Best Reading Chair

When you think about the concept of a ‘perfect night’, some may immediately conjure up an image of a night out on the town with friends - but others may consider a night tucked away on a cozy reading chair with a hot drink and a book to be just as enjoyable.

That’s where we come in!

Whether you’re the most keen bookworm in the world or only pick up a book once every couple months, you deserve only the best quality reading chair. But, considering the selection of products currently available on the market, you really don’t need to break the bank to find a chair that suits all of your needs. Remember, expense doesn’t equal high quality!

The solution? You need an affordable reading chair that is comfortable, stylish, supportive and can withstand the test of time. However, we know it can be difficult narrowing down the top picks as there are so many similar items available for purchase. That’s why we have done the hard work for you.

So sit back, relax, kick your feet up, and take a metaphorical stroll through our handy guide. 

Best Colorful Design

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Are you searching for a reading chair to maximize your comfort and make a bold design statement?

Well, you may as well stop looking now. No, seriously. This JustRoomy product is perfect for you as it offers both of these things, and so much more. Plus, it’ll look amazing in your home! What’s not to love?

This flavorful mid-century modern accent chair features a stunning tufted squared back, simple lines and tapered legs to tingle your taste buds. It delivers an exquisite visual performance to you and any guests you may have over, and has a breathable linen fabric surface, which will ensure durability and comfort in your daily life.

The first practical element we want to draw your attention to is its sturdiness. A solid set of supporting wooden legs and a secure structural frame means that the chair can support extra weight of up to 330 pounds without any strain.

Also, knowing that this chair ranks high on the sturdiness scale shows that you won’t have to worry about the chair collapsing or tipping over with you sat on it. Now that would be embarrassing.

With a back height of 16.5” this colorful chair is fairly compact and is ideal for even the smallest reading nook. It is also easy to assemble. You simply need to screw in the legs, and it’s ready to go. How’s that for convenience?


  • Sturdy and supportive chair back
  • Unique color and design
  • Very comfortable for long periods of sitting
  • Can support up to 330 pounds of weight


  • Chair back can be quite stiff and needs to be broken in

Best Value Recliner

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If you’re looking for a more sophisticated addition to your personal library, living room, bedroom or even your home theater - the JUMMICO fabric recliner chair is the perfect choice for you.

Besides, it’s also a great addition to the home for those with a lower budget, so you know it will offer the best value for your money.

Similar to other products currently available, this recliner is covered by a high quality breathable linen fabric. It also features an all-round thick layer of padding to increase your comfort level. But, it also offers some of its own individual characteristics, including a set of unique wider curved armrests.

Not only do these help you to maintain a better posture if you’re sat upright, they are generally just much more visually appealing. It’s the perfect blend of prettiness and practicality.

A maximum weight capacity of 265 pounds just goes to show how sturdy this reading chair truly is. With a convenient push-back recliner design that enables you to adjust your chair between 90 degrees and 165 degrees, this easily maneuverable item makes reading books and watching Netflix as easy as breathing!

It also has a stable steel-framed footrest that can be freely adjusted to achieve the perfect napping environment (long or short, we don’t judge), and is generally just a really great way to help you relax.

Most importantly, this chair has rubber ‘feet’ at its base to protect your floor against any damage. With all of these factors considered, it’s easy to see why this product is the perfect chair to accompany your reading escapades.

In the words of Mary Poppins, this chair is practically perfect in every way!


  • It features padded seat covers for added comfort
  • It is lightweight and maneuverable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has a classically stylish appearance


  • Arms of the chair are not as high as other competitor items, meaning you might feel like your arms are less supported

Best with an Ottoman

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We’ve all been engrossed in a book at least once in our lifetime. The kind of dedication that means sitting in the same chair for hours on end, not moving a single muscle, whilst your mind is captivated by the narrative spread out on the pages in front of you.

Sound familiar? If so, then this product will be a great fit for your reading needs!

Overall, this style-conscious club chair and ottoman set contains the perfect blend of appearance and practicality to optimize your reading experience.

Well-designed in nature, the studded outline of this product adds the perfect amount of flair to compliment both the tufted seat back and its plush cushions.

The padded seats of this luxurious upholstery set ensure a comfortable lounging experience, whilst simultaneously giving you the room to stretch your body out as and when you need to.

Wrapped in a thick linen blend textile covering, this chair is also relatively lightweight. However, it is strong and extremely durable, with the ability to hold upwards of 220 pounds without any issues - so you can have complete faith in its structural abilities.

The use of this material for the outer layer of both the chair and ottoman ensures that they are both stain resistant, scratch-resistant, and perfectly protected against larger rips and tears. In addition, its elegant appearance will be relatively easy to clean and maintain due to the way it has been designed.

This set is also relatively easy to assemble. When you open the box and check under the chair for a zipper pocket, all the relevant supplies you need should be waiting there for you. Attractive, easy-to-clean and convenient? Sign us right up!


  • Stain and scratch resistant material coating
  • Aesthetically pleasing outer appearance
  • Durable and reliable for an easy reading experience
  • Available in several colors to fit with existing interior decor (personal or in an office)


  • The chair is quite firm when initially set up

Best for Comfort

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Have you ever wanted to sit crisscross apple sauce on a chair whilst reading a book or watching some TV?

 Well, you can do just that with this product due to a larger sized seating area. If that wasn’t enough already, this product was designed with long sitting periods in mind. Its soft touch cotton fabric covering and padded seat cushions create a seamless seated experience that cannot be matched.

Also, say goodbye to losing your things down the side of your chair! Additional pockets at the right-hand side of this product allow easy storage of your small trinkets, including your phone and wallet.

