Can You Put A Chaise Lounge In The Living Room?

Yes, you can put a chaise lounge in the living room. In fact, some might say that this is the ideal place to put your chaise lounge! 

A chaise lounge is a bench seating area with a backrest on one side, often known as a one-person seat for lounging about with their legs resting upon. Chaise lounges are very stylish and can be found in dressing rooms or bedrooms, ideal for people to model with during photoshoots. 

While a chaise lounge might not be the most comfortable or practical seating option for a family home living room, it can certainly be utilized as a single-person chair alongside another sofa. 

Can You Put A Chaise Lounge In The Living Room

You will just have to make sure that your living room is large enough to accommodate a chaise lounge as well as the rest of the seats for your entire household.

While you might want to add a chaise lounge to a small living room, it won’t make much sense if it means that you can only have enough seating options for half of your household. 

Two people would be able to sit on a chaise lounge, although it wouldn’t be very comfortable for the second person who didn’t have a backrest. 

Can you add a chaise to a sofa?

It is possible to add a chaise to a sofa, although you’d have to be confident in your ability to modify pieces of furniture beforehand.

Some people want to add a chaise onto their sofa to create an L-shaped seating area, turning the two- or three-person sofa into a three- or four-person alternative.

L-shaped sofas are already available on the market, although adding a chaise onto an already owned sofa could save you some money.

Before even thinking about adding a chaise onto your sofa, you should first consider the fact that your sofa and chaise will likely be covered in different fabrics, and therefore the fact that you’ve added them both together will be obvious.

You could recover the entire piece in a single fabric, although this might cost more than buying an L-shaped sofa outright. 

To add a chaise to a sofa, you’ll need to remove one of the arms from the sofa. You should be able to do this with a saw, but make sure that your lines are clean and straight so that your sofa and chaise can fit perfectly together without any more modifications. 

Another consideration to take into account is that the height of the chaise might be different from the sofa. For the best results, you’ll need to find a chaise with exactly the same height as the sofa to avoid a staggered design. 

The legs of the sofa are also likely to be different from that of the chaise, although you might be able to replace all of these for a more streamlined look if the heights remain the same afterward. 

Overall, you can add a chaise to a sofa, although that doesn’t mean that you should. There are plenty of possible annoyances that you’d have to overcome by doing this, and it might just be easier to opt for a second-hand L-shaped sofa.

However, if you fancy a challenge, try adding a chaise to your sofa. 

How do you decorate a living room with a chaise lounge?

A chaise lounge is a strange shape for any lounge, as it is the width of a single-person chair with the length of a sofa outstretching in front of it.

This can take up a lot of your floor space and make your living room feel cramped if you’re not careful. Here are a few ways that you can decorate around a chaise lounge. 

1. Use the chaise lounge as an accent piece

Opt for a brightly colored chaise lounge or dress it up with some expensive cushions and a throw to ensure that it is the main talking piece of your lounge. 

2. Replace the second couch with a chaise

Many living rooms have two couches - one three-seater and another slightly smaller two-seater. If you can live without one seat, choose to use a chaise instead of the two-seater couch.

This will prevent you from using up any more space than a two-seater would, so you’re not losing any space at all. 

If you only need two seats in your living room, you might even opt for using two chaise lounges together rather than any sofas instead. 

3. Create a reading corner

A chaise lounge is an ideal seating choice for a reading corner. Using a chaise next to the window can leave you with a serene place to quietly read and spend some quality time with yourself. 

4. Match the chaise lounge with other accents in the room 

Play around with color and match the chaise lounger to other fabrics in your living room. Match a brown leather sofa to brown drapes, or a cream chaise to a bleached stone fireplace.

Keeping the chaise in tone with the rest of your living room gives it a purpose rather than looking out of place. 

How do you place a chaise lounge?

There are numerous areas in which you can place a chaise lounge. Below are some of the best options for a chaise lounge which all have been successful for others in the past. 

1. Near a window

Many people place a chaise lounge near the window so that the seat can be used as a resting place in which you can look out at nature. This is also the ideal location for a reading corner thanks to the bright natural light coming through the window. 

2. In a dressing room

A chaise lounge can be used in a dressing room to style outfits and take images for social media or modeling jobs. Many people also place a chaise lounge in a dressing room to create a luxury feel where guests can come and sit while you try new garments on.  

3. Outside

Imagine relaxing on a chaise lounge while feeling the fresh air breeze by your face! Just make sure that there is a suitable cover for the chaise lounge, or it’s made from outside-safe materials.