How Big Of A Couch Can Fit Through A Door?

Different couches come in different sizes, and different doorways also come in different sizes. So, is it possible to be able to choose a couch for your home that will also fit through your doorway?

When you go looking for your dream couch it is always a good idea to make note of the height and width of your doorway. Give them a measure and jot  down the notes.

We recommend measuring your doorway from the door frame to the hinge, unless you intend on taking the door off to get the couch through the door. 

Now, when you go to look for couches, you should measure the couch too. You want to measure it up and see how likely it is that it will fit through the door. You should measure the total width, which is from end to end (from one arm to the other).

Furthermore, you should also measure the total depth which is from the front to the back, and also the frame height from the floor to the highest point.

You may have to get into some weird positions to fit your couch through your door, so taking all these measurements can give you an idea of how you can position the couch to get it through the doorway.

You should try to get about an inch or a centimeter at least of wiggle room as well, as you do not want to be crushing your fingers to get it into the house. 

How Big Of A Couch Can Fit Through A Door

How do I get my couch inside?

If you have your couch, and it seemed to measure up fine, but now it won’t go through the door, we feel you. It is not an uncommon problem and something you just need to jiggle it around a bit to dislodge that one part that is causing all your problems. 

First thing to try is to work on the angles. Measurements very rarely lie. If you took the right measurements, and they agree with each other, then there should not be an issue. Have you tried doing some diagonal turns, or jiggling it so that the feet are out of the way of the door frame?

Remember to remove the couch cushions if they are removable. You can also place the sofa on its ends vertically and try to twist it through the doorway. Sometimes giving it a squeeze will work, remember its soft furniture, so a squeeze can get it in.

If all else fails… remove the door. It is not a decision anyone wants to make, but sometimes you just need to take the door off to make the progress you need, especially if that handle is catching on the couch and jamming it. 

How do you know if a couch will fit through a doorway?

The best way to find out if your couch will fit through your doorway is using measurements. You should measure both your potential couch, and your doorway.

It doesn’t go amiss to measure out other areas of your home too, the space beyond your doorway may be slimmer than your doorway, so this is something else that needs to be considered.

If you live in an apartment building then you may need to measure the stairs, or the elevator too. 

To measure your potential couch, you should measure the height, width, and depth of your couch. It is also a good idea to measure corner to corner along the side, in case you need to do some diagonal jiggling. You should measure your doors and your hallways for height and width.

Measure your door inside the door frame, as if you do not, you may find yourself having to take off the door to fit the couch through it.

Do not forget to measure the clearance length between outside and interior walls as well, as this space also matters when it comes to getting your couch into your home. It will all be for nothing, if the couch can fit through the doorway, but your halls are too small. 

How do you tell if a couch will fit downstairs?

PIVOT! We all remember that scene in friends where Ross buys a new sofa and can’t get it up the stairs. We don’t want you to end up doing a reenactment of that.

So, if you buy a new couch, and you need to get it up or down a staircase to do so, you need to measure the stairs. Ross clearly didn’t. 

You will need to measure the width of the staircase at its narrowest point, you should not need to worry about the height as most staircases will be tall enough to accept a couch. Remember to remove any handrails or light fixtures if you can.

If you have a banister, like they had in friends, then you need to measure the height between the banister and the ceiling to ensure that you can lift it up over it when you need to turn. If your staircase has an immediate turn at the top, you also need to measure this area.

It is all well and good getting it up the stairs but if there is a wall blocking the space at the top of the stairs, it is all for nothing. Make sure that you, or the delivery guys have enough room to maneuver the couch on the stairs and on the landing to get your couch where it needs to be. 

What size sofa will fit through a 30-inch door?

Most doorways are around about 29.5 inches in width on the interior. This is the measurement that you will need to take into consideration. When moving a couch through a doorway you should be able to move it through the opening without having to take the door off of its hinges.

If your door is 29.5 or 30 inches wide then you should easily be able to fit a couch that is 29 inches wide through the doorway. Ensure that the couch you buy is at least half an inch smaller in width than your doorway so that you can definitely fit it through.

If there is more than an inch of space between this is even better as you or the couch delivery guys may be able to maneuver the couch better to get it into your home with more speed. 

A good way to ensure that your couch can fit through your 30-inch doorway is to measure the height of your doorway and ensure that it is greater than the width of your sofa.

This way if the sofa does not easily fit through your doorway then you can place your sofa on its end, vertically, and with the seat first you can then try to twist it slowly through the doorway. This is a trick that many sofa delivery people will use, and it works like a dream.

You should also consider that a sofa is a very soft piece of furniture, so you should be able to squeeze it through if necessary. 

What size sofa will fit through a 31-inch door?

The obvious answer here would be ‘one that is smaller than 31 inches’, however that is probably not the answer you are looking for.

In fact there is every chance, you have already bought a sofa and just realized that your sofa is bigger than your doorway, and now you are a bit stumped on what to do.

It happens, we all get so stuck up in thinking about colors, patterns, materials, style, and comfort, that we end up forgetting that this couch needs to fit through our doorways. 

If you have a 31-inch doorway and have no idea quite how you are going to fit this massive sofa through it, do not go returning it just yet, because it may fit. The first thing that you can do to make it fit is remove the hinges from your doorway and take the door out.

Any door will reduce the opening of the doorway by at least a few inches, so removing the door can give you that extra wiggle room you need.

You can also lift the couch up and carry it over, turning it slightly on its side to reduce its width, you can continue rotating it until you get that sweet spot where it fits. 

If you can, you can also take apart the sofa to fit it in. Some sofas will come apart which is very useful in this type of situation.

What size sofa will fit through a 33-inch door?

A majority of furniture can easily pass through a doorway that is between 33 or 34 inches. At less than 33 inches, if the couch doesn’t fit it is simply because your doorway is too small.

However, at 33 and above, most furniture should fit through, so, either your couch is massive or you may not be turning the couch the right way in order to get it in. 

The best way to avoid these issues is, of course, to measure everything out beforehand and make sure that the numbers add up. Another option is to get the company you bought the sofa from to deliver it and move it in.

If you did the measurements and know it should fit, but do not fancy the stress of tackling a heavy sofa to get it through your door, they can do it for you for a few extra bucks, and these people know just how to get that sofa into your home, through your doorway, whatever the size.