What Are Lift Top Coffee Tables For?

We all seem to have that coffee table that sits in the center of our lounge, taking up space and attracting clutter. It is a place to store small items or hide things we don’t want on show, whether it be a pile of old magazines, useless cables, or a pack of batteries and tissues.

The truth is most of us waste what is a perfect opportunity to use the space our coffee table takes up wisely. 

What Are Lift Top Coffee Tables For?

A lift top coffee table could be the answer. Most people don’t even know they exist but a lift coffee table is definitely something you should consider buying.

They make great use of small space and have a number of handy features that make them a great addition to any home, especially those where space is quite limited. 

In this article, we tell you all you need to know about what a lift top table is, what they are for, and what size you should look for. 

What Is A Lift Top Coffee Table?

For those of you who don’t know a lift top coffee table is simply a coffee table that serves two purposes. The first purpose is for it to simply be like any other coffee table.

You might use it to store things or place your coffee whilst you kick back and relax. It is its second feature that makes the lift top coffee table unique and different from a normal coffee table. 

A lift top coffee table’s second purpose is to function as a regular table that you can eat on or even use as a work desk. The lift top table as its name suggests lifts up so it can be used as a table whilst also offering some storage space below.

They are a great space-saving product that is perfect for people working from home or those that don’t have space for a dinner table. 

How Do They Work?

The elegant coffee tables have a unique hinge mechanism that lets part of the table lift up away from the base to expose the interior storage compartment. The raised surface then allows you to place drinks, food, or your work items such as a computer on top.

More often than not they also convert easily into a computer desk or dining table making them the ideal multifunctional piece of furniture for smaller homes.   

What Are Lift Coffee Tables For?

Loft top coffee tables are designed to be useful in your day-to-day life. You can use these versatile tables to place food and drink, use them as a place to rest your legs, have a casual meal, put away your books and magazines, or hideaway important papers.

Some people even choose to use them as a good place to play a card or board game. If truth be told lift tables can be used in pretty much any way you like and for whatever you choose.

For the sake of this article and to answer the question as best as we can, below we have outlined most of the key things lift top coffee tables are for. 

To Make Eating Easier

You can easily enjoy a snack or your evening meal in front of a lift top table as it is the perfect height when it is extended. You don’t need to lean over as you eat, which can cause a lot of fuss and mess. 

As lift top tables are commonly placed in the lounge, you can also watch your favorite TV whilst dining.   

Work From Home

When you raise and lock a lift top table in place, they become a secure place to rest your laptop and work papers. This provides a much more comfortable working environment than sitting on the sofa with your laptop on your knee.

A huge advantage to this is being able to watch TV in the background as you work. Once you’ve finished working you can quickly transform the table back into a standard coffee table. 

Storage Space

If you own a smaller property a lift top coffee table can be very useful. Once the top of the table has been lifted up a large storage space will be revealed underneath.

This is a great place to store anything you need out of the way such as paperwork, school books, wires, remotes, work stationery, or your work computer. By using this storage space you give yourself more space in the house for things that matter. 

A Normal Coffee Table

Obviously, a lift top coffee table can also be used as a normal coffee table. You can place your cup of coffee, snacks, board games, magazines or simply rest your feet on the table just like you would with any other coffee table.

How High Should A Lift Top Coffee Table Be?

Generally, the rule is that your lift top coffee table should be the same height as your couch’s seat give or take 1 or 2 inches. It should however never be lower. A lift top table is designed to be functional and stylish as well as multipurpose, therefore, it is important you find the right size for you. 

To get a good idea of how high your lift top coffee table should be measure the length of your sofa. The table should be almost as long as your seating area. A table that is roughly 3 inches shorter at each end than your sofa should be fine. 

It is important to bear in mind how the table opens up when you buy a lift top table. You should know the dimensions of when the table is folded in and also when it’s opened. If you don’t know this you could end up trapping your guests between your sofa and the table once it is open.

You may need to allow for a clearance of at least 1-inch between the open table and the sofa. If you take all of this into account and measure it thoroughly you shouldn’t encounter any problems. 


So after reading our article do you now know what lift top coffee tables are and what they are for? Lift top coffee tables are an excellent idea and one that makes a great addition to any home. In our opinion, anybody with a smaller home can benefit massively from owning one.

They make a great dinner table, a handy place to store things, a useful place to work from, and an easy place to put your feet whilst you relax.

Making sure you take the right measurements to ensure it fits into your house properly is a must if you want to get the most out of your table.

If measured correctly this versatile product will make your life so much easier and we don’t know about you but the thought of being able to work in front of the TV comfortably rather than being curled over a low table is a massive bonus. 

Overall a lift top coffee table just makes sense. Why have a small table with limited functions when you can have one of a similar size that then folds out to offer you a huge array of features that can be used for so much more?

We recommend you strongly consider purchasing a lift top table, we are certain you wouldn’t regret it.