How Do You Arrange A Chaise Sofa?

Chaise sofas are popular due to their elegant shape. This makes them ideal for lounging and an adaptable seating option for families. A chaise sofa should be arranged to provide a seating space that is comfortable and accessible.

How Do You Arrange A Chaise Sofa

A sectional sofa with a chaise can seem a tricky prospect, as it is such a large item of furniture. However, there are still many options for attractive arrangements, and once you have it in place you may be wondering how you ever lived without it.

The primary consideration is the traffic flow of the room. The chaise shouldn’t prevent movement, so people should be able to move across the room with ease. Before situating a chaise sofa, view the room as a whole.

Locate where people enter and leave from, and what pathways are most popular. This can help you form a design for the living room. Be careful to accommodate any arms on the chaise, and remember where people's legs will hang when sitting.

A chaise sofa will probably need to be placed along a wall, simply due to the size. The chaise can either be used to separate the room off, or to frame the room. This will depend on the size and use of the space.

As chaise sofas rarely have high backs, this can create a softer barrier between the two areas. The lower back also helps with the traffic of the room, as there’s more room for movement.

Having the chaise away from the wall also increases movement and functionality, particularly for chaise sofas with low or no backs. Without a back they can be used from either direction, and can hold groups of people. By floating the chaise in the room it has a function in different areas.

If you choose to frame the room with the chaise sofa, then placing the chaise section against a window is the best idea. The low back allows light in, and the chaise becomes a luxurious sitting place.

As a sectional sofa with a chaise is such a large piece of furniture, it works best when considered as almost a mini room.

Make the use of the inner space by placing a small coffee table in easy access. Use an oversized rug to frame the sofa and table, and you will have created a room within a room.

A chaise lounge not attached to a sofa is a charming decoration with a great function. Arrange it lavishly by placing cushions and pillows at the lifted end, and decorating with blankets. Either float the chaise across the room, or place it beneath a window for the best effect.

A chaise can also work well as a room divider, especially for very large living rooms. Angle the chaise where you intend for the border to be, and you can separate the room into two different functionalities.

A chaise lounge is generally a lightweight piece of furniture, so don’t be afraid to play around.

Where do I put my chaise sofa?

A chaise sofa should be placed in an area where it can offer maximum comfort. Chaise sofas are ideal for lounging and relaxing, as well as spending time with friends or family.

For a sectional sofa with a chaise lounge, the best place to put it is in the living room or family room. A chaise sofa is perfect for leaning back, so it works well in front of the television.

Especially for families who enjoy group movie nights, a chaise sofa will provide an indulgent seating opportunity.

Despite the size of it, a sectional chaise sofa can work surprisingly well in smaller rooms. Although it may dominate the room, it eliminates any wasted space from trying to arrange separate seating.

A chaise sofa can be put in a smaller family room as the sole piece of furniture. This will frame the walls, and create a cozy space.

For a chaise lounge that isn’t attached to a sectional, or is detachable, there are many options for where to put it. The best place is under a window, where it allows light in. This becomes the perfect seating spot, especially on sunny days.

The chaise lounge can be used to create a reading corner, or simply a place to go for some ‘me’ time.

Put a chaise lounge artfully angled across a room to turn one large space into two smaller areas. For anyone who’s found that a large living room looks either too cluttered or too empty, the chaise lounge can easily draw a line between spaces.

If you have a balcony, a chaise lounge is an ideal use of this space. A chaise lounge is small, so can fit in most places, and often has no back. For a balcony, this means it provides a seating area without covering the view.

A chaise lounge will also work in other outdoor areas, such as gardens and pools. Relaxing in the sunshine on a chaise lounge is an indulgent way to spend the day, and they’re more comfortable than the traditional bench or deck chair. Just be careful of the materials.

A chaise lounge is also a perfect piece of bedroom furniture. They look particularly good at the end of the bed, where they function similarly to an ottoman. This can be an extra resting place, or somewhere to lay out tomorrow's outfit.

A chaise lounge can also be used in front of a dressing table, or even in a walk-in closet.

If you’re looking to create a cozy corner or nook, use a chaise lounge as a starting point. These elegant items look fantastic when draped with blankets. The high arm is placed wonderfully for resting on when reading a book, or for a quick afternoon nap.

For pet owners, a chaise lounge can also be a high-quality dog or cat bed. Find the spot where your pets enjoy curling up, and add a little more visual interest with the addition of a chaise lounge.