What Do You Put Behind A Recliner?

With more and more of us opting to purchase recliner sofas, we are faced with another dilemma, what to do with the space behind the couch?

We know that we need to leave enough space for our sofas to recline properly without damaging the walls or other furniture, but now we are left with dead space, and what use is that to us?

It's a real issue for those of us working with limited space. We don’t want to lose our precious floor space, but we also don’t want to compromise on our sofa’s reclining abilities, so what can we do? The last thing we want is a poorly designed space we can’t use! 

Well, you can stick with us! For we have the best solutions for the space behind your recliner and how to style them too! Just keep reading for all the answers and tips you need!

What Do You Put Behind A Recliner

What do you put behind a recliner?

While you need to ensure there is adequate space between the recliner and the wall, you can use this space for storage! You can place a bench behind the sofa to offer storage space and an extra seat if you have more guests around.

A bench can be removed easily and slotted back into place quickly.

Depending on the size of the bench and how easy it is to access, you can often move it without needing to adjust your reclining sofa too! Perfect for those times where you are in a hurry. You can also place storage boxes or other storage solutions behind your reclining sofa. 

These boxes can be placed behind your sofa easily and even stacked depending on the size! It usually offers inconspicuous storage space and uses what many refer to as dead space in our homes. 

When placing anything behind a recliner, you will need to ensure that it still has enough room to recline fully. You can check these dimensions usually with the manufacturer to ensure you leave plenty of space for the ultimate relaxation!

If you don’t intend to use your reclining sofa in its reclining mode, you won’t need to worry too much about leaving the space free behind the sofa.

Can you put a table behind a recliner?

You can place a table behind the recliner, but it will depend on the size of the table you are using. Generally speaking, traditional tables won’t fit behind most recliners.

They are too large and tall and will impact your ability to use your recliner. You won’t be able to recline backward without hitting the table, damaging both the table and the recliner. 

Smaller tables, such as coffee tables or nesting tables, can often fit behind a reclining sofa, though. These smaller tables can be stored behind the couch when you need extra space and ideal for the dead space between your reclining sofa and the wall. 

Ensure that the table isn’t too large for the space; ideally, you don’t want the table to be higher than the back of the sofa.

The table will stick out and can be an eyesore for those trying to hide it! The table can also impact the ability to recline your sofa, leading to problems when it comes to relaxing!

When placing a table, or any furniture behind your reclining sofa, you need to ensure that there is still enough space for the couch to recline fully. You can usually find these dimensions in the manual that came with your sofa, or you can contact the manufacturer directly. 

How do I make my recliner sofa look good?

There are a few things you can do to make your recliner sofa look good! To start, we recommend cleaning your sofa regularly to ensure that the fabric stays in good condition and any stains are removed.

How you clean the sofa will depend on the material, whether it's a fabric or leather recliner. You can find more details on how to clean your fabric sofas here

It's best to clean your sofa weekly, or more frequently if you eat on it a lot or have pets that shed a lot of hair. Once clean, you can work on making the sofa look good! Adding cushions and throws will go a long way to making your sofa look good and inviting.

Choose colors that suit the color scheme in your room and will match the sofa too. In some cases, you might want to repaint the room for a fresh and inviting look!

You can also use blankets to cover the color of your sofa if you no longer like it, but you might need to move these when you want to recline. 

When selecting your recliner, consider the other colors in the room to ensure the color will match and create an aesthetically pleasing environment for you to relax in!

How do you style a recliner chair?

When it comes to styling your recliner chair, we recommend adding a cushion with similar colors to create a stylish and inviting space. You can opt for colors that tie in with other furniture or decorations in the room if you wish; the choice here is yours!

For plain colored chairs, you can add a patterned cushion or one with bright colors to add a pop of color to your room and brighten the space up. You can choose here whether it will fit in with your current color scheme or not.

You can add a blanket or throw it too if you wish. These will add a comfortable and cozy look to your chair, as well as providing warmth on those colder evenings! You can leave the blanket folded on the chair or drape it over the back or arms, depending on your preference.

When doing this, ensure the throw is out of the way of pets and small children to avoid the blanket falling on them or slipping on it. 

You can also consider adding furnishings around the chair to style it. A jazzy bookshelf or small table can reinvent the space and make it highly desirable.

As we mentioned earlier, ensure that these furnishings fit into the style of the room and measure the space beforehand to avoid disappointment!