How Do I Protect The Top Of My Coffee Table?

There’s nothing more frustrating than giving your coffee table a thorough clean only to find a fresh set of stains and marks a couple of days later. 

Most coffee tables are made from wood, which might be beautiful to look at, but is incredibly difficult to maintain in pristine condition. The natural material can easily be damaged by changes in light, temperature, and moisture, so correct care and protection is essential. 

In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most effective tips and tricks to keep in mind when protecting your coffee table. What’s more, we’ll also look to answer a few of the frequently asked questions. 

How Do I Protect The Top Of My Coffee Table

Regular Wiping And Washing

Whenever your coffee table starts to look dirty and in need of some TLC, you can bring it back to life with a simple wiping and washing regime. You won’t need to use any potent chemicals, all you need to do is fill a bowl with some warm water and a bit of soap (you can also use ½ a cup of vinegar). 

Mix the washing solution together, grab a fresh soft cloth, and then wipe your table down. Make sure you cover every inch of the coffee table, especially all the edges and intricate designs on the surface as this is where dust and dirt can often accumulate the most. 

Once you’ve washed the entire table, rinse the cloth and wipe the table down with some fresh warm water. Finally, grab a dry cloth and dry the table from any residual moisture. 

Regular Dusting

While dust might be miniscule, it can still damage the top of your coffee table if it isn’t removed on a regular basis. This is because it can create microscopic scratches on the table’s gleam. 

With this in mind, it’s incredibly important to dust your coffee table on a regular basis – ideally once a week. You can do this using a lint-free cloth, and even stick some music on in the background to make the whole process a little less tedious! 

Use Coasters And Trays 

If you want to keep your coffee table free from water rings, it’s important to provide as many coasters and trays as possible for your guests. This will give them somewhere to balance their glasses, mugs, and plates without damaging the surface of the table. 

If, however, you’ve already collected some water rings on the top of your coffee table, don’t worry, as there are a few straightforward home solutions you can use to get rid of them. 

Firstly, you can try rubbing some mayonnaise over the mark. This is because if the stain has got into the wax, mayonnaise can help to draw it out. 

Alternatively, you could dab a fresh, lint-free cloth with some naphtha and rub it over the mark to remove the finish. Once you’ve done this, massage in a little bit of either petroleum jelly or oil soap to effectively remove the stain. 

If the stain on your table is relatively new, it might be a good idea to throw a thick, clean towel over the mark and press a medium-low temperature iron over the top. The heat is able to warm the finish, which in turn, releases the watermark moisture into the towel. 

Just be careful not to press the iron directly onto the surface of your table. Needless to say, this will create a significantly more difficult problem to rectify. 

Polish Your Table 

This is especially important for wooden coffee tables because the finish on the surface can dull over time. If you want to preserve the refreshing, natural gloss of your wooden coffee table it’s a good idea to apply some polish at least twice a year. 

You can buy some fancy coffee table polish, but it’s just as effective to make your own home remedy. In fact, home remedies can be more beneficial for your table as they don’t contain any harmful chemicals which could potentially damage the wood. 

One of the most common and easiest solutions is hard carnauba wax. All you need to do is wipe the wax on with one cloth and then polish with another. You can also combine three parts olive oil with one part lemon juice to create an effective mixture to rub into the wood. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Best Way to Seal the Top of a Wooden Coffee Table? 

The best way to seal and protect the top of a wooden coffee table is to apply some tung oil and rub it into the surface with a wiping cloth. While you’ll only need to use two to three coats for most parts of the table such as the legs, it’s best to apply at least five or six coats to the top of the table to give it a water-resistant coat. 

How Do I Protect my Wooden Table from Heat Marks?

As touched upon above, using coasters, trays, heat mats, and similar items is a great way to protect the surface of your table from heat marks. It’s also a good idea to keep your coffee table away from heating vents and clear of direct sunlight. 

How Do you Keep Wooden Furniture from Scratching? 

There are plenty of oils you can use on wooden furniture to stop it from scratching. Some of the best include tung oil, linseed oil, walnut oil, mineral oil, and danish oil. 

Can Olive Oil Be Used on Wooden Coffee Tables? 

Yes, you can safely apply a thin coat of olive oil onto your wooden coffee table to help keep the finish as moisturized as possible. Just make sure you wipe off any excess with a clean, soft cloth, and you should be left with a sleek and shiny wooden surface.