Are Futons Actually Comfortable?

Futons can be a great way to maximize space in your apartment or room as you won’t need both sleeping space and a couch.

If you have guests over frequently and they need a place to stay, with a futon they won’t need to sleep on the sofa as they can pull out the sofa and sleep in what is basically a bed.

Are futons actually comfortable

A futon is basically a mattress that folds out of a couch-like piece of furniture. When the futon is folded into the couch, the couch just acts as a couch, however, when the futon is unfolded it can be used as a spare bed for any guests or even yourself.

Futons, like mattresses, come in various different thicknesses, and all of the different mattress sizes so you can decide which is the most comfortable option for you. 

A futon can definitely be comfortable to sleep in, it doesn’t differ too much from a bed when it is in its sleeping position. However, this all depends on the quality of the futon and the type of frame that it comes with.

Cheaper futons will be uncomfortable to sleep in for long periods of time as they normally come with a lower quality frame that doesn’t support weight very well.

Cheaper futons normally use metal frames with mesh or thick bars, these types of frames can dig into the mattress while pressure is being applied and lead to a very uncomfortable sleep.

If you go with a more expensive futon you will get a higher quality frame made from better materials. Some futons are made with the same material as most mattresses like weight-distributing springs so sleeping on those futons wouldn’t feel much different from sleeping in a normal bed.

Some of the more expensive metal-framed mattresses will have Flexi Slats that will be able to distribute weight better than metal bars or mesh. Futons will always come with a firmer mattress than any bed or sofa bed. This is because the futon folds up into a couch as it is, and a couch needs to be firmer than a bed.

A soft and squishy base on a futon will result in a couch that would be quite uncomfortable, and be difficult to get in and out of for small children and the elderly.

Therefore if you are only comfortable with a soft squishy bed then you may need to add something extra to make the futon comfortable when sleeping. If you are comfortable in a firmer bed then a high-quality futon is perfect for you as it won’t feel any different from a high-quality mattress.

Is A Futon Couch Comfortable?

If you have a futon as your permanent bed then half of the time you will be using it will be in the folded in couch position.

If you have a futon just for guests to sleep in when they come over then you will be using it as a couch for the majority of the time, so it is important that the futon is comfortable as a couch as well as a bed.

Most futons come with a firm mattress and this makes it more comfortable to sit on as a couch, if you have a soft mattress on a futon the back and the seat of the couch will both be quite squishy and it may feel more like sitting on a bean bag than sitting on a couch.

Having a soft mattress on a futon in couch mode will also be difficult to get in and out of. 

Because of the way an average futon folds into a couch, it is likely that the couch will be in sort of an acute angle with a slight downward slope on the seating area, this can make you fall back into the seat a little but you probably won’t notice it much unless sitting and standing is something you struggle with anyway.

Because the futon is also designed for long periods of laying down, high-quality futons are quite comfortable to sit in for long periods of time as well and can make a perfect sofa. 

How Do You Make A Futon More Comfortable?

If you have a futon and you don’t find it very comfortable then there are a few ways that you can make it a little nicer to sleep or sit on. If you are uncomfortable with sitting on a futon then cushions are your best option, putting cushions on the back of your futon will help prop you up so you don’t sink into the mattress as much, this can especially help if you have trouble standing up from your futon due to the acute angle.

If you have trouble sleeping on a futon there are a number of options that can help you sleep more comfortably. If the futon is a little firm for you then you could get a mattress topper.

Mattress toppers come in all different sizes and thicknesses and work brilliantly on futons as well as normal mattresses.

An average mattress topper that adds a softer layer to your futon would do just fine if you’re missing the softness of a normal bed, however, you can purchase memory foam mattresses toppers that add a layer of memory foam to your futon.

Memory foam shapes itself around your body and sleeping position to make sure that you are fully supported when you are sleeping.

If your problem isn’t with the firmness of your futon but instead stems from the structure of your futon, then it may need extra support at the bottom.

If, when you’re sleeping, you dip down and feel the slats underneath your futon, then you should add some extra slats or plywood underneath, this should make the structure a little sturdier and support you more, helping your comfort while you sleep.