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Have you ever tried sitting down in a regular chair when you’re feeling restless? It doesn’t help to sooth or calm you, and you just end up getting back out of your seat.

And you can’t gently rock yourself to sleep in a regular chair either.

But, there’s an easy solution to both these two issues. And that’s to invest in a hanging chair. They’re perfect for gently swaying back and forth in comfort. So relaxing, and absolutely worth it.

And if that sounds good to you, you’ve certainly come to the right place. We’ve been checking out some of the best hanging chairs out on the market at the moment. After much deliberation we were able to handpick our top few favorites to review for you here today. That’s coming up shortly.

But if you’ve never bought one before we get that choosing one can be tricky. Which is why we’ve also put together a handy buying guide for you that will walk you through some of the key points to consider before you buy.

Then we’re going to top that off with another handy section - we’re going to tackle some of your most frequently asked questions on the subject.

And without further ado…

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Now this is a hanging chair that ticks all the boxes!

It’s very sleek and modern looking, with a beautiful and streamlined aesthetic. But at the same time it’s also very comfortable to sit in and swing away.

But perhaps the best thing about it is that there’s no need for any DIY or any drilling through your ceiling. And that’s because it comes with it’s own frame, and the seat hangs from the frame rather than from the ceiling.

We also love how it’s suitable for both indoors and outdoors, thanks to the corrosion resistant aluminum frame and the UV resistant padded cushions that won’t fade too quickly in the sunlight. And you don’t have to keep bringing the cushions inside every time you think it might start to rain because the cushions are waterproof too.

You also don’t have to worry about whether it will take your weight, because it has a very high maximum weight capacity, coming in at 350 pounds. This is thanks to its strong heavy duty construction. Sure it features rattan resin wicker, but this is wrapped around a solid and sturdy aluminum frame.

And not only does it feature a well padded seat, but there’s also a padded cushion for your lower back, and even a pillow for your head, so you can really kick back and relax on your porch or in your home. And if the cushions ever need to be cleaned, that’s no problem because you can unzip them for cleaning.

It has another great feature too. It has a dedicated safety strap that keeps the chair in place as you get in or out of the chair.

The chair’s aluminum frame has a square base, with each side measuring 38 inches, and it has a total height of 78 inches. So it’s really nice and roomy.

It does require some assembly however, but this is easy, and all the tools and accessories you need are included in the box. And if you ever want to move it from one place to another, that’s a breeze too, because you can disassemble it to get it through a doorway.

And if you’re not keen on the color scheme, that’s no problem either, since there’s a choice of 13 different color options.


  • Looks very sleek, modern & streamlined
  • No having to drill through your ceiling
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • High maximum weight capacity at 350 lbs
  • Features padding for seat, back and neck
  • Features a safety strap for easing in & out
  • Can easily be disassembled & folded


  • Requires some assembly
  • The cushion color will fade if left out in the sun for 2 years


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When we saw this hanging chair, we just knew we had to include it in our shortlist - it’s just so pretty and dainty and feminine! Especially with the little tassels along the bottom. And It comes with a matching plush seat cushion, too.

This particular hanging chair has been a quite a big hit with the leading online retailers, where it’s been met with excellent customer ratings and reviews. On Amazon for example, it has earned an average customer rating of an impressive full five stars out of 5, even after well over 1,000 individual customer ratings!

It has a good, strong, durable construction, with its unique multilayer woven rope fixed perfectly to the chair and anti-corrosion metal rings and components.

In fact it’s so strong, it has a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds, which means most adults could comfortably use it with a pet on their lap. And it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

It comes with all the hanging equipment you could want, including screws for a wood ceiling and expansion bolts for a concrete ceiling.

You also get 3 hooks, 2 chains, and 4 D-rings. You can either hang it with the chain/s or without them. And you can either have the left and the right ropes set up vertically, or they can be set up to meet in between and have the chair hanging from one point rather than two points.

It’s available in two different sizes. The standard size is 70 cm by 61 cm and is 122 cm high. The larger one is significantly larger, measuring 90 cm by 83 cm and is 128 cm high.

It’s also available in 4 different color options. We think the pale beige version is really pretty, but if you want to go really girly, there’s also a nice purple color option. There’s also a blue version that would go great in a little boy’s room, or a smart grey option.


  • Incredibly pretty hanging chair
  • Phenomenal customer ratings
  • All hanging equipment included
  • Strong, sturdy construction
  • Available in a choice of sizes
  • Great color options available


  • Some customers have said that it could do with a back pillow


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Now, this chair happens to be the winner of the title Amazon’s Choice in the category of hanging chairs. Such a title is only given to products that are not only of excellent quality but are also available at a good and reasonable price.

The cloud white version is super pretty with its 4 twisted ropes and Scandinavian shabby chic design. It would look great in the living room or in a neutral bedroom.

There’s also a cloud white and gray version which looks a little more grown up and sophisticated. Then there’s a bright blue and cloud white which looks super funky.

And it provides plenty of comfort for spending hours on it at a time, thanks to the plush cuddly cushion, which not only supports your but, but also your back and neck. And there’s even integrated armrests too.

It has a sturdy metal frame, supported by stable, tightly woven cotton ropes, with a double reinforced seat.

The seat has a diameter of 31.5 inches, and it reaches 52.4 inches high including the tassels at the bottom.

It has a maximum weight capacity of 264 pounds, which is not as much as we would like, but can easily accommodate the average weight of an American adult (which is 181 pounds).

