Best Living Room Chairs For Back Pain

Back pain has become a recurring problem for people both old and young. Too long spent hunched at a desk, sitting in a chair that can’t provide enough support, causes aches and pains that never seem to fade. Many of us try to fix the problem with a supportive office chair, and hope for the best.

However, this should only be the first step. We should expect back support from all the chairs in our home. There’s no good improving your posture at work, when the living room chair encourages a painful slouch.

We’ve put together a list of the best living room chairs to help with back pain. These help you to relax while providing support, and work with the shape of the body to aid posture. And they all look good as well, so you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort.


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The Signature Design by Ashley Yandel eases you into comfort, with a slow moving recline that gradually lowers the back while lifting the legs. The soft cushions and smooth exterior create a chair that you’ll want to sink into, while the sturdy frame provides ample support.

With a single touch, this chair begins a steady recline. The pressure is reduced from the back, while the legs are elevated, reducing fatigue. There’s also a lift function, to help elderly or disabled users to climb easily from the chair.

The power lift is combined with a structure that’s designed for support. Thick cushions provide a sturdy base to rest on, and the wider frame accommodates for numerous builds and seating styles.

The high backrest is supportive across the body, and wide arms help to reduce body fatigue.

There are two finishes available - saddle, and black. Both are made from a thick poly fiber that looks like leather, and feels cozy and soft to touch. The simple and attractive design will suit almost any style of living room.

This sort of comfort is hard to resist. A supportive recliner with an easy style and adaptable design.


  • One touch button - The simple remote control makes it easy to use the recline function.
  • Easy to build - Instructions and hardware are included.
  • Back and legs recline independently - Adjust the seating position to match your needs.


  • Lower footrest - The total elevation of the leg rest is lower than might be comfortable for some.


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The adjustable shape of the Homall recliner chair allows it to be useful around the home and throughout the day.

Upright, the thicker padding across the backrest follows the natural curve of the spine, providing stability to the body. The wider armrests with a subtle curve are comfortable to lean on, giving extra support as you rest. This is an excellent chair for conversation, reading, or even a few minutes of work.

Pushing into recline is easy, with only a light touch needed. The midway recline position reduces pressure, with the elevation of the feet contributing to a full body support. This position is ideal for television watching, and stops that dreaded slouch.

When fully reclined, the elevated legs and lower trunk creates a natural position to fall asleep in. It’s easy to take a quick nap in this chair, although the thick padding means you might sleep longer than planned.

The overall design of this chair is elegant and classic. Buttery PU leather is smooth on the skin, and a high quality stitched finish contributes to the attractive shaping. This chair will look fantastic in a modern living room, where the sleek lines will shine, or tucked into a reading corner.


  • PU leather - The fabric finish is skin friendly, feels fantastic, and can be wiped clean.
  • 3 positions - The easy push recline adjusts into 3 positions, accommodating for different activities and needs.
  • Plastic feet - protection for your floors, elevates the chair.


  • Small - Users have noted that taller people may struggle to fit. The headrest and footrest may not offer enough support.


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The Flash Furniture chair has a classic design and contemporary finish, with reclining features creating a chair that is adjustable to your needs. An ottoman finishes the set, and provides an opportunity for support across the length of the body.

The recliner chair is immediately comfortable. Thick foam padding really allows you to relax, while the structured design helps provide stability to the spine.

After a long day at work, you’ll find your aches fading as you sink into the chair. But why wait until the evening? The option for an upright design and padded but solid armrests make this chair suitable for home office use.

The lever recline is easy to use, and it smoothly swings you back to a supportive rest. Kick your feet up onto the thickly padded ottoman, and the reduced gravity will feel wonderful for your back.

An added bonus to the Flash Furniture recliner is the swivel base. This allows you to twist and turn without putting additional strain on the spine. The mahogany base is functional, and it looks good as well.

This is a chair that you will love having in your home. Durable leather upholstery and the polished mahogany base completes a design that’s both classic and contemporary.


