How Can I Make My Old Sofa Look New?

Even the most well looked after sofa can gradually lose its charm and luster. Whether it’s had the color drained out of it, the cushions have gone saggy, or the legs are falling off, sofas are one of the most used and abused features in our homes.

This doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be cared for, however, and even if your sofa simply needs a little spruce up, there are many creative ways to make your old sofa look as good as new.

You may be wondering how you’ll be able to replace your old favorite sofa, or not quite have the budget to go hunting for a replacement.

With the tips and ideas in this article, you won’t need to worry about this at all. Simply find an idea you like and get to work bringing your old sofa back to life!

How Can I Make My Old Sofa Look New

Clean it!

Sometimes giving a couch a really good clean can make a surprising difference to how it looks. Getting stuck into the crevices and underneath, and giving the upholstery a deep clean with the right products can bring it back to life.

Removing dust and debris can also help to stop bad smells or stains from building up and potentially make your sofa last many years longer.

Just make sure you’re using the correct products so you don’t damage your furniture - if you’re in any doubt always check the label for how to use cleaning products and what they’re suitable for.

For a really superb result, you may also want to consider getting a professional cleaning service to clean your sofa.

These services can make an amazing difference, bringing even the most abused sofas back to life. Just be aware that these services are a little bit more expensive than doing it yourself, however, the results can be astounding. 

Fix saggy cushions

Saggy sofa cushions can make your living room look sad, deflated, and lifeless. Propping them up and puffing them regularly will help them keep their shape for longer, even with extensive use.

If they’re already too far gone, it’s not very difficult to restuff them, which can make your sofa look plump and healthy again. Unfortunately, this may also end up banishing your favorite sofa groove, so if you have a favorite spot that fits you just right take extra care!

Replace the legs

One of the injuries sofas often suffer from is leg damage. Depending on the style of the sofa and how exposed the legs are, they can either get scuffed and stained or even snapped and dislodged.

Refitting the legs to your sofa so that they are tightly and properly fitted will make your whole sofa look much neater and will also help dust from collecting underneath it as easily.

If you’ve lost a leg or they are too damaged to simply refit, you can potentially sand them down (if they’re wooden) or find replacements that could potentially give your sofa a whole new look and style, elevating their appearance and how high they rise off the floor.

If you need a quick fix - Cover it in pillows!

Sometimes there’s no time for any of these solutions. Whether you’ve got an impromptu guest coming over or just need to hide a stain until you can figure out a long-term solution, using cushions strategically can really save the day. 

The great thing about this is that you can either use a ton of cushions to totally hide your sofa beneath, or place a few select pillows in the right places to hide certain things.

Adding pillows also has the benefit of making your sofa more comfortable, and can also be quite eye-catching and stylish if you choose a style that works with the color scheme of your room or the style of sofa they are paired with.

How can I make my old wood sofa look new?

Giving any wooden furniture a good polish is the simplest and best way to liven them up, helping the grain to stand out and removing dust and debris that tends to build up quite easily on wood.

Painting wood is also an option and the great thing about this is that the only limit is your own imagination.

You could transform your sofa into a vibrant centerpiece that works perfectly with the color scheme of your home, or add a distressed look to it which is becoming very popular to add a vintage look to your home.

Again, there’s also the option to add cushions to your wooden sofa, either getting them fixed onto it or using throw cushions to liven things up and add accents of color to distract from an older, more worn-out piece. 

If you love the wood effect however and you want to bring out the natural grain and texture of your wooden sofa, it may be a good idea to look into revarnishing, as this can add a massive amount of color and texture to an old wooden sofa, bringing a richness that can’t be achieved with painting or polishing. 

This is obviously a bit more labor-intensive, however, so make sure this is definitely necessary before committing to this option.

How can I modify my sofa?

There are many ways to modify your sofa, depending on what type of sofa you have and how much of it you want to preserve. 

One thing you can do is elevate your sofa by adding legs to it, which can be a really simple and convenient way of giving your piece a new lease on life.

Reupholstering can also be an option if your sofa is looking tired and washed out, and it can’t be revived with the methods mentioned above. This also gives you the ability to match your sofa to a new color scheme or make it a real centerpiece.

You can also add or remove buttons to sofa backs to elevate or simplify your design depending on your taste. It really all depends on your own style and how much modification you’re comfortable with.