How Tall is A TV Console Table?

The concept of a TV console comes from the traditional console televisions, where the wooden cabinet framed the television and was in fact part of the television. Console televisions would have non-removable remote controls, as well as power buttons and speakers. However, modern TV consoles have a cabinet and a TV unit.

They’re often made of wood like their traditional counterparts, with storage shelves where you can keep TV boxes, gaming consoles, and remotes. Since a TV with a lot of tangled wires can look quite messy and unappealing, modern consoles often have holes in the back that you can thread the TV cables through. This gives your TV console table a cleaner look. 

As for general console furniture, the word console actually comes from the French word ‘consolidaire’ which means to consolidate, while ‘consolle’ is the French word for a support or bracket. So console furniture refers to a piece of furniture that doesn’t draw much attention and is placed in the corner of a room, or against a wall.

It often has a few shelves for storage. It is often found in entryways, hallways, and living rooms. Console tables also have a wide variety of uses. You can place TVs there, study there, or even use it as a vanity table.

Meanwhile, corner TV stands are smaller and have a triangular edge to their design, making them perfect for the corners of rooms. TV hutches have a designated place for the TV, which makes the room appear more spacious.

But how tall should a TV console table be? Your television should be eye level, so when buying a TV console for your living room or bedroom, you should opt for a console that is the same height as your couch or bed. This is usually about 42 inches above the floor, but of course, different rooms will need a different TV height. 

For example, if you have a large living room where your couches are slightly higher from the floor, then a 42-inch TV would be too low, and you would need a taller TV console to correct this. In this case, the TV should be mounted more than six feet above from the floor, so those who are standing can easily watch the TV.

Meanwhile, if you have a TV in your bedroom, then the height of the TV and the TV console will all depend on the height of your bed. In this case it should be just below eye level, to avoid straining your neck. If your bed has a headboard then it can even be lifted a few inches higher.

But generally, the average height for a console table is about 33 inches, therefore you should place the TV at around 33-35 inches.

How Do You Measure the Size of a TV Console?

To measure the size of a TV console, you first need to measure your TV screen, and the correct way to do this is diagonally. Be careful not to include the size of the bezel when you do this.

The ideal distance to watch TV is 1.5 times the diagonal length of your TV. From this distance, you can then measure how high your eye level is while sitting in your preferred spot. Make a note of where your eye level is and assume this is the center of your TV.

Once you’ve decided where you want your TV to be mounted, you can now choose a TV console that meets the required height.

How Large Should Your TV Console Be?

Your TV console or stand needs to be spacious enough to accommodate your TV as well. As well as meeting your eye level, your TV console should also not take up too much room. It shouldn’t look too big or small when compared to your TV and wall. 

For example, if your TV is under 32 inches, then the width of your TV console should be 28 inches. But if your TV is 70 inches or larger, then your TV console should be over 63 inches. 

Your TV should also be placed in a way that your eye level is at the center of the TV screen. You should also select a TV stand that is the same height as the installed TV, so it can be integrated into your living room or bedroom with ease. 

What Material Are TV Consoles Made of?

TV consoles and media consoles are usually made from wood or metal, but what material you go for should be down to personal preference, and the aesthetics of your home.

If your home is rustic and traditional, then a wooden TV console adds to that rustic feel. Meanwhile, if your home is more modern and sleek, then a metallic TV console will fit right in.

The most common wood used to make TV consoles is cherry, mahogany, maple, and oak. This wide variety of wood means that you can select a TV console that fits the aesthetic of your home, as well as your budget. 

Metal TV consoles usually have a chrome or powder finish to make them look even sleeker. 

How to Decorate A TV Console?

There are many ways you can decorate a TV console, and it again all comes down to your personal taste and the look of your home.

But if the TV is the focal point of the room (as it often is in living rooms) then what decorative items you place on it need to be carefully selected.

If you’re a fan of music, you can store your favorite records in the extra storage space. Or if you’re a bookworm, then you can store your favorite books there. You can also place photos of your family, friends, or pets on these extra shelves. You can also place ornaments or other decorative pieces on the console that complement its color, or the colors in your living room. Lamps with unique lamp shades or flower vases can also look effective.

Final Thoughts

While TV console tables generally tend to be about 33-inches, they can vary in size depending on how big your TV is, what kind of room you’re putting it in, and the size of the room. 

They should be eye-level with the center of your TV screen, and console tables provide unique storage space for DVD players, TV boxes, gaming consoles, records, books and more.