How Much Does It Cost To Refill Couch Cushions?

I’m pretty much a couch potato - Wentworth Miller

If you’re anything like us, and Wentworth Miller your favorite spot in your house is on your couch, curled up with a good book or wrapped in its comforting embrace, eating a bag of popcorn and watching your favorite shows.

There’s nothing like spending all day and all night on your couch, while the rest of the world passes you by doing its own thing, leaving you alone to do yours.

The only problem with loving the time that you get to spend on your couch is that sooner or later that time will come to an end, and the more time that you spend on your couch, the sooner that dreaded day will arrive. 

How Much Does It Cost To Refill Couch Cushions

Nothing lasts forever, and eventually all things, no matter how much you cherish them and wish that you could drag them out for eternity, must come to an end.

And at some point, the cushions that you’ve spent so many bliss-filled afternoons and happy evenings sprawled out on will eventually begin to collapse, as their stuffing gives up and goes gently into that good night.

There was a time when the death of your couch cushions meant that your couch was destined to follow them soon after and that you’d end up breaking your bank balance in two and handing your pocketbook over the vagaries of fate in an attempt to replace your most cherished possession.

 At least, that’s what popular and conventional wisdom used to proclaim had to happen. Sometimes though, you have to ignore what the rest of society does and follow your heart instead.

Sometimes you need to fix what’s broken and make it better than it was before. And the easiest, most financially astute, and emotionally rewarding way to fix what’s broken and return to the beloved status quo that you know so well, is by having the cushions of your couch refilled. 

In all fairness, you’ve probably known that the stuffing inside the cushions of your couch was on its way for a while, as they haven’t felt the same for some time.

Instead of being buoyant and supporting you whenever you flop down onto the couch, they’ve been limp and slightly insipid, they’ve lacked the fullness that originally made them so endearing and made you fall in love with your couch in the first place. 

When that does happen, or if it is happening right now, you’ll have to face the truth head-on. You need to have the cushions on your couch refilled with new foam or stuffing as soon as possible. 

There are two ways to have your cushions restuffed, and both have their advantages and drawbacks.

You can have your couches cushions refilled professionally, which let’s be honest would be the preferred method that most of us would choose as under the guidance of a professional, you’ll be able to choose the sort of material that you want them to use to do the job with (foam, memory foam, or stuffing), explain how high and how hard or soft you want your cushions to be, and because the job is being done professionally, it’ll also be guaranteed for at least twelve months, which will be a massive relief and weight of your mind.

And all in, including material, labor, and batting, depending on the size of your cushions, it should cost between one hundred and one hundred and seventy-five dollars per cushion to bring your couch back from the dead and return it to its former glory. 

Alternatively, if that’s a little too rich for your blood, even though it’s considerably cheaper than replacing your couch, you could refill your couch cushions yourself.

Whether you elect to use foam or stuffing to pump your cushions back up, unless you’ve attempted to, or have done the job before, you’ll be flying by the seat of your pants and it’ll take a while to get it right, as you’ll be basing everything that you do on trial and error.

Sure, it’ll save you a few hundred bucks (actually, it’ll probably save you a lot more than that), but the question is, at the end of the day what’s more important to you?

Comfort and quality or saving money and taking the chance that everything will work out just fine if you do it yourself? The choice is entirely up to you. 

Can I Get My Sofa Restuffed?

You absolutely can, and rather than sending your couch to the big furniture shop in the sky and having it recycled and turned into tires you absolutely should have your sofa restuffed.

The thing is though, it’s actually a misnomer if you refer to the job as having your sofa restuffed, as the only part of your sofa that will actually be restuffed is the bit that you sit on, the cushions.

Having it restuffed is a lot cheaper and easier on your bank balance than replacing the entire sofa and should ensure that your couch is fighting fit and up to doing its job properly again in next to no time. 

Best of all though, you can choose between having the restuffing done by a professional or doing it yourself, and if you do choose to restuff your sofa yourself, you’ll save quite a large chunk of change.

All you’ll have to pay for are the materials that you’ll need to do the job, because as your time is your own, labor and estimates won’t even be something that you’ll have to think about or consider. 

Can Leather Sofa Cushions Be Restuffed?

Yes, you can. In fact, most manufacturers recommend that you have your leather sofa cushions restuffed every couple of years, as they can, and do, begin to sag after continuous use.

And if the restuffing is done properly, correctly, and professionally, once it’s been done, your couch will look and feel like new again.  

When it comes to keeping your leather sofa in pristine condition, it’s worth paying whatever it will cost you (usually between one hundred and one hundred and seventy-five dollars per cushion) to have its cushions restuffed professionally.