Best Sofa For Dogs

We like to believe that dogs belong on sofas with their humans.

There is no cuddle buddy quite like a good dog, and nothing beats curling up with your furry companion on the sofa as you watch a film. 

Problem is, there’s hair everywhere. Or there are scratches everywhere from when your dog decides to leap off the sofa when the postman arrives. 

A sofa should be a long-term investment for your home, but you don’t want it to be covered in scratches, hair, and other ungodly stains that just won’t budge.

Nor do you want to avoid the begging eyes of your dog who looks confused as to why it can’t cuddle with you on the sofa. 

To help you feel a little less guilty about choosing a sofa that both yourself and your dog can enjoy, we have found the best sofas for dogs on the market.

They range from the easiest to clean to virtually scratch-proof, so you can all curl up on the sofa with no guilt. Let’s get started! 


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If you like simple sofas that are easy to clean and spruce up with your own blankets and cushions, this Zinus Josh sofa is ideal for you and your dog. 

It’s no secret that some dogs are notorious shedders and it’s almost impossible to get their hair off furniture.

This sofa is easy to clean with its high-quality fiber cushions that only need wiping down with a damp cloth to get rid of excess hair. 

Whilst the cushion covers aren’t removable for washing, you can scrub away with mild detergents and water without worrying about ruining the color or consistency of the fabric. 

This strong fiber fabric material should also be able to withstand scratches from dogs. 

This is a springy and comfortable sofa for both humans and dogs, as they won’t have to jump too high to get on - which is ideal for little dogs like Dachshunds who can develop back problems. It also has a sturdy frame design that can hold up to 500lbs, so you won’t have to worry about it breaking any time soon. 

What’s more, this sofa requires no tools for easy assembly, which is always a bonus. 


  • Easy to clean - Fiber cushions can be wiped easily with a cloth and water
  • Springy and sturdy - Frame and cushions will maintain their shape for maximum comfort and longevity
  • High-quality fabric - Fiber cushions will resist tearing from scratches


  • Cushion covers aren’t removable for washing in a machine


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Not everyone has the time or energy to constantly gather dog hair from the fabric cushions on a sofa.

Sure, you can always vacuum the sofa (we won’t judge), but why not get a sofa that makes cleaning up hair the easiest chore in the house? 

Leather sofas are excellent for dealing with hairy dogs that shed a lot of fluff. This Poly & Bark sofa is made of full-grain pure-aniline Italian leather, which is about as hardcore as it gets.

This particular model is in Cognac Tan, giving a lovely mid-century modern look that would go well in any living space. 

The only problem with leather sofas is that they aren’t as resistant to wear and tear.

If your dog is prone to scratching or happens to jump on and off the sofa frequently, there’s a chance they could scratch it. 

However, the odd scratch could make this sofa look more authentic and vintage - plus it can easily be avoided by putting a throw or cover over where the dog sits. 

This sofa has a sturdy wooden frame that prevents sinkage and warping, plus the cushions are made of foam and polyester to maintain the shape.

The main cushion is a bench-shaped one, so you won’t have to constantly plump up the cushions or worry about cushions moving around as you sit down. 


  • Easy to wipe - Leather is very easy to wipe down from dog hair
  • Mid-century modern look - Very stylish and antique-looking sofa
  • High-quality - Premium-quality Italian leather, sturdy frame, and high-density cushions makes this a long-lasting sofa


  • Leather might rip or scratch under the toughest of scratches, so this might not be ideal for puppies or excitable dogs


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OK, so this technically isn’t a sofa, but it’s still a worthy product on our list. Sofa covers are a dog owner’s best friend - especially if the dog is a puppy.

Puppies and young dogs are most likely to want to have a bit of fun on the sofa, which could range from playing with a toy or having a minor urinary accident, so it’s in your best interest to protect your furniture. 

There are lots of sofa covers available for different sofas shapes and styles. This product is designed for most family sofas, as it comes with a general cover for the frame and two covers for the cushions.