And it’s suitable for both indoor or outside use.

We were saddened to learn that it doesn’t come with a hanging kit, however these are readily available and can be picked up for under $10.


  • Winner of the title Amazon’s Choice
  • Scandinavian shabby chic design
  • Features a plush cuddly cushion
  • Has a sturdy metal frame & seat
  • Comes in three great color options


  • Some customers have described the tassels as scruffy
  • It doesn’t come with hanging hardware in the box, and this would have to be purchased separately


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Just look at this stunning rattan egg hanging swing chair. It’s so sleek and modern, with it’s futuristic pattern and design.

But perhaps the best thing about it is that there’s no need for any DIY or any drilling through your ceiling. And that’s because it comes with it’s own frame, and the seat hangs from the frame rather than from the ceiling.

It’s available in three different color options, including a beige that would look great just about anywhere, a deep navy blue that would look great in a bachelor pad, and a green/blue that looks super cosy.

It’s made with high quality resin polyethylene wicker wrapped around a strong and stable steel frame. And the egg itself features an ergonomic curved mid back to provide that whole body support.

The seat cushion and matching head rest pillow are thick and plush for ultimate comfort.

It has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds, which is not as much as we would like, but can easily accommodate the average weight of an American adult (which is 181 pounds).

And it’s suitable for both indoor or outside use.

It measures 44 inches at its widest point and reaches 81 inches high.

It uses foot mats to prevent any damage to the flooring when you move the chair’s frame. And there’s also a strap to secure the egg to the frame, so that it doesn’t swing too freely.


  • Sleek, modern, and futuristic
  • No having to drill through ceilings
  • Available in 3 great color options
  • Strong and stable steel frame
  • Ergonomic curved mid back
  • Plush seat cushion and pillow


  • Premium product at a premium price


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If you’re looking for a bargain, hanging chairs very rarely come as affordable as this, coming in at less than $20 (depending what color you get).

And for such a cheap product, it has actually had some great customer ratings and reviews with the leading online retailers.

On Amazon for example, the average customer rating still comes in at an impressive 4 and a half stars out of 5, even after well over 1,000 individual customer ratings.

The great thing about hammock style hanging chairs like this one is that the material conforms to the shape of your body, to provide perfect comfort and support.

It has a generous maximum weight capacity, coming in at 300 pounds, so is able to accommodate most adults.

And you don’t just get the chair itself, you also get a spreader bar and several hanging accessories, including 10 foot tree straps, a hook and a carabiner.

It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It features a handy side pocket for stashing smaller items

You can either buy it without a cushion or with two cushions. If you do go for cushions, these are quite thick and plush, and they match the color scheme of your chair.

It’s available in 3 different color options, including a white which is actually more of a cream, gray and dark gray.

We were also impressed to learn that it comes backed by a lifetime warranty. Not bad hey?


  • Bargain affordable price tag
  • Excellent customer ratings
  • Conforms to your body shape
  • Generous max weight, 300 lbs
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty


  • Several customers have said that they recommend replacing the spreader bar for a better one

Best Hanging Chair Buying Guide

As promised, here’s your buying guide. It will walk you through some of the key points to consider when buying a hanging chair.

Indoor / Outdoor

Some hanging chairs are designed for indoors, while others are meant for outdoor use.

If you want to set up your hanging chair outdoors, you must ensure that it’s designed for use outdoors, and is sufficiently weatherproof, with a waterproof frame at the very least. Even if that means you have to bring the seat cushion in if it looks like it’s going to rain.


Hanging chairs are available in a wide variety of styles and looks. Some are quite hippy and funky, others are very sleek and modern, and some just look super pretty and feminie. The aesthetic of the chair will likely be one of your foremost considerations.

You may also want to consider how well the chair suits the rest of your decor. You don’t want it to look out of place.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of your hanging chair is basically a measure of the maximum weight it can take. And this will depend on just how well the chair is constructed and how well it's assembled.

Many people worry that a hanging chair won’t take their body weight, because they look so fragile compared to regular chairs. But the truth is that most single person hanging chairs have a maximum weight capacity of about 350 pounds, which is more than enough for most people.

If you need a higher weight capacity, you might want to consider a two-person hanging chair.


You must ensure that not only do you have enough space for your hanging chair, but also enough space to move around it when it’s set up. This is why we’ve included the chair dimensions in our product reviews.

Easy To Assemble

Many hanging chairs come complete with their own frame, and these are the easiest ones to assemble.

However, installing a chair that hangs from your ceiling is much trickier. It will require a little DIY on your part, and you will need an electric drill, among other things. If you do go for this type of hanging chair, ensure that all the hardware you need comes in the box when it arrives.


We favor chairs with thick, plush furnishings and plenty of padding.

Most hanging chairs will feature nice padding on the seat, but some will also feature padding elsewhere, such as that for your back and neck.

Value For Money

You won’t believe how much hanging chairs can vary in price! You can get some for under $20, while at the other end of the spectrum you can expect to pay over $400.

This is why it’s always good to check prices as you go along.

Best Hanging Chair - FAQ's

What Is The Best Hanging Chair?

We would argue that the best hanging chair is our number one pick, the Nicesoul Indoor / Outdoor Wicker Hanging Chair…

It looks very sleek, modern & streamlined, doesn’t require any drilling, is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, features padding for your seat, back and neck, can easily be disassembled & folded if you ever want to take it down, and it features a safety strap for easing in & out. And you get plenty of bang for your buck.

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