Should Bar Stools Match Dining Chairs?

If you are redesigning or decorating your home, then you will want to make it look perfect for you. This means that you are at the fun stage: buying lots of furniture to turn your home into a cozy space to relax, kick back and enjoy!

One of the more popular trends these days is having a bar in your kitchen, or an island in the middle for a few bar stools. This is a perfect way to entertain guests, or make the most of the space that you have.

Should Bar Stools Match Dining Chairs

However, most of the time, the bar in the kitchen is not the main table to eat from, and you will usually have a dining table in the room too. 

This poses the problem of whether you should have the same chairs on your dining table as you do on your bar. Obviously, you need bar stools at the bar, and so you could be lucky and find the same type as your dining chairs, but in a stool version.

Most people aren’t so lucky, and you could be left wondering how on earth you are going to match them up!

Fortunately, we are here to help! When it comes to picking bar stools, it can be hard to find the right ones, and there are a lot of options to consider. In addition, many people wonder where to start and ask: should bar stools match dining chairs? That is what we are here to answer for you!

Should bar stools match dining chairs?

If you are wondering if your bar stools should match your kitchen chairs, then the answer depends on a variety of factors, and most of the time it will come down to personal preference. 

For many people, matching the bar stools to the kitchen chairs makes for an attractive and aesthetically pleasing look that ties the whole room together.

For others, they prefer to mix it up and add different textures and styles into the room. It really does depend on the look that you are going for.

That being said, generally speaking, you are going to want to have your kitchen chairs, kitchen table, bar, and bar stools matching with a few common design features, rather than have them look completely different.

This is because they will most likely be in the same room as each other, and you will be able to see both as you enter the room. To avoid clashing, the bar stools and dining chairs should have some commonalities. 

That does not mean that they have to look exactly the same. For instance, if you have wooden chairs with black legs on your dining table, then why not stick to black bar stools to tie it together.

They do not have to be perfectly alike, but it may look better if you stick to the same color scheme!

For example, if you had chic French style fabric chairs around your dining table like these ones.  You can pair these with clean, white wooden stools such as that match the color scheme, but do not detract away from the dining table.

The dining table is often the focal point of the room, and you will need bar stools that can be tucked away easily, so these would work well in the space! With this mixture of chic European style and rustic, Scandi living, you can give the room a whole new lease of life! 

If you choose to do so, you can have different looking chairs, as long as they match the overall theme and style of the room. This will add more depth, interest and personality to the space, and make your home feel much more unique and interesting! 

Should bar stools match kitchen table chairs?

Typically, bar stools will be found in the kitchen, and so for most people, matching up the bar  stools to the kitchen table chairs will be a good idea. However, if your bar stools are located elsewhere, such as in the play room or basement, then it does not really matter. 

Even if they are in the same room, it is a good idea to not have them matching completely, as this can look too overwhelming and fussy. Try mixing it up, but keeping in with the right theme and color scheme. 

By creating a different style for your bar stools, the room will look more full, but not too cluttered. In addition, it will give your room or kitchen more visual dimension and flair. This will give the space more of a personality, and make it seem less drab or ordinary. 

On the other hand, you may not want to have the same color bar stools, and you may want to go for a bolder look. This is perfectly okay, as long as it is complementary.

You do not even have to match the bar stools to your kitchen cabinets, as long as they look good together and the colors do not clash! By having a different color, you can create an eye catching look and implement a pop of color in a room that is all one theme. 

For instance, if you have cream or white cabinets, then you could try complementing this with gold metal stools, or a deep anthracite gray leather stool. The choice is yours entirely!

If anyone thinks that it does not look right, or it does not match completely, then who cares? It’s your home! Decorate it as you please, and buy furniture that you are in love with!