  • Swivel base - Reduce the strain of twisting and turning with the easy swivel base.
  • Level adjust - Control is easy, swings smoothly into the recline position.
  • LeatherSoft upholstery - Soft, strong, and can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth.


  • Ottoman doesn’t adjust - The ottoman is one height only, which may be too low for those with longer legs.


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It’s difficult to know where to begin when it comes to great features on the Esright chair, so we’ll start with the obvious - the massage function.

A massage chair is a fantastic choice for those suffering from back pain, as it goes the extra mile to reduce and remove pain. The Esright chair combines the massage option with numerous functions, for a chair that’s all-around useful.

8 vibrating massage nodes are placed across the chair, targeting the back, lumbar, thighs, and legs. With two vibration intensities, the massage can target all the areas causing you trouble. Heat function on the lumbar improves blood circulation, reducing inflammation and aiding flexibility.

When you aren’t in massage mode, there’s still plenty to make this chair worth talking about. A simple recline function lifts the legs and lowers the back, easing the pressure on the spine.

The swivel mechanism allows this chair to turn the full 360 degrees, removing the need for twisting the spine. It even functions as a rocking chair, giving a movement that eases both the mind and the body.

And if you’re still looking for extras, a side pocket and cup holders complete this complex design. Once you’ve sat down, you might find it very hard to convince yourself to get up again.


  • 8 massage nodes - Targeted relief across 4 areas of the body.
  • Heat function - Increases blood circulation, so you can sit for longer without joints becoming sore.
  • Padded headrest - Cushioned support from the base of the spine to the neck.


  • Footrest is difficult to use - Latching the footrest into place requires a real push.


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One issue with recliner chairs is that they often look like recliner chairs. To accommodate for the complex mechanism, design is often sacrificed.

With the CANMOV pushback recliner chair, function and form work together. This gorgeous seat won’t look out of place in any home, with an elegant shape that’s both supportive and attractive.

The tufted design brings sophistication to the often bland recliner, while sturdy legs elevate both the seat and the finish.

With three reclining positions, this is a chair that can adjust to match usage. The 90 degree upright seat has a sturdy high back, providing stability to the spine.

With a 125 degree recline, it’s easy to watch television or movies without disturbing the back. And reclined to the full 140 degrees, the CANMOV is comfortable for naps and total relaxation.

The invisible support is constructed of durable steel, which is strong to support frequent usage. A Veneer Lumber framework is naturally tough - the chair can hold up to 300 pounds, making it one of the sturdier recliners available.

If you’re curious about purchasing a recliner, but worried about the design, the CANMOV recliner is the best of both worlds. With an easy recline function and compact size, this will fit into any living room.


  • 3 seating positions - Adjust the recliner depending on need and usage.
  • Sophisticated design - The wing back shape and tufted backrest makes this a recliner that stands out.
  • Sturdy cushioning - A supportive cushion that doesn’t encourage slouching.


  • Only one color - The only fabric choice is a difficult to clean light gray.

Best Living Room Chairs For Back Pain Buying Guide

A living room chair for back pain needs to have both style and functionality. Choosing the right chair for you means understanding the unique needs of your body, as well as considering the usage of the chair. Use this buyer’s guide to understand the fundamental features of a supportive chair.

Lumbar Support

Lower back pain often makes itself known even when you’re relaxed, and particularly if you’re sitting in a chair that isn’t supportive.

A good living room chair should have a padded backrest that’s shaped to support the lumbar region. This means that there’s no gap between the chair and the lower back. Without this support, the back slouches, stressing the muscles.

An ergonomically designed chair will have cushioning that prevents this sinking, and supports the spine.


A recliner chair is one of the most popular choices for those suffering from back pain. The advantage of a recliner is that it takes the pressure off the waist, reducing fatigue and soothing aches. Being able to recline aids relaxation, and helps when finding a comfortable position to sit in.

