Do Corner Sofas Come In Two Parts?

How a corner sofa is delivered depends entirely on the design and how large it is, but for the most part, small units will arrive as two separate parts. This is to make handling them in the warehouse, delivery, and your life easier.

If, on the other hand, you’ve got your heart set on a multi-section sofa that looks more like a Grecian maze than a chair, it’s likely that it will arrive split into more than two sections. Even fairly minimal corner designs may be broken down into three separate parts if it makes sense to do so.

Do Corner Sofas Come In Two Parts

A divisible unit is really the only way to go if your home has standard-sized entry points, otherwise, you simply wouldn’t be able to get that cozy new corner couch you’ve been dreaming of into your home.

You could just use it as fancy garden furniture, but I don’t think all that plush cushioning is going to fair too well out there exposed to the elements.

Handling a large sofa piece by piece also takes the edge off a flight of stairs for the delivery person, avoiding a hilariously devastating “Pivot!” situation à la Ross from Friends.

The last thing you want is your sprawling new sofa to become wedged in a stairwell, denying you and your neighbors passage.

You could give another name to the separation of a corner sofa: modularity. The fact that you can take them apart means you can get creative with how you put them together and what style of sections you’d like.

Many furniture outlets even offer a modular sofa as standard. First, you settle on all the basics such as material, color, pattern, and cushion style, then you can basically design your own sofa - it’s like the interior design version of Build-a-Bear!

A modular design also means you can custom fit your corner couch to your home. If you need something with unusual dimensions - no problem.

If you want one long section for lying down after a hard day, shezlong-style - done! Do you need a particularly short section to fit in an oblong living room? Say no more.

As sofa cushions are normally packed separately from the bones of the sofa itself, you should also expect them to arrive as separate pieces too. So, all in all, those delivery people could be looking at three to four return trips to the truck before construction can take place.

Normally, the delivery people will be obliged to set up at least the skeleton of the sofa where you want it in your home, so don’t worry about putting you back out dragging the pieces into place.

Once they’ve done the heavy lifting, you can layer on the cushions, take a seat, relax, and enjoy your wonderful new sofa! Even if you’re a busy bee, you have to at least take that bad boy for a brief test drive; It’s only natural.

However, be it as it may that most corner sofas come in pieces to make things easier for everyone involved, there are a few exceptions to the rule.

If, for instance, a corner sofa is especially small, it may not be fitted with any joiners, so it will be delivered in one piece.

In light of this, I’d always recommend asking a sales rep how the sofa is designed and how you can expect it to be delivered. Should your dream sofa be a single-piece design, those French doors you had installed may find more use than simply brightening up the place.

Do corner sofas come apart?

An overwhelming majority of corner sofas aren’t fixed permanently into place once they’re assembled, which is an absolute godsend! This makes them a much more enticing prospect. 

Should you want to rearrange your living room, it’s a breeze, and we all know how stressful moving house is; with detachable sofa sections, a huge chunk of that panic dissolves away - hurray!

Some sections; however, may still be quite large and heavy, so don’t expect to be able to shift them all by yourself.

Getting a friend, partner, or family member to help is always advisable, and once you’re done, you can make some cups of tea, and relax with your assistant on your new setup.

Now that we’ve addressed the impermanence of their structure, let’s discuss how exactly they fit together and how they can be separated back out into discrete units.

Nine times out of ten, corner sofas are adjoined with latches and hooks. You can think of it like a jigsaw puzzle in many respects. The main, or anchor, section of the sofa will feature a little metal fixture at both of the bottom corners.

The peripheral section of the sofa will have two corresponding metal fixtures. These hooks simply slide into one another, and voilà! That’s that; you’ve just assembled part of your corner sofa.

As the metal hooks are situated at the very bottom of the sofa’s inside edge, once fitted together and buried under a mountain of cushions, you’ll never see them again. Don’t worry about rigid protrusions causing discomfort or injury. There’s no earthly way they’d ever reach you.

Disassembling your cozy corner couch is a total cakewalk too, and once it’s done, why not have a seat on a section and treat yourself to an actual slice of cake and a cup of coffee?

To get to that relaxing cakey goodness, all you have to do is lift the peripheral sections back out of the anchor unit, and that’s literally it.

The best way to approach disengaging the connectors is to stand by the connection, run your hand along the front of the back cushion and beneath the sitting cushion. Typically, a corner sofa will have a concealed horizontal rail to grab hold of.

Locate this rail with your hand, get a decent grip, then pull straight up far enough that the sofas become uncoupled. As you only have to lift one side of the peripheral section, it’s easy-peasy.