is the most commonly used material, because it is inexpensive.

As well as this, it is easy to build and cover with any wood-type veneer, so it will look like a wood TV stand!