Are Leather Sofas Still in Style?

If you’re looking for a new sofa, deciding on a particular style can be really difficult.

There are many different designs and aesthetics, and interior design is an incredibly nuanced world of intricate details and discrete tastes that can feel difficult or intimidating to explore.

Most importantly, however, when you’re picking out furniture you should be expressing yourself and your own tastes, and few things are more classic and impressive than a leather sofa.

That being said, some would argue that leather is outdated and unfashionable and that more modern styles and upholstery are the current trend. 

While there may be an element of truth to that, it’s far from the rule and there are many great leather sofas out there that are both modern and classic, but that will look amazing paired with the right colors or if positioned correctly.

In short, no, leather sofas certainly aren’t out of fashion, and are incredibly stylish, as long as you know what to look for and how to look after it!

But what leather sofa should you choose now that your mind is at ease?

Take a look at some of our tips and suggestions below to learn just how impressive leather sofas can look, and to maybe find some inspiration!

The Different Styles of Leather Sofa

Recliners - Recliners are a popular modern sofa that is comfortable and are available in leather or soft materials, and incorporate mechanical or electronic devices into the frame of the sofa to change the shape for a more relaxed, laid-back posture.

These sofas are often extremely comfortable but can be large and expensive.

Tuxedo Sofas - Tuxedo sofas are a stylish choice with a low back, high arms, and a squared-off shape, with stitching covering every area of the sofa in a crossed pattern.

These sofas are often seen in business or smart areas, or areas that are particularly chique and fashionable.

Chesterfield Sofas - An absolutely classic design that works well in a room filled with wooden furniture and furnishings, the chesterfield screams discerning taste and class and is often seen in varying colors of leather to suit the color of the room.

Green leather is a favorite as well as darker reds which look vibrant and luxurious.

Chaise - While these sofas are often material, there are leather versions, and they make for a very unique specialty option for certain spaces.

Daybeds - A flat, nondescript style of sofa, daybeds are often made of leather and are commonly found in waiting rooms or modern homes due to their stripped-back aesthetic and lack of a back or arms.

Tones and Colors 

Leather sofas can come in a very wide array of colors and tones, and they don’t just have to be varying shades of brown either!

While brown sofas can look incredibly classic and there is a range to choose from, it’s possible to choose red or green and even white for your leather sofa.

While there are some slightly more pressing limitations when compared to the colors found in material upholstery, leather comes in a surprisingly vast number of colors and shades giving you plenty of options and flexibility for pairing your sofa with different elements of your space. 

This can also allow you to add flair and make your sofa the focal point of your space if this is in line with your plans for the room.

What to Look for?

When looking for a leather sofa there are some key things to look for to make sure you’re getting the sofa of your dreams.

Aside from color and style which should be obvious, there are other pressing concerns too, and chief among them should be the grain of the leather used.

There are many different types of leather with varying quality and characteristics, from full-grain leather to top grain leather to split-grain leather and even imitations like faux leather and Bi-Cast leather.

The differences between these types of leather could fill a whole article of its own, but suffice to say that the type of grain used in your sofa will have a huge impact on its quality, longevity, and price.

While imitation leathers can save money and are comfortable, they will often peel and fade as time goes on, and can be harder to maintain compared to other more expensive options.

Consider this carefully and make sure you request proof of authenticity for your leather sofa if you’re paying top dollar for it.

Is Leather Worth it?

Yes, leather is definitely worth it! Leather is long-lasting, comfortable, and beautiful to look at, and can really elevate your interior design if used properly.

While leather can be a little more expensive and difficult to look after, it will often last a very long time and is more resistant to wear and tear as well as stains and fading compared to upholstery, making leather a great choice for many different reasons aside from its classic appearance.