What Color Walls Go With A Blue Sofa?

There are many wall colors you can choose to go with your blue sofa, from neutral light colors to clashing brights, and even a pattern wallpaper, the only limit is your imagination.

It may well depend on what shade of blue your sofa is, of course, but there are certainly some colors that are guaranteed to go with any color or shade of blue (and some wild cards, of course). 

What Color Walls Go With A Blue Sofa

Blue sofas are very ‘in’ at the moment, especially dark blue velvet sofas. They can add a touch of luxury to any room and have an air of sophistication about them.

Whether your blue sofa is this dark, sophisticated leather, or a lighter blue color, you may well be wondering what color walls to choose to go with it. 

If you want to play it safe (after all, a blue sofa makes enough of a statement on its own), then you could opt for crisp white walls to really make the sofa stand out.

On the other hand, many homeowners and interior designers find success pairing an equally cold color with blue. For example, mustard yellow goes particularly well with dark blue or navy, especially if the sofa is velvet. 

For some extra vibrancy, choose a patterned wallpaper for your feature wall, with the same shade of blue as the sofa. You can keep the rest of the decor neutral, as well as the other walls. If you have a pale blue sofa, try a pretty pale blue floral wallpaper on one wall, and light shades

 on the other walls. 

The list is truly endless, but if you want to play it safe, stick with neutral colors. For the braver homeowners among us, bold colors such as mustard yellow will work well. 

How do you style a dark blue sofa?

Styling a blue sofa will depend on the particular decor style that you favor. Dark blue sofas are very popular, whether they are made from soft chenille or even luxurious velvet, there is no denying that a dark blue sofa really makes a statement. 

What we love about this color is the jewel tone it gives off. This is particularly true of dark blue sofas made from velvet since they have that shine.

As such, you can style your dark blue velvet sofas with other jewel tones such as emerald, ruby, and gold (mustard yellow velvet resembles gold). Choose cushions, pillows, and throws in this color. Don’t forget about your coffee table which you can adorn with jewel toned ornaments, too. 

Alternatively, if you feel that you want to tone down the styling for your sofa, you can choose neutral colored throws and cushions for your dark blue sofa. Beige and brown fluffy throws can really warm up your otherwise cold-toned dark blue sofa.

You can even use gold accessories around it, to give it a cozy but luxurious aesthetic. We love the way beige, blue, and gold look together, and we are sure you will too.

For even more luxury, try using pillows and throws that have gold colored stitching in them, to really make it feel warm and cozy. 

If your dark blue sofa is more navy in tone, perhaps you may want to use lighter shades of blue to style it. Go for a beachy vibe with seafoam and pale blue cushions, and beige or cream throws.

You could even add in a patterned pillow or two, perhaps with a seaside inspired print on it. Coastal decor is becoming very popular again, and a dark blue sofa gives an excellent starting point for this. 

What color carpet goes with a blue sofa?

If you have a blue sofa, you may be anxious about choosing a carpet that goes with it. In our opinion, blue can make quite a statement, and so you will want a carpet that is colored in such a way as not to take away from the sofa.

As such, we recommend choosing a light colored carpet. If the sofa is dark blue, try a beige, light brown, or even light grey carpet. If the sofa is in a lighter shade of blue, you could go for a cream or white colored carpet. 

Alternatively, as we mentioned in an earlier section, sometimes pairing two vibrant colors can work well together. As such, a dark blue or teal blue sofa, especially if the material is velvet or chenille.

Now, whilst we do not recommend going for a very bright colored carpet, you could make use of a vibrant rug. We particularly like the look of a mustard or ochre rug on a pale carpet, underneath a dark blue jewel toned sofa. 

Do not be afraid to experiment with rugs. Stick with neutral carpets, preferably light colored if you have a blue sofa, but then try out a few different rug colors to see what works well for you.

You can change up a whole room with a new rug, and it can make the whole carpet look different, too. 

What color curtains go with blue sofa?

The best color curtains to go with a blue sofa will depend on the decor you prefer. For example, if your blue sofa is in a dark shade, and you are choosing jewel tones as we have explored in previous sections, then you could also do this in your window.

Choose a shiny mustard yellow curtain, either made from velvet or shiny fabric. Alternatively, you could match your curtains exactly with the shade of the sofa, but you should only do this if the sofa and curtains are far away from each other. 

If neutral tones are your preferred option, you could go for pale brown, grey, or cream curtains to really make your blue sofa pop. alternatively, patterned curtains, perhaps in a pale floral print that feature the same color blue can also work well.

This is especially true of lighter shades of blue, or anyone who is inspired by coastal and beachy decor.