What Goes With A Velvet Sofa?

Velvet is a surprisingly adaptable fabric, one that can be paired with classic designs or more modern decoration. It’s luxurious, which many decorators are wary of, but the bold fabric of a velvet sofa is a fantastic starting point for decorating a room.

A velvet sofa is a large piece of furniture, so it should be the centerpiece of the space it’s in. Especially if it’s in a bright color.

Play with this by keeping other large areas plain, and adding pattern via smaller pops of decoration. Rugs, cushions, pictures, and ceramics can all add versatility without overwhelming the space. 

What Goes With A Velvet Sofa

Don’t be afraid to experiment with design. A velvet sofa can be both classic and elegant, or work with more contemporary styling. You can emphasize the vintage appeal by using wood, florals, and other natural elements.

Alternatively, pair a bright velvet sofa with colder metals and a monochrome color palette. 

Velvet is often used to add warmth to a space, so consider other textures with a cozy feel. Leather and wood have a warming, rustic vibe, and can be playful when paired with a sumptuous velvet. Or, offset large areas of velvet with harder materials such as brass, chrome, or even stone.

A velvet sofa doesn’t have to be an intimidating decorative prospect. Pay attention to the balance of textures, colors, and finishes.

If you have a bold velvet sofa, offset this with plain fabrics and the occasional burst of pattern.

Can you have too much velvet in a room?

Velvet is rich and luxurious, and too much of it can age a room, or overwhelm it. Instead, the velvet should be balanced with a range of other textures. Luckily, velvet can work with almost anything. If you have a large velvet sofa, consider chairs in subtle fabrics such as linens. 

Layering fabrics, patterns, and textures softens the impact of the velvet. Velvet can be incredibly bold, especially if you’ve chosen a material with a high shine.

Rather than giving a feel of luxury, too much velvet can quickly become tacky. By playing with layering the overwhelming nature of velvet is softened.

Consider as well the type of velvet used. One of the reasons velvet is so adaptable is due to the variety. Silk velvet has an incredibly high sheen, so is best used for small touches. Linen velvet has a more modest appearance, so can be used across a larger space. 

Velvet can be both a focal point and an accent material. If you want to heavily emphasize velvet, choose richer shades with less sheen. 

If you have pets, you may be interested in using a lot of velvet. Because the weave doesn’t have loops, it won’t get snagged on a pet's claw.

Either purchase one big item in velvet, such as a sofa, or several smaller pieces. Velvet ottomans and low chairs can be used as pet furniture, while still looking attractive.

How do you style a blue velvet sofa?

Blue is an incredibly adaptable color, so much so that it could almost be considered a neutral. A blue velvet sofa could be styled to be the eye-catching focus, or an attractive background piece.

The color blue is naturally calming, as our brain associates the shade with the outdoors. Style a blue velvet sofa using cool neutrals and other natural colors and materials. Greens can be elegant, and wood finishes add a farmhouse touch. 

That doesn’t mean a blue sofa can only be styled with neutral shades. Pale pinks can add romance, soft yellows work for a contrast, even splashes of orange can look good.

Blue is an ideal choice for a velvet sofa because the deeper shades offset the sheen of a velvet finish. A brighter blue can be playful, and works as a contrast to the old-fashioned texture of velvet.

As all shades of blue are so adaptable, you can play around without needing to tone down the rest of the decoration.

A blue velvet sofa can also be styled with a variety of textures. Unfinished woods are a particularly good idea. The rustic appeal offers a direct contrast to the high finish or velvet, and the natural shades play with the calming aspects of the blue.

Alternatively, use a lower sheen velvet and pair with polished metals. These modern materials allow the richness of blue velvet to come through.

How do you style a red velvet couch?

Red velvet is a lavish and stately material, so you need to be careful when styling it. Allow the sofa to become the focal point of the room, and tone back the other areas of decoration.

You may wish to draw attention to the classic styling of a red velvet sofa. Red velvet is a fabric with a history of use in luxurious settings. Pair your red velvet sofa with polished wood furniture, to play on the opulence.

Use small touches of gold colored decoration, especially on the walls. Items such as mirrors, photo frames, and candlesticks can be deluxe without being overwhelming.

Red velvet adds drama to a room, so if you want the sofa to shine balance it out with whites and neutrals. Color can be injected via small areas of pattern, such as cushions and ceramics.

In China, red is considered a lucky color and is used to represent happiness. A red velvet sofa can be styled with Asian inspired pieces, for a room that is thematic without being tacky. Style with Chinese porcelain, patterned rugs, and artworks. 

Of course, as it’s such a bold sofa you may prefer to go bold all over. Mix different styles, or textures, or colors, to create an eclectic space. The trick is to choose one area to experiment, and show restraint elsewhere. For example, tone back clashing colors with streamlined furniture.

What is the best color for a velvet sofa?

A blue velvet sofa is the easiest to style, and all shades of blue work with the sheen and texture of velvet. However, velvet can be styled in many ways, so any color can work for a velvet sofa. The best color for a velvet sofa is the color you like best.

Blue is incredibly adaptable, and can work as a neutral while providing an extra layer of richness. If you want to experiment with other types of decoration, blue is the perfect choice.

Velvet sofas can look fantastic when made in rich, jewel tones. These become the focal point of any room. Velvet is rarely a subtle fabric, and this can be played up by using fun colors for a centerpiece that draws the eye.

Alternatively, use a neutral shade on the sofa, and add color via decoration. Velvet is an opulent fabric, so the neutral shades tone it down. Interest can be added via decorations. A neutral velvet sofa won’t overwhelm the space, and leaves room for experimentation.

Gray is particularly good for a neutral velvet sofa. The finish of the velvet elevates the unobtrusive shade, giving a smoothness and a warmth.

Any color can work for a velvet sofa, it’s just a matter of finding balance. Velvet will work with a variety of textures, and layering gives this old-fashioned fabric a modern look.