How Big Should A Sofa Be For A Room?

Redecorating and renovating is always a fun and exciting process. However, it can also be incredibly difficult and stressful at the same time!

This is because there is simply so much planning to do! You need to know exactly what is going where, how the place is going to look, and what sort of design and features you want. 

Luckily for you, we are here to make your life that little bit easier! If you are decorating a living space, then you have probably thought about putting a sofa in that room. But, where do you start?

How Big Should A Sofa Be For A Room

How big should the sofa be? What is the average size of a sofa? These are the questions that we are here to answer.

Sofas come in all shapes and sizes, with a range of designs, fabrics, patterns and colors to choose from. You may have already found your dream sofa, and have fallen in love with it.

The only problem is finding out if it will fit in the room, or if it will overwhelm the space and be too large for it. So, how big should a sofa be for a room? With our guide, you will know exactly which sofa is best, and what size is perfect for you! 

How big should a sofa be for a room?

Contrary to popular belief, size matters! Especially when it comes to sofas, size is incredibly important. When picking a sofa, you will need to carefully measure out the room to ensure that the sofa you want fits the dimensions, and looks just right in the space. 

Generally speaking, there is a golden rule to follow when it comes to sofa size. For the best results, you are going to want to stick to the 2:3 rule.

This means that the sofa should be about two thirds of the size of the room. For instance if you have a large wall that the sofa is going to be up against, then the couch should be the size of two thirds of it!

In addition, if you were to add a coffee table, make sure that the coffee table is also two thirds the size of the sofa, to create that balanced, perfect look. 

What is even more important is that you measure the sofa before purchasing. It may seem like it will fit with ease, but you would be surprised by the size of the thing. Even if you measure the sofa for the room, will it fit through your door frames?

The last thing you want is a situation where you are carrying the sofa, and you have to pivot it around staircases, door frames and rooms to no avail! Don’t waste your cash, make sure that you measure the sofa first! So, how do you measure a sofa for a room?

How do you measure a sofa for a room?

To find out if the sofa is going to fit into the room, you will need to measure it properly. Before you measure the sofa, you should measure the space, to get a feel of how the room may look once it is finished.

Make sure that you take a tape measure and measure the length and width of the room to find the right dimensions. Then, mark out a place where you think the sofa is going to go.

Once this is done, you can measure out, in the room, the size of the sofa. You can do this with the dimensions of the sofa online, or you may have to measure the sofa yourself if you are in a store. 

This means that you have to measure the height of the sofa, the length of the sofa, and the depth of the sofa. In addition to this, you should also measure the seat depth along with the seat height to see how the room will look once it is in.

For example, if the seat height is higher than your coffee table height, then it will be difficult for you to reach and uncomfortable to use. 

We actually recommend getting the dimensions and measurements of the sofa before purchasing, and marking this out with masking tape in your room.

This will help you decide if it is too small or too large for the space. In addition, you will also want to measure the width of your front door, along with the door of the room in which the sofa is going to be! 

What is the average size of a 2 seater sofa?

If you are unsure which size sofa is best for you, then you may want to try out a 2 seater sofa. This is the general size of a sofa, fit for 2 people, and will most likely fit into any home. 

All sofas vary in size and dimensions, however, the average size of a 2 seater sofa is about 66 inches to 80 inches in length, and about 40 inches in height. 

What is the standard size of a sofa?

All sofas come in various shapes and sizes, and the size of a sofa depends on the style, design, and specific model of sofa that you choose.

Most people will opt for a 3 seater sofa in their home, as this allows enough space for 3 to sit comfortably, but is also perfect for two to sit and relax across the sofa. 

The average size of a 3 seater sofa is about 84 inches in width, 34-40 inches in height and 35 inches in depth. However, this can vary across brands.