It’s important to consider how the chair reclines as well. Some use a mechanical system which is remote operated, others use a lever, and some have to be pushed into place by the user. The movement should always be smooth, and require little physical exertion.


The most basic recliner chair will offer only one recline position. With these, the option is often fully upright or slightly angled. These are generally cheaper, due to the limited functions. This slight recline is ideal for watching television, or sitting for longer periods.

More advanced recliner chairs will provide several levels of recline - typically 125 degrees and 140 degrees. With positions for sitting and napping, these chairs are more versatile.

The best recliner chairs allow you to fully adjust the movement. Rather than simply locking in at two predetermined angles, the user can choose a position that feels most comfortable for their back. Often controlled via remote, these chairs can become expensive.

Leg Elevation

It may not seem necessary, but leg elevation can help to reduce the strain on the back. That’s why a good living room chair for back pain will offer either an attached footrest, or a separate ottoman.

When the legs are elevated, the effect gravity has on the body changes. Blood will travel into the upper body, bringing oxygen with it. This increased blood flow helps reduce pain and inflammation.

Leg elevation is often closely connected to the reclining function. A chair with a reduced recline will often have a lower footrest.


It’s impossible to be comfortable in a chair that isn’t the right size. Whether it’s too small or too large, the wrong sized recliner might be putting an unnecessary strain on your back.

Be sure to check all the dimensions of the chair before making a purchase - particularly the size of the back and headrest. If the headrest is too small, then the neck will be put under strain.

The length and height of the footrest is also a necessary component. A footrest that’s too long or short won’t feel comfortable, and it will be impossible to enjoy the reclined position.

Weight is another important consideration. Some living room chairs for back pain contain complex mechanics, and are only designed to support a certain weight.

Materials And Build

A solid frame, thick cushioning, and soft materials are all necessary components. This chair should feel comfortable to sit in, or it won’t be doing its job. A high quality build will ensure the chair can last for longer, while solid building materials provide stability. Easy clean fabrics are also useful.


Thick and supportive padding should be used across the back and seat of the chair. This will provide the back with stability, and help to reduce the stress placed on the spine. A poor cushion will only aggravate the back pain. A living room chair should be used for relaxing, and therefore it needs to be inviting to sit in.

Cushioning across the arm rest is also useful. Being able to rest the arms properly will take weight away from the back.


A massage function isn’t a necessity, but it does help. A living room chair with a massage function helps to target specific areas of pain. The massage function relaxes the muscles and improves circulation, which really works to reduce aches.

Many massage chairs also feature a heating function. Heating increases blood flow, relaxes the joints, and loosens tight muscles.

Although a massage chair is a fantastic choice, they can be very expensive.


When it comes to finding a living room chair, we often want a design that matches the decor. Unfortunately, chairs designed to ease back pain often sacrifice design. Although the look of the chair shouldn’t be the primary concern, we understand that it’s important.

Luckily, the market for attractive recliners and support chairs is growing. Finding a stylish chair that also gives support is now easier than ever.

Best Living Room Chairs For Back Pain - FAQ's

What’s A Good Chair For Back Pain?

A good chair for back pain has supportive cushioning, and a stable structure. A recline feature helps to reduce the strain on the spine, and an elevated footrest improves blood circulation. Massage chairs provide targeted pain relief, and relax tight muscles.

Do Recliner Chairs Reduce Back Pain?

Recliner chairs can help with back pain, as they reduce the strain placed on the spine. An elevated foot rest also helps, as it improves circulation.

Do Massage Chairs Reduce Back Pain?

A massage chair is one of the best ways to fight back pain. The targeted vibrations work to loosen muscles, increasing the blood flow around sore areas.

How Do You Sit To Reduce Back Pain?

Sitting upright with lumbar support is a good way to reduce back pain. Keep your hips and knees at right angles, with feet flat on the floor. Take regular breaks to stretch and move around. The best way to sit to rescue back pain is sporadically. Only sit for short periods, and move often.