Made using a stylish quilted fabric, this chic modern chair will also look fabulous wherever you choose to put it. So, regardless of whether you’re a serial reader or a working professional with five minutes reading time to spare each day, you can definitely count on this elegant-looking product to help ease your fatigue.

We know you may also have some concerns about available color options, but just take a deep breath and relax! The HollyHOME fabric lazy chair comes in several vastly different colors and designs, ranging from a simplistic gray to a fun animal print, so you’ll be able to find something that floats your boat.

Like its name, this chair is built for convenience, and is the perfect solution for even the laziest individual. With easy folding storage for practicality and a quick assembly process, this chair is the answer to many of your problems.

This, coupled with its sturdy powder coated steel frame, means that this chair is ideal if you want to feel safe and secure with the sturdiness and longevity of your product. And, the fact it is constructed with steel means that it’s very strong and, as a result, can support up to 500 pounds of extra weight.

Overall, we definitely recommend this for its convenience!


  • Can support a large amount of weight
  • Sturdy structural design
  • Designed to support your body for long sitting periods
  • Easily stored for increased practicality


  • Front chair legs need to be secured twice to prevent the chair from moving around

Best Leather Recliner

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If you require a more sophisticated reading chair, this Homall recliner is a great choice.

When measured against other products in the field, it’s the little details that make this Homall recliner stand out. One of its most eye-catching elements is its simplicity. Available in black, brown and gray, this item offers a delectable color palette that will not offset your home.

It’s also made from high quality PU leather, meaning it is not only skin friendly, but is also very easy to wipe clean. Exquisite dual stitching along the length of the recliner offer an elegant resting experience.

With a back support height of 20.9 inches by 29.1 inches, this universal recliner chair will support you and your posture no matter your height. It also has high density sponge seats for the ultimate seated comfort, and a weight-bearing ability for up to 265 pounds - so you can be rest assured that your comfort is top priority.

This recliner is also supported by four sturdy plastic feet, which effectively protect the sofa and your floor from any damage. Whilst you’re at it, why not rest your feet on the comfortable leg rest?

Featuring thick layered foam padding which is directly supported by a highly durable - and very reliable - integrated steel frame, you can count on this recliner to heighten your reading experience.

It’s also a great fit if you’re seeking a chair for multiple uses. With wider curved armrests and the option to adjust the chair between 90 and 180 degrees for optimum relaxation, it’s mostly ideal for gaming, working, watching TV and taking naps (again, we won’t judge you for this one).

Prepare yourself for the most comfortable reading experiences of your life!


  • More sophisticated design
  • Leather is easy to wipe clean
  • Easy to push down when you get up from the seat
  • Strong metal frame to support a higher amount of user weight


  • Leather is more prone to rips and tears

Best Reading Chair Buying Guide

When purchasing any new furniture for your home, it’s important to find a product that suits your practical needs whilst blending in with your home decor. Hopefully, this part of the guide will help you narrow down your search.


If you’re planning to sit for hours and read, you want to maximize your comfort levels. That’s why we highly recommend prioritizing quality over price. A higher expense does not equal higher quality!

Chair Maintenance

Whilst there is no official rule book on what material you should choose, we highly recommend prioritizing reading chairs with a strong and supportive steel frame - regardless of its outward material covering.

Though leather chairs may be visually more appealing, they are more prone to tearing and marks than typical fabric chairs, and may need to be replaced more often. Overall, though leather tends to be easier to wipe clean, both fabric and leather chairs can be fairly easy to maintain.

Another important thing to consider is the general maintenance and durability of the chair. Though fabric chairs have a typical lifespan (like all upholstery), this will not matter too much if the chair is manufactured using high-quality materials and is properly cared for.

Leather is a robust material that gets better with age, and adds character to a room. However, you must keep in mind that leather furniture is more susceptible to scratches and tears than its fabric counterparts, meaning it may not be the best reading chair material for those with pets or young children.


It’s a good idea to look for a new reading chair that you know will last you for a longer period of time. Yes, you may be on a budget - but there are plenty of cheaper options that will withstand the wear and tear of time. You just have to be cautious and specific in your search.


This should be high on the priority list. You need a chair that is made from sturdy materials and can provide your back with the correct support to not only improve your posture, but to make your reading experience that bit better.

Also, it might be wiser to filter your search for a product that has a strong steel foundation, so it can hold a larger amount of weight, and will withstand more conditions.

Lightweight Or Not?

Your home decor style probably changes quite often to keep up with the trends - whether you realize or not - so having a lightweight chair that you can easily move around your home will definitely come in handy!

Arm Rest

It might be better to look for chairs with supportive arm rests to maximize practicality and comfort. Curved arm rests will help you to keep both your arms and hands in a relaxed position, easing any muscle tension that may occur. 

Best Reading Chair - FAQ's

What Makes A Good Reading Chair?

A good reading chair must adhere to several factors. It must be comfortable, so you can sit and read for long periods, reliable, supportive, and also must be lightweight. Whilst having a stylish chair is completely optional, it might benefit you to purchase a chair that reflects elements of your personal style.

Should A Reading Chair Have Arms?

There are no official rules stating that your reading chair must have arms, but your posture will most likely thank you in the long run. Ensuring that a chair has arms not only helps to increase your overall comfort, but will help to alter the way that your chair looks and feels in a room.

Is A Recliner Good For Reading?

In short, yes. Recliners provide customized support for your head and neck and a place for you to stretch your legs, giving you the best of both comfort and support.

When your body reclines, the spine is rested, the back is supported and the legs are elevated, which relieves stress and rejuvenates the mind and body. So by purchasing a recliner, your reading experience will have that little something extra.