The cover colors come in a variety of options for you to choose from depending on your interior design. 

When it comes to allowing dogs on your sofa, prevention is the cure.

If your dog has an accident, sheds a lot of hair, or rips the cover, then all you have to do is remove the cover to clean it. 

If you don’t want the cover on when you have guests, you can take it off and enjoy your sofa as it is. 


  • Cover - Protects the sofa from stains, scratches, and hair
  • Removable - Wash the cover pieces in a washing machine
  • Comfortable - Soft premium fabric is durable and nice to lounge on


  • Make sure to buy the correct cover size and shape for your sofa


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Who said you have to sacrifice the appearance of your sofa for the sake of keeping it clear from dog hair?

Sure, some dog owners won’t mind if their sofa looks a bit tatty and disheveled, but what about those who want a stylish sofa that accommodates everyone with no scratches or stains? 

This Zinus Benton sofa is the best for dogs who don’t do much.

Lazy dogs like Pugs or French Bulldogs aren’t likely to tear a sofa apart because they’re more fussed about how comfortable they are. 

This sofa is made from foam-filled fiber cushions and polyester fabric that is as comfortable as it looks. 

The design of this sofa is sleek, modern, and could fit easily in any living space. The frame is strong and the cushioning is slightly firm, which provides nice support for human backs.

This also means the sofa isn’t likely to collapse under the weight of dogs and humans, as it can hold up to 750lbs. 

Elderly dogs would also benefit from this sofa because of its low height, which means they can jump up and down easily. 


  • Stylish design - Very attractive modern design is suitable in most living spaces
  • Low - Elderly and lazy dogs won’t struggle jumping up and down
  • Easy to clean - Requires only a cloth and mild detergent to clean the cushions


  • Not large enough for two people and a large dog 


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That’s right, most velvet sofas are dog-friendly. Not only does it look classy and feel wonderful, but velvet can repel most stains easily, plus it’s pretty tough to rip into - even from the most agile puppies. 

This Vasagle sofa is a classy and convenient sofa for dog owners. Its single cushion design means that you won’t have to plump up the cushions every time your dog leaves the sofa.

The easy-clean design of velvet also means that this is a low-maintenance sofa for dog owners, which means you won’t have to worry about rumpled cushions and curious stains. 

This sofa is elevated by durable metal legs, which means it might be too tall for some small and elderly dogs.

However, these legs are designed to support the frame, which is a hardy structure that helps the sofa maintain its shape for several years. 

This is also a stylish, mid-century modern sofa that can be covered with blankets and throws if you want to protect the cushions from your furry friends - it will just look like a design choice!


  • Dog-friendly material - Velvet is mostly stain-repellent and easy to clean
  • Minimal cushions - Don’t have to plump up ruffled cushions every time you use the sofa
  • Easy assembly - Lightweight sofa is easy to assemble and disassemble


  • Elevated sofa might be too tall for small and elderly dogs to jump up and down from

Best Sofa For Dogs Buying Guide

Best Sofa For Dogs

How to choose the right dog-friendly sofa

Choosing a sofa can be a complicated task, especially if you have one (or more) dog(s) to add to the picture. Here are the main things to look for in a dog-friendly sofa: 

  • Material: The material of the sofa will determine how long the sofa will last. It’s usually best to see a sofa in person to gauge whether it is suitable for your household. Your dog will also determine the material you choose, as some are better behaved than others when it comes to furniture. The best materials for dog owners are microfiber, leather, polyester, and patterned fabrics. Patterned fabrics are great, because any small stains or scratches can blend into the sofa. 

