Are Burrow Sofas Comfortable?

That’s a question with a subjective answer, but their thousands of happy customers certainly seem to think so. Having read through many of them, these are the general points that most buyers agree on:

You’ll find that they have a firmer cushion than your average sofa does, but this makes it a whole lot easier to return to a sitting or standing position on them. Likewise, its higher back and arms support your back and shoulder muscles well.

Are Burrow Sofas Comfortable

Although some customers prefer a plushy, bouncy couch to sit, snooze and shout on, others might be grateful for the durability of the slightly firmer option. It’s sure to last longer and withstand more rough and tumble than competing sofas.

That isn’t to say they aren’t comfortable though! They are lovely to sit, lie and recline on, and you could totally nap on one - this is perhaps the most important factor when it comes to couch buying, and Burrow passes the test with flying colors.

Absolutely obsessed with the aesthetic of Burrow sofas, but not sure they’ll meet your needs or wants? Why not get in touch with their team of in-house designers, who can give you a consultation and take notes on what it is you’re after.

Each one is free, and they will walk you through the entire process of designing your own custom couch, whether that’s over the phone from the comfort of your home or in person at their head office in New York City.

Are Burrow couches non-toxic?

Absolutely! As stated on their official website, All of the synthetic fibers they utilize for their sofas are non-toxic, without any nasty chemical additive treatments. Safe for small children and pets alike (the primary culprits for potential licking) you can buy with full peace of mind.

Another benefit of their conscious and intelligent design is that the material itself has been colored deeply rather than just being thoroughly coated in dye, so it shouldn’t fade over time or after cleaning in the way other sofas might.

The non-porous fabric is ideal, too, for deflecting stains, and will never absorb any of your accidental drops and spillages. Though you’ll still have to give them a clean - we haven’t yet invented self-cleaning sofas, unfortunately - it will be easily restored!

Speaking of cleaning, guess what? Using only a simple solution of distilled water and bleach (being cautious to properly dilute according to manufacturer guidelines, of course!), you can remove pretty much anything that is spilled on a Burrow sofa.

Where other furniture would fade after a bleach bath, these babies can more than withstand it.

Are Burrow couches worth it?

That’s a matter of opinion - but they’re definitely a fantastic option. Their ethos as a company revolves around solving every problem that sofa shoppers face, for instance:

  • Each item of furniture they make is modular, so it can be delivered in a series of small, environmentally friendly packages as opposed to one absolutely ginormous one, so it’s easy to ship out and then move and repack in the future
  • They produce high-quality furniture thanks to their innovative, twenty-first-century design, but because they have worked cleverly, they can still charge less than their competing manufacturers do
  • As they deliver directly to you, they can eradicate the marked-up retail prices as well as cut out 70% of the price of shipping, which saves more than $600 on average for every customer
  • Every sofa has its own USB, so you can charge your smart devices easily, without having to reach behind for the outlet that’s just out of reach and bends your cable
  • Unlike other furniture stores that offer flat packing services, theirs are incredibly easy to put together, as the instructions provided are large print, easy to read, and have visual guides - you don’t even need any tools to put it together, only your hands, as everything slides into place with a satisfying click, screws in by rotation or locks down with a latch

Is Burrow’s fabric really scratch-resistant?

Indeed it is. In fact, the brains behind the business go so far as having their own set of custom, 3D-printed animal claws made up, so they can test their resilience countless times without roping in anyone’s beloved pets against their will.

Thanks to their use of an ultra-tight weave, none of their sofas - which have been made using olefin fiber can be snagged by claws, unable to pull at any of the individual threads to cause a tear. 

They are so confident in this promise of resistance that they will literally mail you a swatch of their fabrics so you can run your own tests with your furry friends if you’d like - you can even see how much their fur is visible over it if you want to.

Plus, if you’re interested, they make their own range of functional yet stylish rugs with several options that are perfect for homes full of one or more fur babies. Each one has been made from recyclable, easy-clean materials that last for years.

Are Burrow couches durable?

Yes, very much so! According to their website, every sofa that Burrow makes has undergone a “grueling series of tests” which determine whether it will be sufficient to sit on - and everything else! - for years to come.

For instance, in order to test the sturdiness of their designs, they repeatedly drop a 300-pound weight on it, and not just a couple of times either. Thousands! To test how well they deflect stains, wine and pasta sauce are poured all over them!

All Burrows are purpose-built to last, using only hard-wearing, sustainably sourced hardwood paired with fabrics that are both stain-resistant and stand up to scratches - from animals AND humans! 

These fabrics are woven together as tightly as possible, which gives them a resilience never before seen from a sofa. Toddlers, Rottweilers, giant mugs of coffee? All absolutely no match for these bad boys.

This is a company that believes firmly in the promises it makes, so they will physically send you samples of any fabrics you’d like to test out at home. Do whatever you want to it, then wash gently and see how it comes up like new!