What Is A Sofa Chaise?

A sofa chaise is the English translation of a French term that is used to describe a long chair. Essentially, it is a standard sofa that features an elongated bottom that provides support to your legs.

Chaise sofas first gained popularity in the 16th century to provide craftsmen with a place to rest so that they didn’t need to go to their bedrooms.

Though this term is used to describe any type of long, reclining chair, now a sofa chaise is typically incorporated into the end of a sectional sofa. 

What Is A Sofa Chaise

Often a sofa chaise is mistaken for a corner sofa, however, there are noticeable differences between each.

Whilst a standard sofa provides somewhere for individuals to sit in an upright position, a sofa chaise is designed with an extension that allows them to relax and sit in a reclined position with their feet elevated above the ground.

Typically a sofa chaise is designed with a low back and an armrest which is around half the length of the seat. However, the design can differ slightly depending on the brand. Instead of an armrest, there are some models that are designed with a cushion.

This feature will provide a similar level of support and comfort by allowing the individual occupying the sofa to rest their arm against it. 

There are multiple types of chaises available. This is because they have existed for many years and this is reflected in the different designs. A traditional chaise also referred to as a classic chaise has a more vintage and Victorian look.

The features of a traditional chaise are fairly similar to those boasted by a traditional sofa. They will typically have curved arms and wooden legs. A contemporary chaise is essentially a modern take on a traditional chaise because both share many similar features.

The arms are angled and the chair is backed with a cushion. Sometimes regular sofas are rather substantially built, however, a sofa chaise is available in a more compact option too.

As expected, the seats of a compact chaise aren’t as bulky and the narrowness means that they will consume less space, which is great for smaller living rooms and apartments. 

Some simpler chaises will be designed without arms. Nowadays, the majority of brands manufacture their chaises in a variety of fabrics and styles, and sizes. You will also find some more modern models that still have a traditional flare. 

A chaise sofa is a popular addition to many living spaces for a number of reasons. They are commonly sought after for comfort because the footrest offers an excellent place to rest your legs, what could be better after a long, tiring day?

They can also make smaller rooms appear much more spacious. This is because they aren’t as substantial as traditional sofas but still offer a comfortable place to sit. They are also great for those who often host gatherings with a group of people.

This is because the elongated bottom can be used as another seat for a visitor rather than a footrest if necessary.

You will also find that some sofa chaises are designed with storage compartments which provide a convenient place for storing cushions etc, to keep your living room tidy.

Are chaise sofas practical?

Yes, chaise sofas provide a practical seating arrangement and are super versatile. In fact, there are many advantages associated with chaise sofas, hence why they are a common addition inside the homes of many.

As mentioned, they are great for accommodating multiple visitors. Instead of being used as a footrest, the long section of the chair can provide space to accommodate around two more people. 

When introduced to smaller rooms, they open up the space and they aren’t as visually overwhelming. Many standard sizes are quite large and they will often be one of the first things that you notice upon entering a room.

With a chaise sofa, however, they make a room look a lot more spacious, especially those that adopt a backless design.

Another practical advantage of a chaise sofa is that they are easily adjustable. Once a sofa has established its place in your living room it becomes more challenging to attempt to move because it is more weighty.

A chaise sofa, however, is easier to maneuver which is ideal for those who are often on the move, or those who like to change up the style and layout of their living room regularly. 

They also allow you to make the most of the more obscure areas of your living room. Instead of having to be backed up directly against the wall, you have more leeway regarding where you can position them.

For example, they can be positioned in the center of the room as a focal point or in the more awkward corners.

A great thing about many chaise sofas is that they can be transformed into beds too. Because of its elongated design, a sofa chaise allows multiple individuals to sleep comfortably.

This is great for those who find themselves with unexpected visitors as you can quickly create a sleeping area that can be returned to its standard form the following morning. 

Often, some individuals will choose to add two chaise sofas into their room rather than one. The design of these lounge furnishings offers excellent flexibility and by doubling up on the number that have you in your living room, you can cater to even more individuals.

The design means that doing so will not make them appear obstructive. Chaise sofas typically create a cozier and more confined area so by adding two you are essentially creating two separate seating areas. 

Furthermore, chaise sofas will also refrain from distracting the attention of visitors from other furnishings in the room. Undoubtedly they are glamorously designed, but their practical build means that they won’t block your view.

This also provides you with more flexibility as to where you can position them as they can be positioned near windows without overwhelming that area.