  • Easy to clean: By far the most important thing to look for is an easy-clean sofa. Dog owners are well aware of the struggles of dealing with pet hair - it embeds into every fabric known to man. Some sofas are easier to clean than others, so look out for sofas that can be wiped with a cloth and mild detergent. Leather is the easiest to wipe and remove dog hair, but is more prone to scratches and tears unless the quality is premium and thick. 
  • Stain resistance: Dogs can create an abundance of stains, from bathroom accidents to muddy paws. Fortunately, most sofa fabrics are now designed to resist stains. Velvet, for example, is a great material for preventing stains. Darker fabrics in general are best for hiding stains, plus you should look for warranties and protection plans. 
  • Color: As we said, darker colors are great for hiding stains. They’re also great for dark dog hair. However, dogs with lighter hair will show up on dark colors. It’s up to you which color sofa you want, but you might want to consider the color of your dog’s hair, too!
  • Height: If your dog is agile and can jump into sofas easily, then height won’t be a problem. Taller sofas are generally better for humans too, as they improve your posture. However, you must consider the needs of small and elderly dogs that might struggle with tall sofas. 

Dog-friendly sofa tips

The easiest way to make your sofa dog-friendly is to cover the cushions with a blanket or throw. Once the blanket looks or smells like it needs a clean, you can machine wash it and put it back on again.

Not only is this an ideal way to protect your sofa, but it can also look like a stylish design choice. 

For small and elderly dogs, constantly jumping up and down onto a sofa can be damaging for their backs and legs. To resolve this, you could always buy some pet stairs that will help your dog safely join you on the sofa. 

Some dogs like to sit on top of cushions and the backrest. Why they do this, we have no idea. To provide a comfier experience for them, you could always put cushions near the top of the sofa for them.

And for an easier experience for you, you should look for sofas with slightly firmer cushions to prevent you from constantly plumping them. 

Our favorite way to clean sofas from dog hair is a slightly unusual one, but we swear it works.

When you’re giving your living room a vacuum, why not vacuum the sofa as well? Sure, it might look a bit odd at first, but it sucks the hair up in no time. 

Also, the key to a dog-friendly sofa is prevention, so make sure to groom them regularly. Dogs who shed a lot of fur need to be brushed often as this will control how much excess hair falls off them.

Make sure to clip their nails regularly too, as this will prevent them from scratching or puncturing the couch. 

How to make the sofa dog-free

If you have decided it’s too much hassle to let your dog on the sofa, there are ways to deter them. 

  • Buy a dog bed and place it near the sofa so they feel involved and comfortable
  • Assign them their own armchair so you don’t have to deal with hair on the main sofa
  • Prevent them from jumping on the sofa in the first place when they are young or new to the home
  • Spray citrus spray around the sofa (not on the sofa as this could stain it) as dogs don’t like the smell
  • Cover the cushions with aluminum foil or plastic to deter them from jumping on them when you are away

Frequently Asked Questions

 Are leather couches good for dogs? 

Whilst some may assume that leather couches are a scratch-worthy haven for dogs, couches made from premium-quality 100% leather will not puncture from dog nails, regardless of how hard they scratch.

Just make sure to look at the quality of the leather. 

Leather couches are also very easy to clean, which means that dog hair is less likely to cling to the material, unlike other fabrics. 

Does dog hair stick to microfiber? 

Microfiber is tightly woven and designed to repel hair from sticking to it, including dog hair.

Microfiber is one of the best synthetic materials for couches, because excess dog hair isn’t likely to stick to the fabric. Instead, it will either fall off or can be brushed off easily. 

How can I protect my couch from my dog? 

The best way to protect your couch from your dog is to cover the cushions with blankets or a couch cover. Both can be removed easily, which means you can chuck them in the washing machine when they are dirty.

They work to protect the quality of your couch, which means it’s an extra layer for dog hair, stains, or scratches to be caught and removed. 

Blankets and pieces of fabric can also be a fun way to spruce up your couch! 

You should also regularly groom your dog. If your dog sheds a lot of fur, you can help to control it by regularly brushing your dog.

Trimming their nails will also prevent them from puncturing or scratching the couch. 

The easiest way to protect your couch from your dog is slightly lazy but very convenient. Choose the color of the couch according to your pet’s hair. If you have a white dog, choose a light couch.

If you have a black down, choose a dark couch. You could also use an appropriate blanket or cover for this too.