How Can I Make My Sofa Smell Better?

Sofas attract odors. As they are sat on daily they will eventually begin to accumulate a musty smell, especially if you have pets that enjoy laying on it too. There are ways of refreshing your sofa so that it smells better.

If you have an empty plastic bottle to hand, fill it with distilled white vinegar and then spray it onto the sofa. Though it may seem a little unusual to spray vinegar due to its scent, once it has absorbed into the sofa you will find that it removes the odors.

How Can I Make My Sofa Smell Better

This is due to its acidic nature which will neutralize the scent, to leave your furniture smelling fresher. 

It is also possible to make your sofa smell better by using vodka. Similar to vinegar, vodka is effective in removing lingering odors. Pour some into a spray bottle and then apply to the area of your sofa where there is a smell. The odors will lift from the sofa as the alcohol evaporates. 

Before using any type of deodorizing products you will need to check the care guidelines for your couch. This tag will state what products are safe to use and aren’t going to damage it.

Though many homemade remedies can improve the smell of your sofa, you may wish to purchase a dry cleaning solvent from your local store. The label will state how it should be used, but in most instances, it will need to be applied and then rubbed in using a cleaning brush.

Another option is to steam clean your sofa. You can either do this yourself using your own steam cleaner, or you can rent one. Before you begin, you must ensure that the fabric is suitable for steam cleaning.

If it is, you can proceed to steam it. Doing so will dissolve any odors leaving your sofa looking much cleaner and smelling much fresher too.

How can I deodorize my sofa naturally?

The method that you follow to naturally deodorize your sofa will depend on the material that it is made from. If you have an upholstered sofa, one of the most effective options requires the use of baking soda.

Baking soda is often used as a cleaning agent because it is effective in dissolving and removing dirt and grease. It can also neutralize odors and whereas air fresheners provide a temporary solution as they simply mask over the scent, baking soda will absorb and remove them.

The effectiveness of this solution depends on the severity of the odors and the state of the sofa. 

First, you will need to vacuum your sofa to remove any dirt and dust particles before sprinkling the baking soda onto your sofa, with a particular focus on the areas that need it the most. Some may choose to use an empty salt shaker to do this as it makes it easier to dispense.

Allow the baking soda plenty of time to absorb and work into the fabric of your sofa. Once the necessary amount of time has passed, you will then need to use your vacuum cleaner again to vacuum up the baking soda residue.

Some people may prefer to use baking soda that has been mixed with water and scented with a fragranced oil of some kind. 

This is an ideal option for those who don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to thoroughly deodorizing their sofa following the method that we have previously mentioned. Add a couple of teaspoons of baking soda to a spray bottle and then mix it with warm water before adding the scented oil.

You will need to check it thoroughly to ensure that it is all mixed in. You can then spray this solution onto the sofa as and when it is required. 

There are also natural ways of deodorizing leather sofas. Reacting to any spills before they develop into stains will help to limit odors.

This can easily be done using a damp cloth. If this doesn’t remove the stains or scents as expected, you can use a neutral dish soap mixed with warm water.

Using a rag you can then wipe it into the surface either choosing to focus on the area that seems to smell the most or the whole sofa. Remember to dry the sofa immediately afterward using a new, clean cloth.

How do you deep clean a smelly couch?

There will likely come a time when cleaning certain areas of your couch as they develop odors is no longer effective and it will instead need to be deep cleaned.

Again, you must check your couch codes before proceeding to clean your sofa because this will inform you on what it can and can’t be cleaned with. 

To deep clean your sofa you will require a stiff cleaning brush, baking soda, and a vacuum. Begin by using the cleaning brush to remove any dust or crumbs etc., then sprinkle on the baking powder, similar to above.

For a deep clean you may choose to leave this baking soda on overnight so long as it isn’t going to be inconvenient in any way. You can then use your vacuum cleaner to get rid of any lingering remnants of the baking soda.

If this method doesn’t prove as effective as anticipated you can attempt to remove stubborn stains using the following formula.

Mix warm water with vinegar and a small amount of dish soap in a spray bottle. Shake the bottle thoroughly and then apply the mixture directly onto the tougher stains. 

There are also deep cleaning products available that are specifically formulated for removing stains and odors. If you decide to buy a cleaning agent rather than create your own, you will need to read the packaging to ensure that it is used correctly.

Is Febreze safe for microfiber couch?

Febreze cleaning products are used by many homeowners to spritz away odors. If you have a microfiber couch, you may be questioning whether it is safe to go ahead and spray Febreze on it.

According to many individuals who have used Febreze on this type of furniture it hasn’t triggered an unexpected reaction. It is worth noting that this isn’t essentially going to be an effective long-term solution but rather one to cover up odors for a minimal amount of time. 

If you have any uncertainties regarding the use of Febreze on your microfiber couch, you may wish to test it on a more inconspicuous area. This way if it does cause any stains, they aren’t going to be hugely apparent.

What can I spray on my couch to make it smell better?

Many people’s first instinct to make their couch smell better would be to spray it with an air freshener. They are available in some great scents and most will kill germs too. However, it is worth noting that they don’t really provide an effective long-term solution.

If you are looking for a quick way of refreshing your couch until you can clean it thoroughly then an air freshener is likely to suffice. 

The second option requires the use of Lysol; a cleaning and disinfecting product that can be used on hard and soft surfaces alike. Not only will it effectively kill germs, but it will also leave your sofa smelling much better too.